Ten Things to Do to Make the Columbus Holiday a Lot More Interesting

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Ten Things to Do to Make the Columbus Holiday a Lot More Interesting

Ten Things to Do to Make the Columbus Holiday a Lot More Interesting

Columbus day is approaching, and many things are already keeping us hooked. When the prospect of a holiday arrives in the middle of a working week, the joy doubles. But, because Columbus day falls right after the weekend – it feels like an extension of your weekend, and the fun doubles all the more. There is so much time to plan things ahead of time, look out for different activities to carry out and find new and distinctive ways to spend your time in a meaningful way with yourself and the people around you. It is okay to feel a certain level of confusion. Choosing from the many things that could be done and planning things without wasting time can be a mind-numbing problem.

So, are you someone who wants to give an ultimate shot to the best things? Then this guide is for you to give you the utmost head-start for achieving the task. Get your hands on this list of things you can do over the first long weekend of the autumn season.

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1. Get a Dive into History

Although it might all be in the past, history is what truly shapes us. And, taking a closer and correct look at history is genuinely crucial. So if you wish to start the holiday in an ideal way, then looking at the history and learning more about the day from authentic sources is truly important. There is nothing new about the fact that history has been distorted a lot during the times that have gone by. And, when it comes to the days of significance and celebration, it is essential to make some amends for the skewed perceptions that have been inherited. And for that, you must get your facts right. Initially celebrated as the day of Columbus's discovery of America, the narrative has shifted quite a lot and is celebrated as the day of the indigenous people of America and the collective heritage of American indigenous people.

While the wrongs of the past cannot be corrected, at least giving disapproval to things that need to be disapproved make the sufferers, the colonized, and ostracized communities seen and feel belonged. The current times are specifically crucial for the change in the narrative. And, if you want to give that change a head-start, it starts by changing the way we see history. Do it alone, or if you have kids around you, then involve them in the activity – the whole thing would become a lot more purposeful, and you will enjoy the task a lot more.

2. Make Yummy Food for yourself and your Loved Ones

A holiday is incomplete without food, and you must agree to that claim, right? The ideal way to make the most of an occasion is to dive into that yummy food. While eating is great solely, what makes it a lot more exciting and enjoyable is the addition of cooking it yourself. Cooking food is not only a skill but an activity with therapeutic tendencies. With a busy routine and a nine-to-five job, there are no surprises if you hardly ever get time to make food for yourself or go out and do the things that matter to you. So treat yourself and your family with yummy food this Columbus day.

3. Watch your Favourite Show

With all the new Netflix shows coming in, we are not blaming you if you are feeling FOMO and hate how much you are missing. But no, worries, when there is a long holiday ahead of you, you can at least give a shot to and conquer your to-be-watched wish lists. Pick out one series, prepare some popcorn, and get on with the task of marathoning your next favorite show. Some ideal and interesting ways to make the task much more enjoyable. You can make it a part of your date night or just do it as a singular activity. Whatever works for you, you can quickly get through at least some of the best ones you have been hyped about for quite some time.

4. Binge-Read a Book

How often do you get time to read a book? Rarely, right? And we must acknowledge the fact that it must hurt if you are a big-time reader. We can get that sentiment, totally – because we are one. The idea of missing out on all those great stories because of your busy schedule is no less than a heartbreak. But, no worries, when there is a prospect of a more extended holiday, at least you can get your hands on one of those most anticipated stories and give them a binge read. Nothing can be better than sitting back and reading a book if you wish to have your me time. So get your hands on one that goes well with you from the myriad genres.

5. Play with your Kids

If you have kids in your family. Then it is the best time to enjoy it with your kids. They look forward to you including them in your daily routine. So make sure you are taking out time specifically for them from your routine and solely dedicate it to them.

6. Go On a Date with your Partner

Go On a Date with your Partner

Another amazing way to make the most of the time is to go on a date with your partner. Despite the weekends, people rarely get beyond the mundane and routine activities that have been delayed during the week. Hardly, ever leaving time for the unique stuff. But when you have an extra holiday amidst your weekend itself, there is a greater chance of making the most out of the feat and enjoying things to the fullest or even planning out the stuff you have not done in a long time.

7. Walk Through the Streets to Celebrate Collectively

It is nothing like the ordinary days outside during the festive or holiday season. There is joy, color, and so much more related to the situation in the vibe that should be enough for you to get out of your home. The experience of stepping outside can be different than usual. And you will also come across a lot about the occasion while also becoming a part of the celebration collectively. So, certainly, you should not sit at home alone – instead, wear your leather jacket, don your running shoes and head out of the house to get an immersive experience that awaits you outside your house.

8. Visit your Extended Family

As you are busy spending time with your family – do not forget to involve your extended family and distant relatives. While you rarely get a chance to meet them, a long holiday does leave you with a bit of time to take out of your routine and go for a quick visit to them. That way, you are also getting an opportunity to strengthen and renew your every bond, and that makes it another task that needs to be done on your list.

9. Shop Till you Drop – Because SALES for the Win

Shop Till you Drop – Because SALES for the Win

Oh, wait, we are missing out upon the most important thing on the list that you would not certainly want to miss out upon. Every holiday comes up with a special sale, which is no different for Columbus Day. So whether you wish to buy home appliances, makeup, fashion merchandise or the best leather bomber jacket women for the colder weather – the sales are going to prove to provide you with your best shot, and you should certainly not miss out upon it.

10. Organize a Cosy Get-Together at Home

While we are not suggesting you go through the hassle of a posh party, it never hurts to invite over your close family and friends and throw a get-together at home. Having an otherwise busy routine means you do not get to have fun and enjoy your time with the people who mean the world to you. So this opportunity gives you the ideal way to plan things, decorate your home, set up a fancy menu and invite people over. You know, you can be as creative as you wish to be with the whole task. And the best part is that: you do not have to worry about sticking to a boring theme or all the mundane and monotonous stuff – but instead, you can be a lot more creative with the whole thing. Maximize the fun quotient by picking a fun theme, and get carried away.

Conclusion: the holiday season brings the ideal time to develop a new hobby, explore something new that you have planned to explore or meet people you have not seen in a long time due to your busy schedule. Each of us has a particular set of priorities; it is okay if those things do not align well. But, you can always find a point where it all meets. These are some fun activities to brighten your day – but there are many more ways to get the most out of the day.

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