Get a Slayer Kick-Start with these Halloween Costumes – a Guide for Bl

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Get a Slayer Kick-Start with these Halloween Costumes – a Guide for Black Girls

Get a Slayer Kick-Start with these Halloween Costumes – a Guide for Black Girls

Styling outfits for Halloween come with the utter sort of fun. With the arrival of the autumn season, the fun for the best outfits begins. Everyone wants to seek inspiration from the people who infuse them the best way with motivation – and that certainly stays true even for black girls, right? It comes differently when you keep the representation at the center of everything. Hence, as it is that time of the year when you have to give a push to your creative juices and get inspired by the most iconic outfits and looks depicted by the black characters and actors. Then, here is what you are supposed to do: seek the inspo, and channel it.

Thankfully, the times have been changing, and black women are getting much-deserved representation in movies and books. And, when it's time to don your creative hat, and give your creativity a direction in other aspects, too or be loud about who you are – not just on the surface, but from within as well, then you have to make amends, right? So, here is a list of outfits inspired by black characters to equip you with the right motivation for your next Halloween party.

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1. Storm from the Marvel Comics

Storm from the Marvel Comics

Ororo, majorly known as Storm, is one of the significant characters of the marvel comics, appearing in different franchises of the comics and the movies/ series. With a power-packed screenplay, she stole many hearts. The most interesting thing about her character is that it is written from a narrative of diversity at the core. Yet, at the same time, that is not the only defining feature of her role. In fact, there’s more to it that transcends beyond her race and identity. The character belongs to a mother who descends from Kenyan heritage and a father with an Afircan-American mixed race category. There are many nuances that make it one of the most brilliantly crafted and beautifully depicted characters. And the fashion aesthetic of the character is equally aesthetic and brilliant too.

Well, that is about her character, but there is something that you can take from the character and make use of this Halloween season. Yes, it is time to create a fashion storm of great altitude with the utterly chic outfit creation inspired by this kick-ass character. To go with the styling, you can opt for a black tight-fitted leather jumpsuit or create your own creative merge with a pair of tight-fitted black leather pants and a Women's Black Slim Fit Leather Jacket to create an interesting yet equally comfortable blend. Ditch all the boring options for shoes and aim for a pair of heels to channel the savvy and savage style perfectly.

2. Dionne Davenport from “Clueless”

Sitcoms were a huge deal back in the 1900s. And they took up a large interest and part of the lives of the generations back then. Everyone relentlessly consumed them, but it would not be wrong to say that they left a deeper impact on the younger generation, who not only watched these sitcoms for fun but also sought inspiration and channeled it in their lives. One of the names which surface among the most popular teen sitcoms from the 90s is “Clueless.” inspired by Jane Austen’s much-loved novel Emma, this widely popular series and movie grabbed the attention of the people for all the drama and flavor it brought.

But, wait, we are not here to talk about the show’s plot, but rather about the fashion inspo it can equip you with. Another black character's inspiration comes from the “Clueless” show – Dionne Davenport. The character is Cher’s ( the main character’s) sidekick and best friend. Throughout the series, she acts as the navigator of her ship for many reasons and brings the the wise wisdom to the storyline of the show. Whether you have watched the movie or the series – you can pretty easily get inspo by having a look at this widely popular sitcom classic which is still refreshing and full of 1900s nostalgia in terms of fashion and so much more. Plaids and cropped cuts were the part of the Davenport’s character – so now that does make it an interesting and easy to go with outfit assimilation, right?

3. Play it “Cute” by Pulling off the Black Cheerlead from the “Bring it On” Movie

Play it “Cute” by Pulling off the Black Cheerlead from the “Bring it On” Movie

Cheerleaders were an essential part of the 1900s TV scene. They have a particular sort of an uproarious sort of appeal and charm. Even those characters were only added into the movies and shows as eye-candies, but that does not surmise the fact that they played an essential and all-important role in uplifting the mood of the movies from early 2000s and late 1900s and it would not be wrong to give them ode for their incessant contribution in filling up the movies with glamours and fun quotient.

If you have watched the movie “Bring it On,” then you must be aware about the clover team and their cheerleaders’ squad. Well, for this Halloween, take note of the look and give your personalized flair.

4. Niobe from the Movie the Matrix

There is no denying the fact that science fiction movies were a different sort of mood altogether back in the day. And if you are a 90s kid with a thing for all things action, then you must have been familiar with the very first movie in the “Matrix” franchise. So, here is an outfit inspiration which seeks direction inspiration from one of the leading characters from the movie. To channel your creative juices and bring a vibe that does justice and helps you achieve the top-rated Halloween looks that certainly prove to be the mood for the occasion – go all out with the Matrix theme.

Niobe was part of both the Matrix movies – the original version as well as the prequel, and that makes her one of the prominent part of the storyline. Her maroon crocodile textured jacket look surely makes a chic and worth-the-hype look for the occasion. To make the outfit a lot more versatile and stylish, incorporate creativity into your blend and pull off the look with the suitable makeup and hairstyle to render it the best sort of authenticity.

Conclusion: So these are some of the most sought-after looks inspired by black girls for black girls which we truly find worth adding to the list. But, if you have more to go with, feel free to dive into the inspiration, and channel your creative juices and do something utterly chic and diversifying with your style. Even if there is still time for Halloween Eve, but because it does not hurt, so it is better to think ahead of time, plan through things and work upon a perfect Halloween outfit for those planned and impromptu Halloween parties simultaneously.

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