Frequently Faced Fashion Problems

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Frequently Faced Fashion Problems

Frequently Faced Fashion Problems

Fashion is a permanent, essential part of our lives. It is one of those aspects that is crucial to your growth as an individual in society. Well, it might be sad to think, but a lot of times, your self-worth is determined by your outward appearance, the way you dress and how well you carry yourself in different sorts of attires. Whatever might be the occasion, the first thing that comes to our mind is to curate the perfect outfit for it. Our preparation for any event, any special occasion, either starts by deciding on that appropriate outfit or ends with it. In any case, we give a lot of direct or indirect importance to fashion. That is because fashion is a fundamental aspect of our lifestyle, and no matter how much everything changes, and even if the fashion itself is at the center of all that change, the fact stays that fashion is forever going to stay, and it certainly will take the same important place.

While we all love being invested into fashion, there is one thing or another that keeps us frustrated. There is always a price for everything and being a fashion enthusiast comes with one too. There are certain things that never seem to work for us, and while we learn to live with these frequently faced problems, we sometimes get annoyed and want to have an instant fix for them. Hence, we have decided to help you out with this guide of frequently asked questions and their solutions. Read on to know more and get started!

1. Great Ideas, but Bad Execution

You have great ideas but do they always look great in your head only, and the real results are not so exemplary? That is because of the way you execute them. While there might be different reasons why certain things do not look great when it comes to the outcome, one of the main reasons is poor execution. Every time you try out something new, you must give it some time in order to get it right. They say the devil is in the details, so every time you are going to implement on one of your great fashion ideas, you must be focused on the details. Investing time beforehand is the key. Our results depend majorly on the amount of time that we invest into something, and that should undoubtedly be done right from the start. Apart from the detail and time, you must ascertain what aspects are creating the issue and what must be done in order to subside their effect. Be focused on the plus points while also investing a considerable amount of time and energy into the off-kilter aspects.

Another thing that you can do is to practice it because no matter how frustrating it might seem at times, the truth is practice can certainly make everything perfect, so you must never give up after the first failed attempt, but rather give it the needed time and energy in order to know whether it has any scope to work out for. If you are curating something for a special event, it is okay to have a few practice attempts beforehand to know where you stand. Despite your best efforts, if an idea fails to work for you, then you must know/ consider the possibility that the idea was never great, to begin with (at least, not for you). We learn from our mistakes, and failure teaches us more than success, so you should never take it to heart, and move forward.

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2. Always a Prey of Ill-Fitted Clothes

Buying clothes is never an easy task. At one point or another, we all have been subject to an ill-fitted outfit, and certainly, that feeling is never pleasant for two reasons – first, your precious, hard-earned money seems to go to waste. Secondly, buying something with all your heart and not being able to wear it can certainly be an unsettling experience, and it can leave you having all sorts of negative thoughts that can lead you on the path of self-loathing send you into a self-deprecating zone. While avoiding those once in a while instances is unavoidable, you would certainly want to get rid of the frequent ill-fitted outfit bloopers. In order to avoid this problem, the first thing that you must do is to get familiar with your body. Yes, often, we are unaware of something as personal as our own figure. You must know whether you are pear-shaped, petite, hourglass or triangle. Secondly, you must take the measurements and determine what sort of fit would go well with your figure and what sorts of silhouettes are best suited. Once you follow either of these steps, it will become easier for you to shop. To know more about different types of figures and how to measure them, here we have got a complete guide for you – head over to read more in this blog post, “The Essential Fashion Guide to Help you Match your Figure.”

3. End Up Wearing Things that Don’t Suit You

End up wearing things that do not suit you? We all have done this at one point or another ( or terribly frequently a lot of times in life). Sometimes, it is our pure rebellion that is at work, when we are fully aware that this particular thing is not going to work out for us, but still, we end up wearing it and making a joke out of ourselves. Other times, our fashion sense is purely messy or maybe we are driven by the endless trends that force us to go for things that are certainly never going to work out for our style, but because we have this endless love for trends, we sometimes cannot help but impulsively jump on the bandwagon of the pure mindlessness and that too, to no avail. These, and some other reasons contribute to this sort of fashion mishap, and the only way to avoid them is to consciously try avoiding the patterns that lead to them – for instance, if you end up wearing something that does not work for you because of your never-ending love for trends then you must start building your personal style and work on letting a trend go without following, no matter how enticing it would seem, you have to resist the urge consciously. Everything passes, and indeed trends these days come with the ultimate fickle nature and momentariness, and you can definitely drive motivation from this fact. Secondly, if you struggle to put together an outfit on an urgent basis and end up wearing something off-putting, then you must realign your fashion sense and invest time and energy in setting up your wardrobe. Thirdly, you must avoid going for the things that neither work for you nor have anything to offer to make your fashion game better. While these solutions might seem difficult, to begin with, each one of these steps is attainable, and you must work on it consciously.

4. You are Always Dissatisfied with the End Results

After putting a lot of effort into curating a look, do you feel majorly dissatisfied after getting the end results? Well, that is something that happens to most of us at times; it can become terribly frustrating when you have to deal with it every single day and for every single look that you put together. While this could be due to various reasons – one of them is a lack of self-esteem and confidence. If you are always dissatisfied with the way you look or the way you look even after putting in a considerable amount of effort, time and money, you have to understand if it is really the look that you have curated that is dissatisfactory or you have low self-esteem, that is pushing always leave you in a dissatisfied despite your best efforts. If it is the latter, then you must work on to creating a more positive self-image. While, if you are experiencing the first one, then you have to work on changing, honing and getting better at certain aspects of things. Start with taking inspiration. From celebrities to friends and family, seek it from anyone. But, remember it is up to you how you are going to utilize it. You can always filter it to suit your taste better. Secondly, you must go slow and learn things slowly but gradually.

5. Matching Outfits

Pairing and matching outfits is never an easy task. It is one of those things that always leave you scratching your head with anxiety. When it comes to this particular problem, you have to learn to live with the occasional blunders. The only thing that you can do to make your fashion sense better is by doing your research through various mediums such as the internet and fashion magazines, to learn more about the different combinations of colors, prints and patterns. However, you might not be able to master this aspect thoroughly; you can undoubtedly get a lot better.

6. Never Getting the Accessories Part Right

Accessories are one of the important and most conventional ways of elevating any attire and style. Be it a simpler attire or something special – either way, accessories are your best shot in accentuating your every look. But, despite their utility, it is not always an easy task to put the suitable type of accessories with your varied outfits. This one again depends partly on your personal taste and partly on your sense of fashion. Try mixing and matching your outfit with your accessories; this would help you synch them naturally without much hassle once you fall into the rhythm. Secondly, do not skitter off too much from the color choices of your outfit. Thirdly, you must determine whether you are supposed to go for something contrasting or matchy-matchy – even if you are not an expert, we have that basic sense. You can determine that by putting different ensemble options together to run a check. With practice and patience, you can certainly get better at this. Apart from these steps, just be open to experimentation and feel free to try out different things.

7. Fashion Rules that Keep you Restricted

Do you ever feel like doing something that might be unconventional but restrict yourself because you are bound by the so-called fashion police and the fashion manual? If yes, then you must know that it is your self-inflicted criterion, and you can definitely choose not to follow everything that is being imposed upon you. At the end of the day, fashion is something personal, and despite all the trends and fads, we all are driven by our personal understanding of it. Hence, you should always filter the rules and ditch a few here and there when the need arises. Fashion was never meant to be ridged, and you certainly do not have to take it that way.

8. Struggling to Curate Perfect Outfits for Special Events

8. Struggling to Curate Perfect Outfits for Special Events

We all want to curate the best outfits for our special occasions, but it is often easier said than done. Putting a unique look together take a lot of factors, and we often fail at the task due to the expectations that we hold from a certain look. Secondly, we always think in terms of money. Like if you bought an expensive outfit, it would help you hog all the limelight and take the center stage. But in reality, this thought process is never going to work in your favor. However you must invest in expensive attires and staple pieces, like a leather jacket or an expensive dress, a blazer, but your main focus should never be buying an expensive dress, but rather on what you must do in order to elevate your style. Secondly, confidence is the key. So before you start, always have a positive mindset. Thirdly, being focused on each step is important, but you must be resiliently trying to work your way through calmly and wait for the end result, instead of weighing each step and freaking out.

9. Struggle When it Comes to Putting a Casual Outfit for Everyday

Struggle When it Comes to Putting a Casual Outfit for Everyday

Everyday fashion might not seem like a tough task, but we often fail at it most terribly. That is due to the lack of investment we have for it. Most people often put hardly any effort when it comes to everyday fashion because there is a huge misconception that you do not have to put effort when it comes to everyday fashion, that itself is one of the reasons why we often struggle at it. Secondly, you must invest in pieces that are precisely and specifically meant to elevate your everyday style. Lastly, having some of the trendiest outwear pieces is like a blessing – when it comes to putting together a decent outfit for everyday occasions, time is the biggest culprit – so, when you have a perfect outwear piece like a trendy denim jacket or a black leather jacket, you can instantly put together a well put look.

10. Feeling Dissatisfied Even After Spending a Lot of Money

We live in a world of fast fashion, fickle trends and consumerism. Every day we see new trends becoming a part of fashion while side-lining the old ones. When the world of fashion operates with such momentariness, it is natural to feel overwhelmed and under a lot of pressure, which in turn can leave you with a lot of dissatisfaction. The first thing that you must do in order to become more content is to start becoming mindful when it comes to spending money. When you are spending recklessly, naturally if the outcome is not what you intended to achieve, it can naturally leave you feeling dissatisfied. Secondly, instead of fast fashion, you must adopt slow fashion which is more sustainable, reliable and savvy. Thirdly, buy what you need, and what truly adds more to your growth in a positive way.

Conclusion: While you must invest your time, energy and thoughtfulness into fashion and try getting better at it, you should never miss out on the fun and the joy that comes with being invested in fashion and following it with a certain degree of enthusiasm.

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