How to Give your Outfits a Personalized Touch

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How to Give your Outfits a Personalized Touch

How to Give your Outfits a Personalized Touch

Playing dress-up is fun, but what is more fun is adding a personalized touch to your outfits. If you have always been invested into building your personal style, then you must have been habitual to bringing in that touch to every outfit that you wear. But even if you are an expert when it comes to curating outfits that have a touch of your personality, it can get pretty hard to go with every single day and with every single outfit. Have you ever noticed that even if you are following a certain trend, the results that you get are distinct from everyone else donning it? That is because we all have a different way of putting a look together, and the same stays true when it comes to flaunting those pieces. We all have a different style, and even if we are going for the same sort of clothes or style, it looks different for each of us – because of the different factors playing a different roles. For instance, every color looks different for different people. And the way you style something depends solely upon your fashion sense and the tools you will be incorporating. If you are one of those fashionistas, who always look for ways to own every outfit they wear, then this guide will be highly essential for you. Scroll down to read more, and incorporate these tips and tricks in order to make your every outfit shine in that personal and more individualized sort of way.

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1. Add Signature Colors

Colors have captivating power, and that could be noted from the fact that they are the first thing that you notice in things. They add that intricate yet stark aspect to everything. A lot of times we adore things in our closets due to their colors, and a lot of times, things become all the more prettier due to their color. When it comes to colors, we are pretty touchy-feely as well. Often we say, or we hear people saying things like “pink is so my color” or the “this particular color does not work for me.” We all have been in that weird situation too when you liked a certain thing, except the colors and ended up asking whether it is available in different colors/ or a certain color – that is because our particular color biases. We all have signature colors dominating our wardrobes, and no matter how many pieces you possess in the same color, still you would feel a certain degree of pull toward it every time you go out to shop. Because colors play such a humongous role, and despite the cliches attached to them, can sometimes seem annoying, you must make their use in the best way possible. To give your style that personalized touch, add signature colors to your outfits. You do not have to go all out with, but rather mix and merge it in a smart way by incorporating it with your accessories and shoes. Also, you must be invested in building a color palette for your every outfit that would help you work with the color aspect of things more concretely. If you are going for lighter themes, be cautious that you are not just adding any random color just for the heck of adding your signature hue.

2. Go for Sillhouette that Compliment your Figure

Whether you have a petite frame or a broader figure, there are certain shapes and silhouettes that compliment your figure in the best way possible. Consciously or subconsciously, you would definitely want to reach out for pieces that add more to your personality by being a befitting match for your figure, and without a doubt, a lot of your personal style incorporates pieces that contribute more to that aspect of your looks. So in order to build a more personalized outfit, go for the silhouettes that reflect your style, and help you shine in the best way possible. While we highly encourage experimentation and trying out new things – personal style is a constant thing, and even if you change a few things here and there, the landscape of personal style should remain the same. Going for the same tried and test silhouettes is not to play safe but instead to own your style and maintain a thematic pitch.

3. Add Personalized Jewelry

Add Personalized Jewelry

Jewelry can make or break any look, and pieces of personalised jewelry can add much-needed flair, grandiosity and personal style to your outfits. We all possess pieces that we cannot give up on despite/ due to the amount of time they have stayed with us. Often such things are the depiction of timelessness, and you can bring the individualized touch to it by adding such pieces – no matter how unconventional they might seem for specific looks. After all, not every outfit can accommodate accessories, and the real fun lies in that challenge itself – bringing in that “you” factor, and making it unique is the whole crux of adding unconventional yet quirky pieces into your outfits.

4. Give Considerable Thought to your Hair

What is the most distinctively different and stark aspect of the styles of celebrities who have a certain degree of quirkiness and through which you can blindly recognize their style? Often it is the hair. Your hair adds a great signature touch and the ultimate “you” factor to your whole personality. No matter what you wear and how differently you wear it, your hair adds that aspect that makes it resonant to your personality. So you must invest in your hair. Whether it is the distinct hair color or a cut that gives you that unique style, go for it and try maintaining it – so even when you go for something different that does not resonate with your style, still you would have a flair of your personalized style. That would also make pulling different looks even more challenging but at the same time worth trying as well.

5. Add Statement Pieces

Statement pieces have that distinctive appeal, which makes even a dull look shine, and you can build a whole look centered around them if you want something stark and trendy. One of the main keys to building a great personal style is to go for many statements pieces that are going to assist you in curating outfits that brim your personal energy.

6. Your Go-To Outerwear/ Jacket

Your Go-To Outerwear/ Jacket

Often outerwear are considered to be a statement piece. Apart from adding a flair to your outfits, they also provide a functional touch to them and even give them a conclusive touch. And there is no doubt in the fact that we all have an outerwear piece that we keep reaching out for, no matter what the weather is or the kind of outfit that we are wearing, our bias wins, against even the oddness of the overall result that it would create if you added it to your outfit. Hence, you must make us of your favorite, go-to outerwear piece often in order to give that individualized touch. While long coats, denim jackets and trench coats are great, if you go for a more versatile option such as a leather jacket, then you would be able to it off in an even more funkier way. To give you a perfect kick start on this, we have got a great, edgy option for you as well that will not only add a flair to your outfits but also that much-needed uniqueness too. Here, this Women's Black Lambskin Leather Jacket (Zaneta Women's Black Slim Fit Leather Jacket) is a unique, versatile piece that would not only add a great versatile personification to your outfits but be more functional too. And the best part is, this slim-fit jacket is in black color – which means you can put it on with different styles of outfits.

7. Make Use of Heirloom Pieces

We take in the habits and values of our grandmothers and mother, sometimes consciously and other times subconsciously – and that stays true even when it comes to fashion. The “fashion values” are also something that runs in your blood, and you cannot help but imitate them often, which is why the easiest way to give your outfits that personalized touch is to make use of your heirloom pieces. Whether it a signature ring that your mommy wore or a soft and fuzzy cashmere scarf that your grandma used to wear fondly and gifted you on your 18th birthday – whatever way it works for you, try incorporating them into your outfits. You do not have to go all out and stuff them into your looks randomly, but rather try being more reasonable. Also, when it comes to making your look stand out and shine, less is more. So instead of curating outfits that would complement them, try to add them in your different looks that you curate – for instance, that timeless trench coat from your mother’s favorite pieces that she wore to every fete with her ball gowns, style it with your mini/ midi dress, to get the best sort of style and utility, both at the same time. Or that colorful scarf, with your skirts outfits. This way, you are not only adding a personalized touch to your outfits, but you are making them timeless as well.

Conclusion: fashion has often been used either as a way to mix and merge with the crowd or stand out. Whether you want to show who you are to the world or conceal it – fashion is a paradox, a means through which it has become possible. Every individual has a distinct way of following fashion, and whether you want to be a trend-setter or a trend-follower, your personal style is highly crucial for the process. Before you jump on to this guide, make sure you have a solid foundation laid for your personal style and the understanding needed to invest in your personal style in the best way possible and to make the most out of it.

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