Looks with leather jackets — 4 deadly combinations

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Looks with leather jackets — 4 deadly combinations

Looks with leather jackets — 4 deadly combinations

A leather jacket is your lifelong companion, and without a doubt, you are not planning to bid farewell to it (unless you are planning to buy a new one ). With all the privileges a leather jacket provides, styling the same old ( old-new ) jacket could be a mind-boggling task at times and not being able to use its full potential is another worrisome concern; after all, a leather jacket gives you multitudes of opportunities and not being able to style it to its full potential could be an agonizing aspect. But, don’t worry!

A leather jacket is that one piece of clothing that lets you play with it and wear it each time differently. Here is a list of four deadly combinations to choose from: this list is divided into two portions, two for men and two for women. Consider this list at times when the styling game seems to go a bit haywire.

For Men

1. Leather jacket Winter Combination - corduroy pants, sweatshirts

Leather jacket Winter Combination

When we talk about winter essentials, one of the first things that come to our mind is corduroy pants and sweatshirts. Corduroy pants and sweatshirts put together in winter give you that perfect snug plus cute winter’ look but now imagine the same corduroy and sweatshirt look put together with your leather jacket! Indeed, that cute look would turn into a classic, giving off a legit aesthetic vibe in cool, crisp December air. Darker the jacket, the light should be the color theme of the corduroy jacket. Apart from that, pair it with your winter boots, and you are good to go because this deadly combination would not only protect you from winter chills and keep you prim, but it also guarantees that you get ready in the best way possible.

Alternative tips: Pair it with Khaki pants if your look is a bit of a formal affair and you want to look like you mind business. 

2. Leather Jacket Summer Combination, floral shirts, easy-breezy white pants 

Leather Jacket Summer Combination

This summer, try out something simple, something trendy but with a twisted leather jacket touch! Yes, you heard it right - a leather jacket is all about breaking the rules, killing stereotypes and making new trends. Pair your leather jacket with a floral, button-down shirt and white chinos, and you will be shocked to discover the icon results. A leather jacket is not just limited to winters, and you will be surprised to find out all the help it provides to uplift a summer look.

Alternatives tips: Wear it with chinos instead of pants, and it would work well still.

For Women

3. Leather jacket Winter Combination - leggings With Skirts And Plaid Shirts

Leggings with a skirt and a plaid t-shirt is that typical girl next door look, one that has been widely famous and vintage too. When you add a leather jacket to the ensemble, with a hundred and one percent guarantee, there is no holding you back from channeling your inner diva this winter season. A leather jacket adds an exaggerated appeal to the dark academia aesthetic vibe a pair of leggings with plaid shirts and skirts create. Winter is for bright colors and dark shades, so choose bright colors to beat the winter greys.

Alternative tips: Skinny pants can be replaced with leggings if those are not your cup of tea.

4. Leather jacket Summer Combination - Summer Floral dresses With Vivacious Prints

Who does not like summer floral dresses with those bold, bright and cheerful prints? With or without floral patterns, a summer dress is that one summer essential that has found a permanent place in every women’s wardrobe. Now that your favorite leather jacket calls some renewed touch and experimentation. Remix the whole vibe and a leather jacket

Alternative tips: replace the summer floral dress with floral shirts and pair it with cotton pants. Summer is for lighter tones, and a leather jacket adds a massive splash of color.

A leather jacket is a long time investment, one that is here to stay. Feel free to take inspiration from this combination when looking for something new to do with your old new leather jacket.

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