Different Ways to Style a Skirt in 2022

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Different Ways to Style a Skirt in 2022

Different Ways to Style a Skirt in 2022

Every woman has a skirt in her wardrobe. Over the decades, they have proven to be one of the most stylish, functional and trendy staple pieces. The number of things you can do just with the help of a skirt is commendable. Whether it is a trendy party outfit that you are looking for, or cute yet simple, something best suited for those daytime brunches that require you to pull off a subtle and simpler look simultaneously – skirts, without a doubt, have proven to be one of the savviest options of all time. Available in all sorts of sumptuous colors, styles, prints and cuts that render them with a different sort of charm and bring tons of opportunities for you to style the piece in all sorts of different ways – that is what makes them a highly essential staple piece. They equip you with a myriad range of possibilities.

Whether you want to style something chic or just keep it simple – a skirt is one such piece that comes with a humongous amount of versatility. The fact that skirts have been in fashion constantly, despite the decades, years and even centuries of their existence, upholds and signifies their importance. We know how much you adore skirts – we do too. Hence, we have a style guide that would give you the inspiration to style some of the most brilliant skirt styles in all sorts of creative ways. Read on to know more and get inspired!

Lambskin Suede Leather

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Faux Suede Leather

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Ways to be Innovative with your Skirts Styling

Fashion is so much more than just wearing two things randomly. You do not have to be defined by the limitations because there is no such thing as boundaries or rules when it comes to fashion. The way you choose to style your outfits can change the way something looks. Different things and assortments lead to different outcomes. This is why you must always explore different dimensions and do more with less by trying out various different combinations. Here is a list of things you must do to elevate the style of your skirts and wear them in different ways this year.

1. Wear them with Leggings

Leggings and skirts have been each other’s forever companions. They make one of the most widely sought-after combinations. Paired with leggings, your skirts get a different degree of charm and utility as well. They provide your outfits with the needed warmth, and you get to pull them off during different seasons without having to worry about freezing yourself to death. The best thing about leggings is their equal versatility, making them worth acquiring and putting them on with varied skirt types. Want to curate a cute outfit with a teenage-ish vibe? Put them on with a pair of leggings in variegated hues. Want something hot-chic and edgy? A pair of leather leggings make a befitting option to go with. It is all about experimenting and trying different assortments to do different things. Even with the most mundane and everyday skirt styles.

2. Add a Belt to the Ensemble

If you have never experienced what accessories can do, you must SOON. Accessories can totally change the way an outfit looks. There are so many different things that you can incorporate into your skirts’ outfits and change their overall vibe. Whether you want to reinvent your style or do something unique with your outfits – accessories have proven to be one of the savviest options to go with. To add the ultimate edge, style and persona to your skirts outfits, add a belt to your ensemble. Belts come in all sorts of trendy styles. There are edgier options, such as leather belts, but you can even opt for funkier and simpler options and reinvent the style without turning things into a stiff affair.

3. Go for the Black and White Combinations

Sometimes, it is all about combinations. Try out black and white color assortments in order to curate some of the best outfit styles. Black and white make one heck of a powerful duo. They have great charm and a tendency to complement one another. So to curate some of the best chic outfits for all sorts of occasions, put on black and white leather skirts and top combinations. Opt for the ones with minimalist prints, patterns and cuts to keep the classic touch intact and rejuvenate your style. Try out classy prints such as polka dots to make the combinations stand out all the more and make them suitable and appropriate for a wider range of occasions.

4. Keep it Simple but Chic

Keep it Simple but Chic

You do not always have to opt for something extra, but sometimes even the simplest combinations can leave you with the best results that are trendy, stylish and enigmatic in equal measures. So while putting together an outfit, refrain from stuffing it with too many elements. But rather, keep it simple and classy with minimalist stuff to let the authentic vibe of your outfit shine. It is one of the basic rules people often miss out on. To make an outfit stand out, you do not have to go for gaudy stuff, but rather opt for things that add volume to your outfits without turning the authentic vibe upside down.

5. Add a Pop of Color

Don’t Wear the Same Color as the Bride

If you have been afraid to play with the sumptuous colors, all those dark blues, yellows and purples, then you must start making the most out of them now. You are not alone in feeling skeptical about using specific colors, especially when you have been a sort of a color minimalist all your life, but as they say: it is never too late to start something or try something new. The season offers you a perfect chance to go with variegated hues, that would end up changing your vibe. Do not limit it to the basics or neutral, but change your outfit completely into something dramatic by incorporating some of the brightest hues.

1. Add a Jacket

Outerwear can change the whole style game for an outfit. To give your skirts’ outfits an utter edge, style and elegance put on outwear with them. There are all sorts of different combinations to go with – for instance, trendy leather. Here, this women’s dark brown leather jacket would turn them into a sassy affair. Leather skirts paired with leather jackets have made one of the hottest pairing options. The style became popular during the mid-1900s when famous stars sought the style and incorporated it into their outfits.

Trendy Outfit Inspiration

Our job is not done yet. Here is a list of outfits curated with skirts in all sorts of different ways that change and reinvent your overall style. Pick your favorite from the list.

1. Pair a pleated Skirt with a Knotted Top

A pleated skirt screams femininity and modesty in the loudest way possible. Often they are worn and styled in ways that keep their authentic vibe intact, but what if we tell you that it is okay to ditch the style and do something different with them this time? Whether you wish to jump on the bandwagon or leave it for further inspection – still, here is an outfit inspiration you must add to the potential list. To go with the styling, put on a green pleated skirt with a knotted top, and add a red leather jacket to the ensemble in order to add the basic badass touch to the style. For shoes, go for a pair of doc martens. For accessories, ditch everything else and just keep classy with a sling bag, and you are ready to step out and rock the day in this utterly chic yet simple outfit.

2. Mini Skirt Paired with Printed Leggings and an Oversized Sweatshirt

When it comes to choosing between comfort and style, more times than not, people would choose comfort literally over everything else. But what if we tell you that you can choose both simultaneously? Because – seriously, why not when you can simply have both? Here is how you must style the outfits that would brim with style and also give you the best sort of comfort. To go with it, put on a mini skirt with a pair of colorful leggings and an oversized sweatshirt and sumptuously accessories the outfits with trendy bracelets, vibrant earrings and scarves. Keep it cute and conclude the look with a pair of crocs or colorful sneakers.

3. Asymmetrical Skirt Paired with an Asymmetrical Sequin Top

Of-kilter asymmetrical might be the newest thing in town for you, but it is actually one of the oldest silhouettes, dating back centuries. If your style has been all about edgy, dramatic and offbeat outfit choices and fashion elements, then this outfit inspiration is totally for you. To go with the styling, put on an asymmetrical skirt in metallic hues with an equally off-kilter asymmetrical top with sequin. Accentuate the overall look with equally dramatic makeup and hairstyle. For shoes, go for a pair of stilettos. For accessories, opt for nothing more than a pair of studded earrings, and you are good to go.

Different Skirts Styles

Like we said before, skirts come in all varied styles. Whether you want to curate a professional outfit or want a party attire curated with a skirt – there are a plethora of options to choose from.

A-Line Skirt: a-line skirts have a sleeker silhouette, with fitted waists and a moderate flare as it travels down and reaches the hemline, creating the a-line outline. If you have a bigger waist and petite legs. This silhouette would work for you brilliantly due to its waist narrowing ability. While a-line skirts can come in different lengths, the authentic length is often over the knees or below.

Asymmetrical Skirt: asymmetrical skirts come with an asymmetrical silhouette that makes an utterly chic style for those club parties that require you to put some extra effort and pull off something chicer than your usual style. You can put them with various combinations of tops in order to curate some of the hottest outfits.

Mini-Skirt: as the name suggests, mini skirts have a shorter length. Often the hemline of mini skirts hit anywhere above the knees. You can style mini skirts with leggings or take bare-dare and flaunt your legs. Mini skirts are highly popular among the age group 16 to early 20s.

Midi-Skirts: midi skirts make a more modest option, proving to be appropriate for a more wider range of age groups. Midi-skirts come with a longer length, often hitting anywhere below the knee and above the ankle. Due to their modest length, you can style midi skirts for your day-to-day use.

Pleated Skirts: pleated skirts follow the same silhouette from the top to bottom, with pleats that include more style, grace and moveability to the piece. Often pleated skirts come in lighter fabrics such as chiffon, silk or nylon. The ideal length for a pleated skirt is somewhere below the knees – when it comes to a pleated skirt, longer is always better.

Pencil Skirts: as the name suggests, pencil skirts have a sleeker silhouette and often come in heavier fabrics. Pencil skirts come in various lengths, but the most popular ones are over the knees. They make a great option for your office attires and are often styled in a more formal and professional manner.

Note: while these are some of the most popular skirt styles, this list does not include all skirt styles.

Conclusion: styling your outfits day in and day out can sometimes be one heck of an arduous task, one that can seep out all your energies. This is why it is important to look for new styling methods and do more with the same staple pieces. Skirts surely give you many possibilities, so why not use them to the fullest? On a concluding note, make the most out of this comprehensive guide on skirts.

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