How to Dress and Style Looks for Summer

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How to Dress and Style Looks for Summer

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Summer is here, and we all have got a huge to-do list to implement, from hauling back the clothes from the bygone weather to taking out the needful essentials from the previous summer that are going to be helpful for you, and also shopping for the things that you would certainly need in order to use your potential to the fullest. Summer offers us a wide variety of things to go with. When the weather changes, there are all sorts of sentiments that we feel. While it can be immensely rejuvenating to get out of the house without feeling attacked by the unapologetic cold, at the same time the transition can seem like a big headache – especially if you are too attached to your leather jacket (Maura Women's Black Motorcycle Leather Jacket with Star Patches), and you have mastered the art of donning it seamlessly. Whether you are a honed and seasoned fashionista or some novice trying to navigate the road of fashion – a change in season does not only mean a wardrobe change, you also have to learn to assimilate and change your whole style according to it, too. This is why we are here to help you get through the task of navigating the uncharted landscape of summer fashion. Read on to know more and get started!

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Tips for Styling Summer Outfits

While fashion does not come with a manual, you do not have to follow the rules and tread the path through a tried and tested formula – because there is no such thing, but it is good to learn from the experience. Especially when you can totally try it for yourself because nothing mentioned here is tough to learn, adapt and incorporate. Scroll down to learn more and get inspired.

1. Summer Means Breathable Fabrics

Summer Means Breathable Fabrics

Fabrics play a pivotal role in assisting you with seasonal fashion. It is the first thing that you must consider doing in order to get the styling right. Like you go for heavy fabrics, for winters to get the utility and warmth, opt for lightweight and breathable fabrics that keep your outfit more wearable, and airy appropriate for the summers. The appropriate summer fabrics that you can consider are cotton, linen, and flowy ones such as chiffon and silk, crepe and georgette. You can assimilate more than one fabric into your outfit – like, for instance, a chiffon skirt paired with a cotton top or vice versa. Or go for a full-fledged outfit, constructed and curated from the same fabric – the main idea is to go for a lightweight themed outfit that would complement the weather fashion and also accommodate you to get through the season in style and also stay comfortable simultaneously. Fabrics determine every aspect of your outfit. They play the most crucial role, and if you are failing at choosing the suitable options incorporated into your outfits, then you would be stuck with an uncomfortable option inappropriate for the weather. Also, avoid anything that might prove to be scratchy and irritating. Do not go for anything that would deprive you of your comfort.

2. Prints and Patterns are the Game Changer

Prints and Patterns are the Game Changer

While you are always covering up your outfits during the winters, summers give you the opportunity to go all out and flaunt the true essence of your outfit. Mix, merge and explore different prints. Incorporate them in a creative way. Ditch the norms, and be a bit experimental. Make use of more than one pattern – there are so many options available out there, so why not make use of them? Summer gives you the perfect opportunity to go with the desirable outfits that you had no way to curate during the winters because of the limitations. Opt for geometric patterns in usual colors; go all out with sumptuous polka dots, cute animated designs and wild florals to add the perfect and rejuvenating buzz to your whole vibe. Do the summer fashion thing in a never-before-seen way!

3. Use Colors in a Creative Way

Enchanting hues are the season’s best, most sought out tool to get the styling right. Go for extravagant hues that scream festive, joy and flamboyance in the most exciting sort of way. Play with hues, in such a way that optimizes the results of your outfit, brings out the best side and at the same time, you get to play safe, and stay at the top of the comfort game too. There are different ways to be creative with colors. One of the exciting ways to go with it is to opt for color-blocking methods. Don’t be afraid to try out the contrasting hues. Go for the most unusual combinations, and test the waters with the themes that you would otherwise find unsettling. If you are finding it hard to determine the starting point, find out about the season’s most hot and happening shades that are trending at the top of the list and start with those. Amalgamate them in the most unusual manner because summer gives you the opportunity to go with almost anything — pair yellow with orange, pastels with black and vice versa. If you have been afraid to try out a color, any color, then now is the time to give it the much-awaited shot. In fashion, a few mishaps and failures here and there are fine, but what is not fine is your unwillingness to experiment, broaden your horizon and not give the well-deserved shot to the things that might end up re-inventing your style in the best way.

4. Avoid Snug and Tight-Fitted Clothes

The fit matters a great deal when it comes to summer fashion. Opt for loose clothes that would accommodate you in a comforting manner and would neither feel suffocating nor stifling. Opt for airy and breathable outfits. Even your usual fit can prove to be stifling and choking during the summers, so if you are going for your usual fit, you must consider how it fits, and if it fits too snug then you must go for a number bigger than your original size. If you get your outfits stitched and tailored, then make sure to leave some space for alterations to modify and change the fitting according to your needs.

5. Go for Loose Sleeves or No Sleeves Outfits

Tight-fitted sleeves can turn your whole outfit into something uncomfortable. You might end up feeling suffocated and stifled, and a lot of heat can accumulate, leaving you sweating and grappling with the heat. So you must choose either a silhouette with loose sleeves or no sleeves. Ditch the tight-fitted ones altogether because we can bet on the fact that you would not need sleeves during the summer, as the motto for the season is: the lesser, the better. If you are too high on sleeves outfits, then you must opt for flared cuts or fluffy cuts that would leave you with enough space to go with.

6. Avoid Layering Clothes

You should avoid layering your outfits during the summer at all costs because layers would turn your outfit into an unsavvy deal. In the case of beach outfits, this rule does not apply; you can opt for trendy beach cover-ups and turn your outfits totally chic. Other than that, you can totally layer your outfits with summer accessories to make their vibe all the more summer-Licious, and upbeat. A trendy scarf in variegated colors and quirky prints would not hurt, right? Slay the game in the summer buzz!

7. Opt for Strappy Sandals

While boots are great, and surely they have been providing enough assistance to curate some of the savviest outfits’ styles, summers mean you must look for something different. Give some rest to your boots, and opt for strappy sandals. They are going to make a savvy option to go with your summer outfits. Wear them with dresses, cute jumpsuits, flared pants and palazzos, and give your whole style that rejuvenating summer energy!

Conclusion: it is often easier to get out of touch with the styling for different weather when you have to style your outfits in a certain way for a long time to accommodate your needs for the one that you are caught up with. While winter gives you enough opportunities to wear even the most unusual outfit combinations, with all those chic and cute outerwears such as leather jackets, trench coats, cute boots and fluffy scarves, but summer means unleashing your inner diva in ways that are going to bring out the different side of your personality and even add a whole new flair to your overall fashion game. Being a fashion enthusiast means doing thorough research, and learning more about seasonal fashion, and also showing enough aplomb to be open to new possibilities. Whether you want to use this guide as a manual, or just lean toward it whenever you feel confused – it would work either way!

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