How to Style a Dress Shirt in Different Ways

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How to Style a Dress Shirt in Different Ways

How to Style a Dress Shirt in Different Ways

Every closet has that versatile dress shirt that they make use of ever so often. If you have been familiar with the styling of professional outfits and have been a part of your working life, then you know the amount of use they provide. Dress shirts are the best way to add an extra flair to your whole vibe, and despite their monotonous and everyday-ish appeal, their existence has made the styling of all sorts of trendy outfits a lot easier. While our style had refined a lot in the last two years of the pandemic when work from home took the centre seat in everyone’s life, that does not change the fact that we are always looking for ways to become more savvy and innovative with our styling options despite the way fashion has changed. The same is the case with dress shirts. They have inherent versatility, which gives you an excellent opportunity to do more with the way you wear the piece. Here is a list of things that you can do in order to look different and slay the piece each time you style it for different occasions.

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1. Wear them with High-waisted Pants

The way you style them can totally be a game-changer for you, and that is how you would be able to get different looks by putting them on with varied distinct pieces. Whether you are someone who loves to do more with style or just likes to opt for simpler options – a dress shirt offers you a great scope and exposure to more of your fashion and style just by opting for the things that best fit your personality and amalgamate brilliantly with your shirt. A pair of high-waisted pants paired with your dress shirt can totally change the way your overall outfit looks. High-waisted pants come with an inherent 90s vibe, which makes them all the more appealing. From black high-waisted pants to white and blue ones – there are endless options to go with and achieve the most alluring and desirable looks without much hassle. You can turn the style all the more appealing by donning a cowboy hat and opting for a trendier hairstyle – such as cute side braids or a loose bun. For shoes, keep it simple yet stylish with a pair of suede boots. This outfit makes perfect for accommodating you on those days when you lack the inspiration to put on a decent outfit and get started with your day.

2. Layer it with a Dress

Just because it is a shirt does not mean you have to wear it with a pair of pants all the time. You can totally change your style and opt for classier options by donning them with a sleeveless dress. Keep the style subtle and retro-chic to ace the outfits completely. Do not go for anything extra but opt for simpler options in monotone colours – such as black, blue, burgundy and white to best accommodate the style. The best way to ace the style is to keep it subtle by donning the outfits with classic pieces. If you genuinely want to give an off-kilter vibe to your dress shirts and turn them more stylish from stiff and boring, then pairing them with a dress is a great way to go with it. To accentuate the style further, conclude the look with a pair of doc martens and basic hoop earrings, and you would be ready to rock the day in an utterly chic way.

3. Heavy Knitted Sweatshirts

Pair it with a Leather Jacket

Want a classic combination that brims with grace, versatility, edge and elegance? Here, put on your button-down shirt with a classic black leather jacket to instantly add a rejuvenating and off-kilter vibe to even the most mundane outfits. Leather jackets are the most versatile staple pieces. They are a perfect way to add an aura and vibe to your attires that otherwise fall into the simpler category. When you have got a leather jacket in black color, you are sorted in the best way possible – because all your styling needs are met in such a way that falls in the most distinctive way. Wearing them with a leather jacket would also mean you can transition with the same outfit from day to night without changing into something different to fit the occasion. Apart from that, it gives your outfits that chic appeal that you can pull off the dress shirt outfits in tons of different ways and for all sorts of different occasions.

4. Don them with a Checkered Blazer

Sometimes the most alluring charm exists in those off-beat and off-kilter combinations that date back to decades and sometimes even centuries. Mixing the old elements can change the way your whole outfit looks. If you are already donning the dress shirts in that best sort of professional way, then you must put them on with a checkered blazer and reinvent the style you wear the pieces. Checkered prints have a class of their own, and they can add a great suave touch to your otherwise simpler outfits. Wear them with khaki pants to give it an even more alluring off-beat vibe. Complete the attire with a pair of doc martens or a pair of brown loafers, and you would be ready to ace every occasion.

5. Wear it with a Pair of Leather Pants

You do not have to stick to your mundane and everyday pants and trousers style. Opt for trendier options when you have got tons of options to go with! To add an off-kilter appeal and edge to your outfits, put them on with a pair of leather pants in darker hues – such as black or burgundy.

Just like a leather jacket, leather pants are a great way to add edge and versatility to outfits. They are a great way to bring out a distinctive side to your style. And if you want to be more creative with your outfits and stand out as well, then donning them with a pair of leather pants would be a great way to add an off-kilter vibe to even the most mundane and everyday sorta outfits. To go with the pairing, put them on with a pair of leather pants and turn your outfits into a style statement.

6. Style them with Skirt and Leggings

Why stick to the basic style when you can totally change the vibe and opt for some of the most colourful and off-beat combinations that are nothing like your everyday and basic outfits? Put on a bright-coloured button-down shirt with a wrap skirt and a pair of cute leggings to go with the styling. Conclude the look with basic accessories, a pair of doc martens shoes and a full-fledged braid accentuating the vibe of your whole outfit.

7. Merge them with Prints

If you are tired of wearing your button-down dress shirts in that everyday manner that lacks creativity, colour and vibrancy, then you must ditch any wrong notions attached to the styling and opt for a total chic buzzing style that brims with the enigmatic and offbeat vibe. To go with the styling, put them on with a pair of printed pants and shoes and set the vibe of your otherwise bleak outfits into a colourful, rejuvenating affair.

8. Add a Vintage Piece to the Ensemble

Go for vintage pieces when nothing seems to be working and satisfies your inner creative side. From trendy vintage-style pants to accessories — there are many different ways to go with the styling of your outfits. Whether you are someone who loves to keep it simple and classic or love something with loud and boisterous energy, either way, there are many ways to go with styling and incorporating vintage stuff into your attires.

9. Knot it Up and Wear it like a Crop Top

Knot it Up and Wear it like a Crop Top

There is nothing new about this style. Women love being innovative with the styling of even the most mundane staple pieces, and they always find a way to be creative with even the most simpler outfits. If you are tired of wearing it in the same always but at the same time, you are not up for curating outfits that take a lot of time to make them stand out. Here is how you can go with it – knot it up and put them on with skirts and pants like trendy crops, and you will be ready to slay the style in the best way possible.

10. Style it with Statement Accessories

A lot of times, there are many stereotypes attached to dress shirts – one of them being their lack of capacity to accommodate dress shirts, but that stereotype does not make much sense because if you decide to become the trendsetter, everything is possible – even pulling off the most trendy outfits. Amalgamate statement accessories with your dress shirt outfits, and you will be ready to rock the outfits in the most classic and buzzing manner.

Conclusion: if you have always loved doing more with the same staple piece, this guide would prove to be a great way to be creative and innovative with the styling of your dress shirts. They offer you a great way to be innovative and trendy, even with the styling of the most mundane outfits. From crisp white ones to black ones or altogether trendy styles – you have got a lot of scope and exposure to become even more mindful with your fashion choices and learn to pair them in the savviest way ever.

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