Must-Have Clothing Pieces for a Winning Fit Every Time

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Must-Have Clothing Pieces for a Winning Fit Every Time

Unusual Outfit Pairings to Rock your Fashion Game

Being a fashionista is a full-time job. And, it can be one daunting and exhausting task with its ups and downs and unpredictable outcome that are a direct result of maintaining it on a day-to-day or regular basis. When you are putting so much energy into curating your looks for everyday and special occasions, it is natural and understandable that you would want to ace them every time successfully. But certain factors play a vital role in making your looks a considerable hit. From colors, patterns, designs and fabrics to much more. And even your personal taste versus the fashion trends have a significant role to play, and without these factors, it becomes impossible to curate fashion statements that leave a mark.

Here is a list of clothes that are a must-have for your wardrobe, and you need them in order to live up to the name of being a fashionista. Read on to know more and get started.

1. Black Leather Jacket

Black Leather Jacket

Edgy and stylish, black leather jackets have everything that you desire in a piece of clothing. Specifically in an outerwear piece. They are an emblem of pure edge and sophistication, and they stay true to the claim of being one of those staple pieces that never disappoint you. At times of emergencies, we look for outfits that are something more than ordinary. Something that would assist you with the best sort of help with bare-minimum tools and efforts and still provide you with the kind of looks and styling that would be considered apt as per the occasion. Other than that, every leather jacket, a black leather jacket, has great versatility, and hence it comes with an impeccable capacity to provide you with the best sort of looks. Black color has the slimming factor too, and anything in black contributes to giving you the kind of physique that you want to flaunt. Black leather jackets are edgy; they are suave and charming and have the capacity to accentuate your silhouette and give you the best sort of edgy looks. So if you are willing to opt for a black leather jacket, be aware as it will be your ultimate go-to staple – one that will live up to your expectations every time, and you are going to be obsessed with your edgy leather companion.

From simple and sleek black leather jackets to baggy, studded, and embellished ones – black leather jackets offer you multitudes of options to go with. Hence, going for a black leather jacket shopping can be one heck of a fun ride. So make sure you have all the research under your sleeve in order to get the best black leather jacket that totally fits your taste and helps you in curating the ultra-stylish looks for all the different occasions.

2. A Long Coat

Lambskin Suede Leather

Lambskin Suede Leather  Suede leather made from lambskin is the softest and lustrous type of suede leather. It is widely used for making hand gloves and lightweight leather jackets.

Faux Suede Leather

Faux Suede Leather  As the name suggests, Faux Suede Leather is the synthetic, less expensive version of the otherwise costly and intricate authentic suede leather. Created from microfiber polyester fabric, faux suede items are more reliable than those made from original suede but superior in quality and class but delicate and less durable.

A long coat comes with many uses and utilities, but one that we totally appreciate about this long and comfy piece of clothing is its utility during the chilly season. They are trendy and stylish and equip you with the most innovative ways of styling that are going to keep you warm in the chilly season, but at the same time, you would not have to worry about being less stylish and up to the mark, according to the fashion standards. Other than that, long coats can be a good alternative to your long dresses during the chilly season. They are trendy and vogue and come in tons of different styles, colors, patterns and materials, so you have got a plethora of options to go with when it comes to long coat shopping.

Going for something in bright colors would be totally appropriate for the chilly season, but if your taste falls in the lighter hues category, then you must go for pastels and lighter hues that are going to be highly transitional, and you can make great use of them during varied seasons – from spring to autumn and winter.

Long coats are sophisticated and classy, and you get to layer the best sort of outfits with the help of a long coat. When you are putting them with shorter outfits, they prove to be one important article. You get to look stylish while at the same time you are not freezing yourself to death. For trendy options in long coats that are posh, highly fashionable and warm coats are fur coats.

3. Leggings

Leggings have always been into fashion, ever since they first rose to fame and became a fashion staple for women. They are not only a staple that equips you with the best sort of utility, but they are also trendy and contribute a significant edge to your style. While leggings are considered to be one of the most important and fundamental winter essentials, their use is not limited to just one season, but it transcends even beyond that.

There are all sorts of leggings. Colorful leggings for your spring wardrobe, while leather and suede ones for the chilly season. Sleek and transparent ones to add the edge to your summer clothes. Apart from that, you got so many different styling options when you have a pair or two of leggings.

4. Flannel Shirts

Flannel shirts are warm. And anything that provides you the best sort of assistance during the chilly season is always a plus-plus. Flannel shirts are trendy and classy, and you can totally wear them for varied occasions. From putting them on with a leather jacket with an impromptu date or a club night with your pals to donning the same shirt with blazers or sweatshirts for formal and everyday occasions, respectively.

5. Black Jeans

Blue jeans are part of every men’s, women’s and everyone’s wardrobe, but black jeans are the new vogue essential piece of clothing that you must opt for and normalize wearing in different ways with different pieces of clothing. Like we said before, black is among the most versatile colors, and it would be so much fun for you to play with your black jeans and style them for different occasions. You can put your black jeans with your black leather jacket and create one intimidating and edgy combination for your informal and everyday occasions. At the same time, the same black jeans can be styled with your blazer for the office's formal and professional looks.

6. A Leather Skirt

A Leather Skirt

On those days when you need something simple yet classy, leather skirts prove to be your ultimate go-to staple. They are trendy, edgy, versatile and stylish, and their workability is guaranteed because they are easy to pull off, and it is considerably easy to get around to mastering their styling. Because leather outfits have the tendency to mold and work differently for different occasions and different outfits choices. From cute to edgy and from simple to vogue and posh – do not forget to keep a leather skirt in your wardrobe.

7. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are cute, comfy and make the best outfit choices when you want something that is simple and charming and make the best option for simple occasions that require you to put on a stark outfit and attractive but at the same time does not exude the try-hard vibe. And the best part about jumpsuits is that they come with so much variety, so you can opt for more than one and go for different options that work for you.

8. Printed Chinos

Are you bored of plain and dull chinos? This season go for printed ones. Available in different colors, designs and patterns – printed chinos are a whole new mood. This season ditch the boring and plain chinos options and go for the trendy and colorful ones and take your fashion game to another level altogether.

9. Anything Stripped

Stripes are one of the most famous patterns. The part of their popularity is credited to the fact that they are vogue and classy and make one of the safest options to play and experiment with. From simpler hues to different and multi-colored ones, stripped clothes offer you a plethora of options to go with. Opt for striped options in shirts, dresses and pants and elevate your style to another level altogether.

10. White Shirts and Dresses

White is the safest color. From curating dressy looks to also assisting you in creating something simple and classy, they make the best sort of minimalist options that give you so much room to experiment and play around with. Put on a long white maxi dress with bright colors in shoes and accessories and see the magic unfold. White as a color is full of different possibilities, and you must make the most out of it.

10. Multi-Colored maxi

Colors have captivating power. Without colors, things would be dull, boring and weird, missing their usual charm and flair. This is why we give so much importance to colors in everything that we opt out for. From outfits to accessories and makeup – we put too much importance on the color aspect of things because they contribute a great deal to the overall appearance. To bask in the glory of colors, go for multi-colored maxi dresses and rock your fashion game with different sorts of aplomb and energy. Apart from being an easy-breezy and stylish option, they make an excellent article for transitional weather. For instance, if you put on the same multi-colored maxi with a leather jacket or a puffer coat during the chilly season, and still it would look as trendy as ever, but at the same time, the vibe of the outfit would remain unfettered.

11. Blazers

A Leather Skirt

Blazers are the safest options for men when it comes to curating perfect looks and outfits for formal and party occasions. They are chic, sassy and classy. While at the same time, donning a blazer is not even a hard thing to get around. You can put them with chinos and create a perfect amalgam of formal and informal styles. While putting them on blue jeans would make a great option for dates and parties. Put on the same blazer with your cotton pants, and you are good to go for office meetings or even parties. When something equips you with so much assistance, don’t you think it deserves to be included in your wardrobe?

Conclusion: building your wardrobe consciously is the first step to excelling in your fashion game. When you have got the best things at your disposal, you are more aware of the things that are going to work for you and the things that do not hold much utility. Being conscious about this aspect itself is going to take you a long way. Other than that, staples mentioned in this list are a sure shot success. So opt out for your favorite ones and elevate your style to the fullest.

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