How to Get Through the Whole Week By Putting on Outfits with Limited S

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How to Get Through the Whole Week By Putting on Outfits with Limited Staple Pieces

How to Get Through the Whole Week By Putting on Outfits with Limited Staple Pieces

If you are a minimalist or someone who prefers quality over quantity, you must have always refrained from accumulating too much stuff in your wardrobe. While that surely has a lot to offer, that does not mean there is not a downside to it as well. One of the problems that often occur due to minimalism is the limited number of resources available at your disposal. This also leads to the confusion that you face every day while curating outfits. It can prove to be one of those tasks that you might even end up dreading due to its mundane and monotonous nature. But that does not change the fact that you would want to look good – or at least presentable. And that too without going through the hassle that comes with it. But just like every problem has a solution, this conundrum has a solution too. While you might feel the endless turmoil every day when it comes to curating outfits, here is a guide that would accommodate and equip you with the most accessible tools to slay the styling of your outfits every single day. Read on to know more and get started!

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1. Never Follow the Same Styling Methods

Often feel bored and exasperated with the monotonous themes of your outfits? We get that totally, but guess what? There is totally a solution to that problem of yours. While you might be thinking that it is because of the monotone nature of your staple pieces that you incorporate into the styling of your outfits every day, what if we tell you there is more to that problem that you might be overlooking totally? The problem lies in the way you put your outfits together. To change the way your outfits look when you are done curating them, you must change the way you style them. You can change the way you put things together. Apart from that, changing even one piece of your curated look can change things for good. By changing the method, you can simply just add or subtract something, an element to change the vibe of your overall attire, or simply change the way you habitually wear something – for instance, if you always put on a tie with your button-down shirt, and tuck them in, then you must wear them differently. For instance, ditch the tie, and rather opt for a scarf, and exclude the tucking in part as well.

2. Layering is the Key that Can Take you Through Any Styling Road-block

Layering is the Key that Can Take you Through Any Styling Road-block

Layer your outfits, yes! Layering is not only limited to winter when you need to cover up to prevent the cold, but you can use layering as the styling tool to equip and accommodate your outfits with something more than the ordinary style. Go for lighter layers to accommodate your summer outfits – for instance, a lightweight bolero jacket paired with sleeveless tops or off-shoulder dresses. And full-fledged puffer coats, trenches and leather jackets (Daniela Women's Dark Brown Biker Leather Jacket) to accommodate your winter style and also infuse it with a distinct edge and utterly chic style. With the right sort of layering, you can totally change the way the same outfit looks. This means you get to do more than a limited number of things with the same number of pieces.

3. Accessories Can Change the Way your Same Outfit Looks

Accessories can totally change the way an outfit look. Whether you want to turn an outfit’s image from mundane to bold or dramatic or give it a more conclusive look – the right sort of accessories that go well with your outfit in the correct way would change the way it looks. This means you can wear the same outfit and still integrate rejuvenating energy into it by putting different sorts of accessories into them.

4. Color Themes are Crucial

Color plays one of the most fundamental roles in fashion. They are one of the most pivotal defining features of everything, which is why you must give due importance to them. Choose your color themes wisely because they are crucial. They can define the whole style – be it in a good way or a wrong way. Experiment with them in order to bring out their truest appeal. Go with different shades. Change the color theme often to broaden your horizon.

5. Your Hairstyle Can Give your Outfit An Elevated Look

Hair can change the way you look. So you must put in a considerable amount of thoughtfulness when it comes to your hair. Always go for a different hairstyle, and change the haircut every once in a while in order to change the way you look, even if you are going for the same outfit style.

6. When it Doubt, Wear a Jacket

When it Doubt, Wear a Jacket

Outerwear can totally reinvent the way an outfit looks, so make sure to pair a jacket with them. From denim and cotton to leather jackets – there are all sorts of options to go with, so you must opt for the ones that are going to add a distinct look to your attires. Be savvy with your option, go for a versatile one that would accommodate a larger number of outfits, saving you from the worry of opting for different ones for different outfits.

7. Mix and Merge

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Be open to all sorts of possibilities, and learn to mix and merge stuff together in order to bring out the best sort of vibe, brimming with color and exuberance. Colors and prints can make all the difference. Sometimes, pairing two things together can bring out the most alluring aspect of things, which might not be possible if you place them individually.

Conclusion: being a minimalist, if you have been clueless about styling your outfits every day, this simple guide would come in handy for you. Whether you want to use it as a manual, or just a guide to provide you with inspiration – you can make use of it either way!

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