Pick Genuine Leather - Here's HOW!

Leather is a natural product used to make items such as furniture, accouterments, and, most notably, jackets. Whenever it concerns leather jackets, the sector has embraced the practice of selling fakes as genuine leather, making it impossible to tell the difference. Don't worry, because first and foremost, PeterSign brings you a promise of originality! And so we are going to reveal the cheat sheet on the several ways you can identify genuine leather.

Here are nine things PeterSign wants you to know before you make a purchase.

The Price Surely Tells

The price difference comparing real and fake is the most significant. A genuine leather jacket will set you back twice as much as a fake leather jacket. Genuine leather is a little expensive due to the labor that goes into manufacturing it. PeterSign has hired the elite cream of fashion design just to ensure that everything you get is of couture level. If you find leather at a low price, it will almost certainly be made of synthetic leather. There are a variety of tests you may do on the spot to determine if something is genuine or not.

    Check texture pattern

    Chemically produced and manufactured in a machine, faux leather has an uneven textural pattern. At the other end, real leather has a distinct and irregular grain pattern that varies from piece to piece. Because it is composed of natural materials, a real men's or Women's Leather jacket will appear uneven and full of grains. Before you start, double-check the arrangement. It gives you a roguish appearance.

    Feel and Touch

    Genuine leather is usually somewhat smooth and warm to the touch. If it feels excessively smooth and plastic-y, it's faux. If you'd like to compare the two, go to only renowned clothing stores. Such stores offer a large selection of both genuine and synthetic fabrics, so you can readily compare the two.

    Smell the Leather

    The scent is an excellent way to tell if the leather is genuine. Real leather smells natural and organic, but synthetic leather scents like chemicals or plastic. The majority of consumers choose real leather jackets because of their appealing scent and addictive nature. Once you've smelled real leather, you'll be able to recognize it for the rest of your life since it's distinct.

    Examine the edges

    If you've ever used genuine leather, you'll be able to tell the difference. They always have a coarse roundness and gritty edges, just like genuine leather, while the edges of faux or synthetic leather are clean and flawless. Although some manufacturers attempt to soften the edges, genuine leather cannot be completely smooth.

    Examine the weight 

    Another simple way to identify leather is to check its weight. Synthetic leather is lighter than real leather, such as lambskin and cowhide. If you're a first-time shopper, you'll need to visit stores to check and compare weights.

    Water absorbance test

    Due to the existence of imperfections, real leather has a particular ability to absorb water. Until the water is gone, dark spots will appear where moisture is present. Sprinkle few droplets of water on the leather's surface; if it penetrates, it's genuine. If liquid drops stay on the top, the leather is most likely synthetic.

    It appears that trying on a new leather jacket in a store is difficult. As a result, inquire at the retailers to see if they have an additional piece for these quality checks.

    Bending comparison

    Whenever you bend actual leather, you can see the color and pore variations. Faux leather is not more supple than genuine leather. It has a more regular appearance and wrinkles less quickly. Faux leather strains and breaks, but a genuine leather jacket never does.

    Fire test 

    Because this is a sensitive test, only perform it at home if you already own the product. Pick up the leather's seam and try to seal it with fire. If it smells like burning plastic, it's 100% fake leather; if it doesn't, it's natural leather. We highly propose that you use other methods of testing leather besides this one. We do not want you to hurt yourself in the process. Yet, at the same time, PeterSign wants you to be aware of every possible test available.

    These are some basic and straightforward methods for determining if a piece of leather is genuine or not. In a nutshell, genuine leather is both long-lasting and costly. A true Men's Leather Jacket is warm and comfy, while a synthetic leather jacket is just attractive on the outside and is inexpensive. Genuine leather is a one-time purchase that will last a lifetime, so make the most out of it by getting yours from PeterSign.