Leather Jacket Looks that are Inspired by Celebrities

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Leather Jacket Looks that are Inspired by Celebrities

Myths About Leather Fashion You Should Not Pay Attention To

When it comes to seeking inspiration, celebrities are our go-to source. The fashion world and the trends thrive on popular celebrities who get the limelight by rendering them the persona and making them a massive hit by getting them immense popularity among their fans and fandoms. This claim upholds when we think about a leather jacket, the edgiest and most vogue piece of clothing that had garnered literal popularity when Hollywood celebrity Marlon Brando wore it in his debut movie, the wild one. Ever since he wore it, the popularity of the biker leather jacket has been tied to his name – that is because we all idolize celebrities and how they wear the fashion pieces makes a great impression on their fans and even the general public. That is because of two reasons – first, we all are driven by validation. Secondly, when celebrities wear something, it becomes a trend, and trends thrive on the collective narrative of the people, so when one crowd is doing something naturally, everyone is driven in that direction, and that phenomenon becomes a second nature of people for a while.

As we are talking about outfits and fashion inspiration, here is a list curated for you that gives you epic new ways to style your leather jackets in different styles that are inspired by celebrities. Leather jackets come with a whole different edge aura and grandeur, and without a doubt, you would want to make the most out of your leather companion — considering the fact that they come in a hefty amount and last a lifetime. And, it is fair enough that you want to make the most out of it. But, making the most out of it would also mean wearing them repeatedly in the same mundane and monotonous ways which is highly unagreeable. This is why this list is here to help you and assist you with styling your leather jacket looks in the most innovative ways. Read on to know more and get started.

Lambskin Suede Leather

Lambskin Suede Leather  Suede leather made from lambskin is the softest and lustrous type of suede leather. It is widely used for making hand gloves and lightweight leather jackets.

Faux Suede Leather

Faux Suede Leather  As the name suggests, Faux Suede Leather is the synthetic, less expensive version of the otherwise costly and intricate authentic suede leather. Created from microfiber polyester fabric, faux suede items are more reliable than those made from original suede but superior in quality and class but delicate and less durable.

1. Sleek it Up Like Tom Holland

Sleek it Up Like Tom Holland

Tom Holland has been the ultimate sensation this year. With the newest spiderman franchise being a super-hit, all eyes are on the actor. With all that scrutiny and limelight comes the ultimate trendsetting and trend following, and without a doubt, he has been acing it up with every look and appearance. So if you have a thing for sleek and suave edgy looks that scream flamboyant and class, you most certainly take some styling inspiration from this leather jacket look of Tom Holland that is startlingly piercing and enigmatic in equal proportions. To go with the look, put on a black leather jacket with a button-down shirt and black cotton pants. For shoes, go for suede loafers or go for the Chelsea boots like Tom Holland has gone for in this look. Tuck in your shirt and put on a nice black belt, and you are ready to rock.

2. Perfectly Patched Like Tom Cruise

Macho and Masculine, Tom Cruise's style has always been easier to go with, while at the same time, it is the trendiest and edgiest among the celebrities' looks to follow. His style has always been that you can go with by digging in your personal wardrobe with all the existing pieces of clothes and stuff at your disposal. For a trendy, vogue and versatile look that exudes easy-breezy and stylish energy in equal measures, put on a patched bomber leather jacket with a white t-shirt and blue denim pants. For shoes, go for boots. Accessories the look with glasses and a trendy belt, and you are good to go.

Fo patches, you can browse the vast collection of patched leather jackets available, or you can totally go for a customized option to go with the option that totally fits your taste and give you a perfect head start on following your inspiration ( here is all that you need to know about the customized leather jackets in one of our blogs).

3. Pair ‘em with Button-downs Like Emma Waston

Harry Potter fame Emma Waston has been a literal inspiration for fashionistas and the embodiment of strong and independent women. Being idolized by young girls because of her role as Hermoine Granger to being an icon of resilience, valor and strong-headedness by taking up the role in real of the goodwill Ambassador of the U.N women – she is a total package deal. And because a huge crowd is keeping a tab on her, here is a suave and chic leather jacket look that you would love to follow as an Emma Waston Admirer. For its styling, put on a chocolate-colored brown leather jacket with a white button-down shirt and blue denim jeans. For hair, go for a simple yet messy braid or a ponytail. Put on heeled boots, and you are ready to look the chicest version of yourself.

4. Rock it Everyday like Hugh Jackman

Rock it Everyday like Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine leather jacket and the look have been one famous affair. A lot of people have taken inspiration from his x-men character look. While his onscreen look has been one famed affair, the actor has aced the leather jackets in his offscreen looks too. If you have taken inspiration from his onscreen leather jacket look, you must totally adore this simpler yet smart inspiration. To go with the styling, put on a rugged brown moto leather jacket, a white linen shirt, and a pair of corduroy pants. For shoes, go with suede boots or your casual sneakers. With this look, you are good to go for all your informal, casual and semi-formal occasions alike.

Things that you Should Keep in Mind While Taking Inspiration From Celebrities

While we all love taking inspiration from celebrities, certain things should be considered to ace it successfully without turning things haywire. Because., being mindful is the key, which is part of being mindful, after all. Here is a list of things you should remember the next time you jump on the bandwagon of trend-following.

  • Do not Copy Every Look Fully: do not be a copycat. Yes, never entirely follow a look, style, or trend. Do not be a blind follower, but always try to take out those elements from things that work well for you. Because there is a high possibility of that whole thing falling flat for you — that is, if you are not mindful and decide to go with the whole thing as it is. When you are mindful, you can even give it your personal touch and accentuate the whole thing further.
  • Mix and Merge with your Personal Style: without a doubt, celebrity style inspirations are great, but so is your personal style. Your personal style is precious, and the more you invest in it, the better it would become. This is why you should never give up on it and try to make the most out of it. Every time you opt out for celebrity look inspiration, try incorporating your personal style into it and a different flair altogether.
  • Change the Colors and Tones: colors are important. They are the core aspect of things and play an important role in determining the whole vibe of a look, an outfit or things in general. This is why it is important for you to change colors and tones and go for the ones that are working for you. For instance, if brown never works for your skin tone, but you want to opt out for Emma Waston leather jacket look, then you should totally change things a bit and go for its other alternatives, such as a black leather jacket and create the same look.
  • Be Careful About the Appropriation: you should never go for a trend or a style that would put you at the risk of appropriating a culture or a custom. After all, celebrities come from all different cultures and customs, and there has to be a limit to everything. There is no hard and fast rule that you must follow every celebrity trend. And it is an utmost necessity that you must create balance.

Conclusion: styling your outfits should never be a boring affair. Especially considering the fact that it is one of those activities that have a considerable impact on your mood and depending on your look, your mood can actually have a positive or a negative outcome because of it – so if your outfit turns out to be good, your mood will be good too, or considerably lifted. But if your outfit turns out to be a failure, your mood can go for a toss. So bear in mind that your looks matter, and they have a significant role in creating an impact and leaving an imprint with your style and looks. This is why this celebrity-inspired guide can totally be a deal maker for you. Read and make use of it soonish.

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