Fashion: The Composition of a Multi-Billion-Dollar Business

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Fashion: The Composition of a Multi-Billion-Dollar Business

fashion the composition of a multi bilion dollar

The fashion industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world currently. With a gross profit of multi-billion dollars, the fashion industry is on another high altogether in recent times. According to the statistics, 3,000 billion textile and garment corporations are becoming part of the industry on a day-to-day basis. Part of its massive growth can be credited to the fact that it is not just limited to one article or type of product but contains multitudes and a plethora of options to offer and choose from as fashion is not just limited to the trade of making, selling and buying clothes, but the term transcends to all that and beyond and has been used on a vaster level for everything that has a part to play in lifestyle - from clothes to handbags and footwear, all these things fall under the fashion category and are the creation of the fashion world. 

evolution of fashion

Evolution of Fashion into a Fashion Industry

Fashion has always been prevalent - although it was more of a cultural thing, and people leaned more towards that notion and incorporated the style that resonated more with their personal values, ideals and traditions. The term fashion industry was later coined when the official trade of exchanging fashion merchandise started. The modern fashion industry has surged exponentially in the last two decades with all the innovation that has been taking place in the world at large, and with each passing day, it is expanding and growing bigger with all the competitors coming into the industry.

four segment of fashion
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Long Coats

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Four Segments of Fashion Industry

Following four segments of the fashion industry play the most important role

  • Production of Raw Material - first step is to acquire raw materials through various procedures and of different types - for instance, cotton, wool, leather, to synthetic fibers, all these factors of production are required to undertake the production. Apart from these first-level raw materials, there are secondary raw materials that need
  • Production of the Fashion Goods -  the second stage is the production of the final goods, by designers, contractors and manufacturers in factories and textile mills with the help of laborers and workers involved in the undertaking of the task.
  • Advertisement and Promotion - the world of fashion is a fickle thing, and every day new trends come and go at the same speed. This is why it becomes highly essential to promote those goods in due time so that they make the target sales quickly and reach the final consumers. Promoting goods through the various advertising mediums and making them known to people is the last step of this process.

key factor of today fashion

Key Factors of Today’s Fashion Industry that have Contributed to its Great Success

The fashion industry is labyrinthine, and in order to understand its formation, one needs to be aware of the key factors of this multi-billion-dollar global market that has been going on and on with its success.

  • Technology -  the emergence of technology has played a pivotal role in the emergence of the fashion industry. From assisting in the fast production of raw materials, final products to the distribution and the final advertisement - it has played a significant role in the emergence of the multi-billion fashion industry.
  • Better Channelization of Human Resources -  the channelization of human resources in a better way is leading to better utilization of the other factors of production.
  • Greater Labor Forces - according to the various recent surveys, the labor force utilized by the fashion industry accumulates to 3,384.1 million - that is greater than the number generated in the past decades. The more significant number of the labor force is contributing a great deal to the emergence of the fashion industry.
  • Availability of Finances - availability of finances has surged too in the current times, and that has been helping in generating greater gross profit. The more you invest, the greater would be the outcome.
  • Branding - branding and labeling have created a hierarchal system in the fashion industry that has created opportunities for full production of fashion products, and that contributed a great deal to its emergence.
  • Haute Couture and fashion designing - haute couture is a French term that literally translates to high sewing or high dressmaking and is considered a term used for high sort of fashion. Haute couture comes without a price tag and can come in a hefty amount. Haute couture is a tool of fashion designers, and the terms refer to customized handmade apparel. From gowns to dress and leather jackets - all the staples that are hand-sewn and customized come under the haute couture label. Fashion designing and haute couture have contributed a great deal to the emergence of the fashion industry, and a great amount of profits are generated through this medium of the industry.

how marketing plays an important role

How Marketing Plays an Important Role in Getting the Goods Across

Marketing creates awareness regarding the brands and the products and entices the potential customer to buy the article portrayed through the advertisement. In today’s world of TV, the internet and Netflix, advertising your goods has become all the more easier, and people consuming the mass media automatically get attracted to the narrative directly and indirectly. Through media and advertisement, people are being compelled to buy the products even when they do not have a use for them. However, this has a downside, too, as such practices have been contributing a great deal to fast fashion and its evils.

how brands are created

How Brands are Created

Not every business is a brand, but every brand is a business. The brand is the image of a product rendered and created by the people. By the general public. It is the value that is being given to a product and the name of a company attached to it. You cannot create a brand image for your products, but the collective interest of people in it makes it a brand. Nothing is stronger than a collective narrative of people - that applies in positive as well as negative ways as well. It is not just about how many people are buying it but the collective investment of people which is being shown through different ways - from the number purchase of the product to talking about it to searching it on the internet - all these factors are considered while ascertaining the popularity of a thing.

a great story

  • A Great Story, Makes a Great Brand -  we all are driven by stories. So a brand that tells a good story builds a great narrative for itself. A good story not only captivates the collective attention but also enthralls the people to become part of the brand’s story on a personal level, to experience it more closely, and that is what makes people invest in it

a knack creativity

  • A knack for Creativity -  creativity takes you a long way. It helps you build and re-build, it equips you with new tangible and intangible tools. It enables you to present your brand in a better way, and that itself makes its reach vast.

connectivity that it offers

  • Connectivity that it Offers -  with a plethora of brands and merchandise stores, building loyalty among your customers and consumers is the most fundamental part of keeping it going, and for that, your brand needs to forge the connections so that they keep coming and buying from you.

Sustainable long term planning

  • Sustainable Long Term Planning -  a brand does not operate on a day-to-day basis, but rather it needs that long-term and sustainable planning. From the first step to permanent functioning and working - figuring it outright from the start and long-term is the part of the process that ascertains its success. When you have a whole plan laid out, it gets easier to figure out the loopholes too.

Create balance

  • Create Balance -  balance is the key - do not be fully driven by what everyone else is doing, but incorporate your own unique touch and creativity into it. Your uniqueness would be the reason why people would rather buy your product.

think about your why

  • Think About your Why -  think about your why - why people should buy your product or why they should choose your brand. Find your answers for these questions, put yourself on the other end of the spectrum - e.g., see things from the general public’s eye. This will help you forge a personal connection with the people who are potential buyers, and you will be more conscious while building the image if your brand.

irving schott ionic brand story

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Conclusion: fashion has been an essential part of our lives since the beginning of time, and it could be confirmed after examining it closely and taking in keen observations. Although it has gone through diversifying changes, the main foundation has still been the same.

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