These Brown Leather Jacket Combos Will Add an Edge to your Style this

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These Brown Leather Jacket Combos Will Add an Edge to your Style this Christmas

These Brown Leather Jacket Combos Will Add an Edge to your Style this Christmas

Colours play an essential role in our lives. From helping you build that perfect wardrobe to going for a particular colour-centric theme while renovating your house - colours are, in the truest sense, the central aspect of a lot of things. And determining the right choices makes a lot of difference. Other than that, they make things all the more attractive. Have you ever noticed how a particular thing in two different colours looks different and determines its overall appearance? That is because some colours glorify the essence of it, while some colours dim and cloud even the outstanding features. Which is why it is essential to give significant thought to colour schemes and their workings – for the ultimate outcome majorly depends upon the colours that we incorporate into them.

Black is our forever favourite for all the versatility it has to offer. But don’t you feel the urge sometimes to put your magic wand at work and replace or remix another colour that brings innovation to your wardrobe but also gives the same amount of workability to it? Well, we are entirely onto it this year. This winter season, we are choosing brown over black, which is totally making up for the lack of black in our wardrobes. From clothes to boots and from accessories to our favourite outerwear, aka the leather jacket - we are going for brown. When it comes to leather jacket colours, brown is considered to be on par with black colour. Apart from being one of the most versatile colours, brown carries the edge and aura and makes the perfect hue for the dark and gloomy winters because of the exotic energy that a brown leather jacket carries.

Here is a list of the best brown leather jackets combo for your winter and Christmas, to totally give you a kickass start on your winter fashion fest. Read on to know more and get started!

Lambskin Suede Leather

Lambskin Suede Leather  Suede leather made from lambskin is the softest and lustrous type of suede leather. It is widely used for making hand gloves and lightweight leather jackets.

Faux Suede Leather

Faux Suede Leather  As the name suggests, Faux Suede Leather is the synthetic, less expensive version of the otherwise costly and intricate authentic suede leather. Created from microfiber polyester fabric, faux suede items are more reliable than those made from original suede but superior in quality and class but delicate and less durable.

1. Davis Men’s Brown Leather Jacket with Hood

Davis Men’s Brown Leather Jacket with Hood

Stylish and warm, this brown motorcycle leather jacket with a hood is the ultimate saviour for your winter season that will give you the needed fashion inspiration to style all your outfits. Apart from that, this brown biker jacket for men makes an amazing staple to help you channel your inner fashion inspiration that matches your personal style while also being on par with up-to-date fashion norms.

With this Davis Men’s Hooded Jacket, you can elevate your style without compromising the warmth that is essential for you to survive through the winter. After all, being mindful while looking stylish should go hand in hand, and it is not worth it if one is sacrificed to get the other.

Pair this brown leather jacket for men with sleek fitted pants and a red shirt, and conclude the white sneakers and some cute fluffy socks.

2. Jakub Men’s Brown Distressed Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Jakub Men’s Brown Distressed Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Nothing says exotic like an excellent rugged brown leather jacket. This motorcycle leather jacket made from authentic leather is a perfect example of that. It is stylish and exudes the perfect, confident energy that determines the ultimate vibe of any look – after all, confidence is the deal maker. At the same time, the absence of it can turn things upside down for anything.

For a rejuvenating and sunshine-y bright look for Christmas lunch, pair this brown leather jacket for men with a white sweatshirt and green or burgundy chinos, for that special Christmas-y themed outfit that carries the needed edge too, and is an amalgam of hot and cute. To create great coordination with this Jakub Men’s Motorcycle Jacket, put on a pair of chukka boots and colourful socks.

3. Clara Women’s Brown Distressed Motorcycle Leather Jacket

This voluptuous and stylish brown jacket women is made with the latest stylish design combining the intricate craftsmanship and expertise of the people involved in the making and designing of this brown jacket women. For that ultra-classy and chic Christmas look pair this brown leather jacket with a white chiffon maxi dress and black boots. Elevate the style further with some minimal makeup and jewellery. From day to night, you are good to go and pull the whole day off with this Clara Women’s Motorcycle Jacket.

4. Zaneta Women’s Slim-fit Sheepskin Leather Jacket

Sheepskin leather jackets are the plushest companion to keep you going through your winter. Which is why, we believe this Zaneta Women’s Sheepskin Jacket is one classic option for you. The colour and design of this brown jacket women are going to be stylish and ready for all the limelight, while its exterior is so warm that you do not have to worry about freezing yourself to death. For that full-on glam look for your Christmas, pair this cheetah-printed leather jacket with an asymmetrical top and trendy flared pants. You can go a bit experimental with this look and try out some dramatic makeup and jewellery. Conclude the look with winter boots with studs.

5. Gavin Men’s Tan Brown Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Lightweight yet stylish, we all need something different than the heavy-duty stuff that would help us keep up with the season and would also equip us with the hot and happening stylish styling methods – after all, life is too short for mediocre and mundane. It becomes extra essential when it comes to keeping up with your Christmas style and looking for the deal-maker looks for the festive season. For an easy yet stylish look, pair this Gavin Men’s Tan Brown Motorcycle Leather Jacket with white ripped jeans and a blue sweatshirt. Conclude the derby shoes.

Different Shades of Brown are Available in Leather Jackets

Like every other colour, brown also comes in different shades and hues. Here is a list of different shades of brown that are available in leather jackets.

Rugged - rugged colour is a bit textured and uneven, which gives it a great appeal and charm. A leather jacket in a rugged brown amalgam of darker and lighter tones, making a whole rugged, uneven surface.

Dark - like the name suggests, the darker brown hue tilts on the warmer side of the spectrum. Dark brown has darker undertones and can fall on the moderate to the extreme side of the spectrum.

Distressed - distressed is similar to rugged with the same kinda exterior and qualities. However, there are specific differences. Distressed is also a type of leather tanned differently with dyes to give it an artificial textured appearance. Distressed brown leather jackets are specifically exotic.

Light Brownht brown is similar to dark brown when it comes to the basic properties of the colour, such as it does not contain the textures like rugged and distressed brown and can fall into moderate to extreme categories. Light brown is cooler and contains lighter undertones.

Conclusion: if you are bored of black, this winter season go for a brown leather jacket. A brown leather jacket is amazingly versatile and can come in many different shades. Which makes the situation a win-win. So get your hands on these brown beauties now, and get started!

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