Outfit Ideas for Women – Slay the Looks Everyday

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Outfit Ideas for Women – Slay the Looks Everyday

Outfit Ideas for Women – Slay the Looks Everyday

Curating outfits every day is one of the most challenging tasks, especially on those days when you run out of motivation after creating outfits day in and day out. You need some special sort of motivation and inspiration to go with when it comes to curating outfits every day – and for that, sometimes you have to turn to other sources that would help you navigate through the tumultuous and bumpy road of fashion, which is why we are here to give you a perfectly befitting style inspiration to accommodate your styling needs and slay some of the best looks every other day, specifically on those days when you are lacking your personal inspiration. Read on to know more and get started that are bound to get some heads to turn and get all the limelight.

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1. Plain Dresses

Often we feel more intrigued by prints, and there is no harm in that – because prints are surely great, but pulling off prints can be a tricky task sometimes, and not every print has the same flattering quality. Besides that, when it comes to everyday fashion, you would want your fashion essentials to be more sustainable and your outfits transitional. That makes your plain dresses a lot more flexible, functional and adaptable, and you can wear them to different occasions and pull them too without much hassle. So whether you want something simpler or extravagant, you can go accordingly with the styling and pull it in a befitting way. While you are ditching the prints, you can surely go for brighter hues and shades in order to maintain the vibrant quotient of your looks. How to go with the styling of the looks with plain dresses? Depending on the occasion you are putting it on, be specifically mindful of the stuff that you want to incorporate in your look. For instance, if you have multiple things lined up for a day, and all different from one another, then it is better to play safe and keeps it subtle with minimalist accessories and your go-to heels that neither fit in the formal spectrum nor in every day but rather have that more subtler vibe. But, in case you have a more concrete idea about the day’s happenings, then you must go for the sort of look that would best fit the occasion. As we told you before, dressier outfits can be curated with the same plain dresses by incorporating the right sort of accessories, going for the befitting hairstyle and even accentuating it with the best sort of makeup.

2. Printed Pants Paired with Plain Shirts

Printed pants paired with plain shirts curate one of the most stylish combinations. And let's face it, we all have a thing for quirky outfits and fashion trends, so why not add that right sort of off-kilter buzz to your outfits by turning things upside down – e.g., pair printed pants with plain shirts. You can curate some of the starkest yet balanced outfits by going with this sort of pairings and styling method. The best way to ace this style inspiration is to go for subtler hues and prints for your trousers while putting on brighter hues for your top. For instance, the best-suited colors for this combination are navy blue, burgundy, turquoise and purple. Apart from that, you can go for different cuts and silhouettes when it comes to the tops – for instance, turtlenecks, crop tops and even off shoulders. Accentuate the style with trendy accessories, such as neckpieces. Add more zing to your style by going for trendy buns and hairstyles and slay this sort of everyday look to the fullest potential.

3. Skirts Paired with Different Tops

Now that we are in spring and even the summers are around the corner, the best and the most cherished styles that have the potential to be the next big trend are the ones depicting colors and some more colors. In order to be part of the trend in the most epic, fulfilling and sustainable sort of way, then you must add skirts to your wardrobe and pair them with different sorts of tops such as refreshing frills, trendy asymmetrical, classic vintage-inspired ones and even the easy-breezy crop tops that would give you tons of different styling inspiration each day. Whether you choose to make use of your existing collection of skirts or go for the new ones, they make one of the most alluring staple pieces of all time. So use them wisely, and create the most vibrant boho-inspired style statements every day with the chicest skirts and variegated tops pairings.

4. High Waisted Pants Paired Crop Tops

High-waisted trousers and pants bring in that new touch to your attires instantly. A great way to elevate and be even more innovative with your style is by ditching your everyday denim and instead, pairing the high-waisted ones. You can choose the different cuts and silhouettes, so whether you want to try out a pair of flared pants, or something leaner like a pair of tight-fitted pants, there are endless options at your disposal to go with to make your looks all the more appealing and innovative. However, you can go for all sorts of different tops with your high-waisted pants, but to give your attire a breathable quality, go for crop tops/ tank tops. Go for variegated and colorful options with cute prints ( you can also try cropped out graphic t-shirts and lightweight cardigans to give them a grunge touch, best suited if you intend to curate a street style chic outfit).

5. Edgy Looks with Black Leather Jackets

Who does not like a great edgy look with edgy staple pieces such as a black leather jacket (Zaneta Women's Black Slim Fit Leather Jacket) to render your overall style that conventional appeal and at the same time give it that edge as well. You can don it with varied different outfits and modify the vibe of your look according to your personal taste because a black leather jacket is a quintessential piece, and that is what they truly stand for. So whether you want to curate a snug everyday outfit during the chilly season or just simply want to elevate the vibe of your outfit, a black leather jacket would be a great addition to your wardrobe that would prove to be extremely useful and lasting too. A black leather brings that perfect sort of great in-between touch to your outfits that makes them chic but maintains their simpler everyday significance that makes them all the more desirable. 

6. Black Midi Slit Dress 

A black midi dress is a great staple piece to give your summer wardrobe that best sort of dazzling touch and add more zing to your style. Wear the black midi slit dress with gladiator sandals during the day and create a more functional outfit, wear them with a pair of boots and give it a more workable touch during the nighttime. It makes one of those trendy staple pieces that would neither require that try-hard, extra efforts and at the same time, you can slay the everyday fashion in the best way possible. Note: because black absorbs heat, wear it with a light-colored scarf during the daytime to give it a breezier touch. Go ace this look with a minimalist accessory.

7. Pantsuits in Neutral Tones

Pantsuits in Neutral Tones

From the office to meetings and professional get-togethers, a pair of pantsuits prove to be a savvy option. You can go out and make them a transitional outfit, workable for the whole day. Apart from that, they also make one of the safest options to go with. Specifically on those days when you are feeling a lack of motivation and have a huge to-do list of important stuff to go with for the day ahead then putting on a pantsuit is the best choice of the ensemble to put on.

8. Cropped Top

Layer them with your outerwear, or put them on with your skirts or shorts and slay those hot and sizzling beach looks – crop tops legit make a holiday wardrobe essential. While crop tops are trending and are being used everywhere, here is another reason to make them your most frequently chosen staple piece.

Things to Consider while Curating Everyday Outfits

The first and foremost quality that an everyday outfit must possess is its comfort. You must always prioritize your comfort because an everyday outfit means you are curating it to get through the day. You surely won’t be just sitting around – idle. So the best sort of everyday outfit is highly workable and lets you move around and work freely. Secondly, it should be transitional. Yes, it should accommodate you throughout the day and you do not have to go for an outfit change within the same day itself.

Conclusion: everyday fashion is essential. Looking great can work wonders for you. Whether you want to gain some more confidence or up your spirits – your clothes and your style can have a tremendous impact on your personality, hence you should always look for ways to elevate your style and look good without any exception. This outfit guide intends to help you get your everyday style together and learn to give it a rejuvenating touch. Whether you want to give to go with these outfit inspirations as mentioned here or feel like modifying and turning things a bit, this style guide for everyday outfits only intends to give the inspiration to go with the styling of your outfits in those days when you lack motivation.

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