Outfit of the Day – Style Inspirations

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Outfit of the Day – Style Inspirations

Outfit of the Day – Style Inspirations

Whatever events the day might have in store for you, you would definitely want to begin things on a great note. A positive mindset is highly important if you really want to get on with the task of the day ahead successfully – and a lot of factors play an essential role in that: including your outfit. Whether you are someone with a full-time job, who masterfully curates outfits for each day or one of those people who rarely go out, and hence struggle to put together stuff for a well-put look because you lack practice – either way, we have got a perfect everyday outfits/ style inspirations to help you put together your outfit of the day. Because we know the struggle that comes with putting together outfits days after day, and we all have the tendency to fall into the pitfalls of zero motivation and inspiration, but no worries, we all can take through any fashion emergency, collectively, by sharing the right sort of tips, tricks and techniques. Here is a guide that would help you look your best self every day – it does not matter if you are the once-in-a-blue-moon case or that everyday fashionista. Read on to know more and get started!

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Outfit of the Day – Ideas for Men

Outfit of the Day – Ideas for Men

Whether you are looking for something macho and masculine, or simply suave and chic – this list includes outfits that are not limited to just one sort of personality and fashion tastes but cover a wide range of styles that would give you perfect inspiration to go with for different occasions.

1. Go Vintage with Trendy Timeless Pieces

Vintage fashion is not just simply fashion; it is beyond that. Because of its deep, timeless significance and beautiful aesthetics, vintage fashion has risen to even greater prominence. Which is why, in order to look classy and stylish, curate outfits with timeless pieces, such as long coats, leather jackets and khaki pants. For one trendy style inspiration that is vintage and stylish in equal measures, put on a men’s vintage brown leather jacket (Knight Men's Vintage Motorcycle Brown Leather Jacket) with a pair of black pants and a black button-down shirt and get that suave and chic style instantly. To further accentuate the look, put on a small scarf that neither looks too big nor too bulky. Conclude the look with a pair of chukka boots, and you are ready to slay. This look is neither fully formal nor entirely casual, but rather something in between that would be befitting for varied different occasions. The best thing about anything vintage is that it is relevant in every age, and is not bound by any trend, so once bought, you can make use of your timeless pieces more frequently, too, by pairing them with different staple pieces.

2. Casual But Chic with your Everyday Classy Denim

Just because you are supposed to curate a put-together outfit in order to look in the best shape does not mean you have to make the whole affair boring. Sometimes, letting loose and going for simpler options work wonders too. So if you are feeling zero motivation for something extra, put an outfit together with the pair of your everyday jeans. Yes, a pair of denim is everyone’s constant companion, and no matter how many times you wear it, it hardly ever looks outdated or boring. Besides that, denim is made from sturdy fabrics, which is why they are highly sustainable and durable and last a long time. When it comes to putting together outfits with a pair of denim, you have endless options. Whether it is something casual with a pinch of formalness that you are aiming for you or full-fledged casual, you get to do different things with the help of your exact pair of everyday denim. For a simpler option, put on your denim with a button-down shirt. For shoes, go for a pair of your casual white sneakers. For a more casual look, replace the button-down shirt with either a graphic t-shirt or plain white and black combinations.

3. Hot and Happening with a Black Blazer

Love those styles that are sleek and stylish, and exude the perfect formal energy? For such looks, sometimes you simply need those staple pieces that give you that instant well-put appeal and charm — for instance, a black blazer. Yes, black blazers are edgy, versatile and charismatic and have that instant energy that would turn your mundane look into something extra and appealing, in that formal sort of way. So in order to curate a hot and happening look, put on a black blazer with varied options of trousers. For instance, if it is every day but formal look that you are striving for, then you must put them on with a pair of denim – black, white or blue – the choice is yours, but because the color does play an essential role in giving your outfit that distinct appeal, you should be savvy when it comes to picking up the right one, that would be befitting for you. Whereas, for a full-blown office formal look of sorts, style your black blazer with a pair of cotton pants and more formal shoes to get the look right. To further accentuate the vibe, you can add a tie to your ensemble as well.

4. Slay a Classy Look with Chinos

Chinos have contributed a great deal of styling assistance. They are considered to be one of the best options when it comes to those simpler yet chic, smart casual styles. Unlike denim, chinos have more suave and sober appeal as well, despite their casual nature. In order to curate a cutely chic and classy look, put on a pair of chinos with a funky and bright sweatshirt combination. For shoes, go for a pair of converse shoes to render to your look that conclusive edge and appeal. Accessories the look with glasses and a rugged brown belt.

5. Play it Cute with a Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are officially a permanent part of women’s fashion. Despite their simple and cute nature, they have proven to be quite useful for varied occasions, despite staying true to nature. While they have been highly popular in women’s fashion, it is time that they get their due place even in men’s fashion. That goes without being said that looking cute is every men’s right as well – and that is possible, with cute staple pieces, such as jumpsuits, in cute combinations. In order to curate a trendy look, put on a cute printed jumpsuit with a pair of crocs, and look awww-dorably well put and chic at the same time. This bright and vibrant outfit option makes a perfectly befitting option for the upcoming spring season, with its bright and rejuvenating vibe and style.

6. Rugged Style with a Pair of Rugged Pants

You do not have to be a badass villain in order to strive for a wilder, more macho style. In fact, every man wants to look intimidating, masculine and stylish, it is always even better when all these factors are available in one look. There is a whole list of essentials that would help in curating a macho and rugged style – and a pair of rugged pants is one of them. If you want to prevent your outfit from turning into a bogus, everyday affair, build it by incorporating pieces that are rugged and edgy in style. For a vogue and versatile look, opt for a pair of rugged pants and put them on with varied staple pieces, such as leather jackets and quirky t-shirts with edgy inscriptions. 

Outfit of the Day – Ideas for Women

Outfit of the Day – Ideas for Women

Women’s fashion is more vast. When it comes to curating outfits for women, whether everyday or for special occasions, a lot of detail and time goes into curating them, it is not just about putting together an outfit but also about determining the right style of accessories to go with for the look, or the sort of makeup that would be best suited, and whether you should be going for formal pair of shoes, or something casual – all these questions, and their answers matter a great deal.

1. Funky and Bright with a Floral Maxi

Anything is possible when you have that perfect floral mix dress by your side. Spring is here, which means you have a perfect chance to go with the styling of a cute maxi dress to elevate your style. Whether it is a lunch date that you want to catch up to, a bridal shower or a daytime wedding – floral maxis are a great styling tool to give you that perfect assistance to go with the styling of your look. For better results, add a leather jacket to your ensemble and bring the best sort of edge to your overall style. With this sort of style, put on a pair of doc martens to further elevate the vibe. Accessories the look sumptuously if you want your outfit to have that extra shine and appeal.

2. Everyday Stylish with Flared Pants and Crop-Top Combination

There are tons of different ways to put your same pair of flared pants with different staple pieces. Whether you are looking for a perfect office outfit that would help you get through the day’s events, as well as your office stuff, or a simply well put outfit, for more personal reason – e.g., a friend’s birthday or a lazy Sunday brunch. In order to curate a chic outfit, put on a pair of white flared pants with a variegated crop top. For shoes, go for a pair of stilettos. Accentuate the style further with minimalist accessories and subtle makeup. Tip: if you are curating the outfit for office/ or any other professional stuff, then top it with a blazer in any neutral color to give it a more modest touch.

3. Slay it Like a Boss Babe with a Pantsuit

Pantsuits are a paradox, in a literal sense. They bring that instant caliber and style to your whole personality, and depending on the way you put them together, they can prove to be highly useful for all sorts of different occasions. So if you are looking for an outfit that would get you through that next conference, then a pantsuit makes a totally befitting option. Tip: slay it in minimalist, neutral hues. Apart from the colors, try keeping the styling of your overall look minimal.

Conclusion: styling outfits is undoubtedly fun, but sometimes it can get a bit boring and monotonous when you have to do it every other day – because, when you are repeatedly doing something day after day, it is natural that you would run out of the inspiration, and it becomes highly difficult to bring in the new elements, in your attire. But no worries, we live in a world where the internet has made things a lot easier, so whether it is about seeking inspiration or sharing some – you just have to scroll a bit. This guide intends to give you head start on those days when you lack the inspiration to put together a desirable outfit together.

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