How to Evolve as a Fashion Lover

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How to Evolve as a Fashion Lover

How to Evolve as a Fashion Lover

Nothing is constant except change. And it stays true when it comes to fashion as well. So we must embrace it and learn to evolve according to the fast-changing world and the fashion choices that we make each day. Change is a slow and gradual process, and the same applies to the change that is related to fashion. Varied factors play a role in changing the course of fashion, so you must embrace them, hone them and work upon them to build a lasting persona. Here is a list of things that would help you build a better fashion sense and evolve with the changing trends and time. Read on to know more and get started!

1. Learn What Works for you and What Does Not

When there are many trends becoming part of fashion, it is natural that we are driven in the direction of chasing and following them – even when sometimes those trends tend to be mindless. That phenomenon is natural and part of human nature. However, not every trend is worth following. And that is partly because those trends are simply not made for you and would in no way compliment your style. While second reason could be due to the fact that those trends are simply not up to the mark, hence they are never worth following – but because trends thrive on the number of people who come under the thrall of following them, they become part of the fashion nevertheless. But being mindful is important, and you must never follow the things that never seem to work for you. Rather try those things and learn to incorporate those aspects that have a great impact on your style and personality and contribute more to it when it comes to evolving. So you must learn what works for you and what does not. Being versatile does not mean that you must try out everything and fit into your fashion. You do not have to try out everything in order to evolve, but rather hone whatever does and make the best use out of them.

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2. Have the Conversations About Fashion

You learn a lot from other people and their experiences – and that applies to not only fashion but everything in life. But the best part is it applies to fashion as well, so you must make the most out it. Be it family, friends or fellow co-workers, they all contribute something to your lifestyle with their precious advice, and it would not be wrong to say that they make all the more difference. So in order to learn about some of the life-changing tips and techniques, you must indulge in those fashion conversations and get the insights and share some too. It is a two-way street that is going to benefit you immensely. Also, it would give you general insights on things that you might have missed out on otherwise. Still, it would learn and come across due to those conversations – because fashion is vast, and one cannot know everything despite being fully immersed in research.

3. Research and Rehash

Constantly being in the habit of researching and looking for the newest stuff is another crucial way through which you can always remain up-to-date and in touch with the latest dos and don’ts of fashion and learn about the newest trends that might or might not work for you. Learning new things can never hurt, and especially when it comes to fashion, knowledge is indeed a powerful weapon. So you must continually invest in learning new things and must make great use of that knowledge too. Not everything is worth implementing, so it is up to your personal taste and understanding whether you will be up to trying something or just let it pass.

4. Merge Old with New

Merge Old with New

Old fashion and fashion trends were different in nature, and they came with a lot more sustainability than today’s fashion and fashion trends, which makes part of them thrive up until now. For instance, leather jackets have thrived, survived and still carry the same charm and desirability they first became famous for. So old trends have great power and which is why you must incorporate them into your personal style and new trends that you have been catching up to. When you are mixing and merging things together, the results are always quirkier, and you can freshen up things every once in a while or just simply renew the appeal and get some inspiration; you can do a lot more by putting just different aspects.

5. Go Slow and Gradual

Slow and steady wins the race. However, this is neither a race nor a competition, but this stays true, nonetheless. When you are too desperate and eager to change things quickly, there is a great chance of failing and falling flat, but when you know that you must take time and endure the slow and gradual but steady progress, the results are often the best. Let things sink in, give time and analyze before investing your money and wasting your time into something. When you are more calculative, sometimes even the barest and smallest of things make a bigger difference.

6. Do not Change your Core Personality, But Rather Sync it with Fashion

Just to accommodate fashion, you do not have to change your personality but rather sync it with your fashion. You can build your personal style and incorporate some of the best, versatile and workable fashion trends into it. Your personality is important, and it renders the real essence to everything that you put into your style, so instead of minimizing it to accommodate the endless and often times senseless fashion trends, you must hone it better to compliment and fall into sync with the fashion and the fashion trends.

7. Shopping Mindfully

Merge Old with New

You must recognize your shopping patterns and learn to shop mindfully. There are many things that you must do in order to become a mindful shopper. For instance, if you are one of those people who simply shop something because everyone else is buying that particular thing too, and it is some sort of trend. Or your FOMO forced you to buy something that you would not have otherwise – in such circumstances; you must unshackle yourself from such thinking and shop what you need, shop for things that contribute to making your overall fashion better. Things that contribute to your comfort as well. Shopping mindfully also means that you shop for those things that contribute to your seasonal wardrobe and help you do better when it comes to sustaining and also staying stylish.

8. Trial and Error

Failing can sometimes seem frustrating, but it would not be wrong to admit that we all learn from our mistakes. So in order to get better at it, you must learn from trial and error. Try out new things and be open to experimentation; it is okay to fail as long as you are learning from your experimentation and experience.

9. Different Silhouettes

Fashion silhouettes play a huge role in defining the different fashion eras and different fashion trends from different eras. So you must get familiar with them and try out new ones in order to accentuate your fashion sense and become more prominent. From different cuts and styles to old and new ones – there are so much variations that you can bring in by incorporating and trying out different silhouettes and outlines.

10. Give the Needful Heed to your Body Shape and Skin Tone

Well, some people might differ on this, but dressing according to your body shape and skin tone gives you great room to evolve and do better as a fashion enthusiast. In order to make your true core personality shine, you must embrace your body shape and skin type and work on building a whole style that would help it shine more. While this might seem like limiting your options but in reality, you are giving more prominence to your personal attributes and honing them in a better way that would give you a better way to present yourself and it would lead to body positivity and skin positivity.

Conclusion: while fashion on the surface might only seem about looking good and coming across as fashionable, it is a lot more than that. Fashion is also a way to put and present yourself in a better. It is a way of portraying yourself, a window to the core aspects of your personality. Because you can reflect a lot more just by the way you dress and present yourself. Fashion is also a way to find acceptance in your body shape, skin tone and all your personal attributes that make you “YOU,” and it would not be wrong to say that fashion is what truly plays a part in defining the inner you to the world.

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