Best Tops to Wear with a Leather Skirt: Modern Combination To Bet

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Best Tops to Wear with a Leather Skirt: Modern Combination To Bet

Best Tops to Wear with a Leather Skirt: Modern Combination To Bet

Styling leather skirts can be tricky as the design of every leather skirt is unique, and randomly pairing them can often result in a fashion mishap. Two things can hold their own individually, but the result could be tragic when placed together. And likewise, each top and skirt might go individually well, but it is not always necessary to get the desired result when you pair them together. Hence it becomes crucial to keep the tops in consideration while you get on with the endeavor to design your leather skirts. But the redeeming factor is that a well-styled skirt can be the most satisfying feeling resulting from the arduous match-making process.

Here is a detailed list of tops to pair with your leather skirts, chosen in accordance with each look, occasion and the different types of skirts.

Pencil Skirt With:

As pencil skirts are often considered office wear, it is best to style them with plain nylon or chiffon tops, with moderate fitting and full fluffy sleeves. Another option is to pair them with plaid button-down shirts.

Pencil skirts might seem like a monotonous piece to style, but it gives you that liberty to play with different tools and create a nice look. For instance, you can wear a bolero jacket ( made from leather or any other material) with the same old skirt and give it a new touch.

  • Chromium (III) sulfate - widely used as a tanning material, chromium sulfate is inorganic and contains various molecule properties, oxidants and CAS. Because of its active dissolving capacity, the chromium sulfate works like the stabilizer and merges the fibers.
  • Chrome alum - containing the high soluble properties, alum or aluminum chrome is used for leather tanning in powdered form. Because of its soluble properties, it reaches the vast depths of the hide and dissolves in the fibers.
  • Chromium salts - although the use of chromium salts has been limited due to their effect on the skin and causing skin allergies, tanneries persist in using the chemical for tanning hides. Due to its anti-corrosive properties, it prevents the hide from deforming and renders it no-fade quality.

Pleated Skirt Paired With:

A pleated skirt could be paired with tons of options as pleated skirts have always been the most versatile among the lot, and most certainly, that is the reason why the trend of skirts with pleats has been going on and on since forever. The trend’s longevity is credited to the amount of change it brings into a person’s styling game and can prove to be an aid at times of grueling fashion emergencies.

Your options are unlimited when it comes to choosing tops for pleated skirts. Here is how you can possibly roll with its styling.

  • Paired with a crop-top - of-late, crop-tops have been a huge, buzzing trend, because of how crop tops bring in that stylish and primed quotient to your appearance. Pairing tight-fitted chiffon or nylon crop top would add a glamorous and classy appeal. 
  • Paired with a sweatshirt - you won’t believe but pleated skirts can exceptionally well with a pleated skirt. As sweatshirts come in all the different colors and could be styled into the most happening, bright and cute looks, sweatshirts are go-to staples when it comes to creating messy-chic looks.

  • With a buttoned cuff chiffon blouse - Buttoned cuff chiffon blouses have their own fanbase, undoubtedly. Made from a flowy and breathable material, pairing this flowy chiffon blouse with a leather skirt is not only a fashion-forward choice, approved by the fashion police, but it is a wise one too. Pair a chiffon buttoned cuff blouse with a knee-length pleated skirt and see the magic unfold.
  • With a shimmery off-shoulder top - A shimmery off-shoulder blouse/top screams “party” like no other top. Pair your shimmery off-shoulder top with your pleated leather skirt for your next girls’ night out. There are endless options to rock the whole “off-shoulder leather skirt” look in the most glam way as an off-shoulder top is a legit party essential.

Mini Skirts Paired with:

Mini skirts are favorites among the college-going lot, but their fanbase varies and is not limited to just one class or age group of people. There is so much contrast in people who opt for this apparel. Hence, we have equally different options to pair with it. So here are your options to pair your mini-skirt.

  • Paired with a denim shirt - denim is undoubtedly everyone’s favorite, and for this reason, denim trends come and go but never disappear. Denim gives you the liberty to style and incorporate your looks in one way or another. Don a pretty, flowery denim shirt with your mini skirt for your semi-formal look with minimal makeup.

Denim alternative: Another way to incorporate denim in your looks is to wear a denim jacket over a plain-white sleeve-less crop top. 

  • Paired with a batwing top - also known as a dolman or Magyar sleeve, this top has a wide sleeve cut, giving it a baggy appearance over the top but is fitted from the mid till the bottom. The batwing’s origin dated back to the middle-ages and died down later during the World War I and II era but soared to popularity again in the !940s and eventually became a persona in the 80s when Madonna wore them and inconized their image forever. These batwing tops go exceptionally well with a mini-skirt because of the way they create a balanced look and fuller appearance.
  • Paired with high-neck shirts - Comfy and bright, high-neck shirts never go out of fashion and style. You can pair your high-neck shirt with your mini leather skirt and accessories the high-neck top brilliantly with blings and broad neckpieces, to add color to the otherwise plain, modest and decent look.
  •  Paired with a boxy top - a boxy top has that legit casual vibe, which could be styled with a mini-skirt for everyday college looks or even the day-to-day casual outings in the most simple and stylish sort of way. Boxy tops can come in different colors and prints, and pairing them accordingly could add a bit of color and funk in the otherwise school-ish or straightforward look.

Extra styling tip: wear sneakers or your cute colorful crocs to add more to your dorky cutesy look.

  • Paired with a plaid tuck-in shirt - of-late plaid shirts are considered an essential part of the current fashion fervor era. Thanks to their versatility, plaid shirts give you an immense amount of freedom to style them and play along with as you tread your way through styling each look. Pairing your baggy plaid shirt and tucking it in gives you that geeky and cool, which is new vogue these days, and you should definitely try it out for its aesthetic appeal. 

Tip: to add more to the look and in accordance with the season, you can wear leggings too.

Extra styling tip: put on minimal makeup and tie your hair in a braid - for simple is always classy.

Fringed Leather Skirts:

Fringed leather skirts have an aura. Originating back to the vintage era and retro culture, high-waisted leather skirts have seen some sumptuous times, and still, the trend of fringed leather skirts is not coming slow. Here is how a fringed leather skirt can be paired with different types of skirts in different ways.

  • Paired with an asymmetrical off-shoulder top - Tracking back their origin to the victorian age, asymmetrical, off-shoulder tops are a legit tool for creating sizzling and up-to-the latest fashion trend looks in every era ever since. From what we reckon, asymmetrical tops have been in the fashion for decades without a buffer, and that is what makes them such an epic fashion rage. We highly recommend you pair it with your fringed leather skirt and get that perfect jazz look. 

  • Pair it with a camisole top - fringed tops go exceptionally well with camisole tops as they come in all the different shapes, sizes and types, so you have the liberty to choose upbeat ones and pair them with your fringed leather skirt and be party-ready.

Styling tip: tie your hair in a high-knot ponytail loose bun. Apart from that, you can wear a cropped jacket or a shrug to add a pinch of sophistication to your look.

High-waisted Leather Skirt:

High-waisted leather is a generalized term for all skirts, and any type of skirt can be high-waisted. The key to styling a high-waisted skirt is to choose a top according to its width, length, and size and pair accordingly. So the rule is: if your skirt is tight-fitted, you should be pairing it with a baggy cardigan. If your skirt is is flowy and loose, then your top choice should be styling it with a sleek fitted top, with full sleeves to slay the look.

Additional Key Factors to be Determined:

The leather skirts come with additional factors, too. For instance, those additional factors could be termed as detailings that could vary from skirt to skirt. And same goes for the tops. From embellishments to patches and studs, a leather skirt can come with all those additives, so while styling them, it is worth noting that a patched leather skirt should be paired with a minimalist top and vice versa for the best possible results.

Embellished, studded, or patched outfits are a great tool for extra special occasions, and you can glamourize them further with makeup, styling, and accessories.

On a concluding note - apart from all these styling and pairing ideas, you can elevate your leather skirt looks by mixing and merging different designs from your wardrobe and playing with the different colors, patterns, and diverse ideas. Often, we are unaware of the multitudes of the opportunities our personalized wardrobe can equip us with.

Lambskin Suede Leather

Lambskin Suede Leather  Suede leather made from lambskin is the softest and lustrous type of suede leather. It is widely used for making hand gloves and lightweight leather jackets.

Faux Suede Leather

Faux Suede Leather  As the name suggests, Faux Suede Leather is the synthetic, less expensive version of the otherwise costly and intricate authentic suede leather. Created from microfiber polyester fabric, faux suede items are more reliable than those made from original suede but superior in quality and class but delicate and less durable.

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