Tips to Become Savvier when it Comes to Styling

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Tips to Become Savvier when it Comes to Styling

Tips to Become Savvier when it Comes to Styling

It is not always about possessing the best outfits in your wardrobe; sometimes, all you need is to become a bit savvier with your options and also get smart with the sorts of tools that you are putting to use while curating your outfits. Here is a thing about fashion – everything has a part to play, and while you might not know, sometimes even the most minor and slightest of things can have a revolutionizing impact on the overall outcome and once you get the hang of getting around to different things, styling your outfits become a lot easier. So the next time when you are caught up with the worry of not possessing all the things that you want to possess or all the things that your wardrobe lacks, but rather about being savvy with the things that you have, creating an overall style that would be to workable for you, and give you the best sort of kick to go with the different occasions. Being savvy means creating a balanced style and also not always being caught up with buying more, but rather also finding ways to put those things to use, in the most appropriate that neither subdues the overall significance of your style nor leaves you feeling exhausted and drained, every time you put up a look. Here is a simple guide that intends to help and guide you through the tricky waters of fashion and everyday styling. Here, read on to know more and get started!

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1. Assemble you Wardrobe

We bet, a lot of times, the main reason behind all the confusion pertaining to dressing stylish is your wardrobe. When you have a messy wardrobe, you will always be left feeling like you do not have anything to wear – or not the right things to wear. That is because you are unclear about all the things that you possess in your wardrobe, and often the task of digging through it can be one exhausting feat. Something that you would want to totally give up on because of the amount of struggle and hassle it comes up with. This is why you must get familiar with your wardrobe. Dig out everything that you possess and rearrange. I know that it is easier said than done, but if you don’t even know the recipe, how are you going to cook that broth? So before you curate outstanding outfits for different occasions, every single day, you putting learn more about your wardrobe. Often we have the habit of stuffing things haphazardly without much thought and consideration, which leads to a lot of mess, and an overall dilemma to choose the right things from the mountain that is hitting the roof of your almirah. How to arrange your wardrobe? There are many different ways, whether you want to follow a particular color theme, contain them by putting them into categories for different occasions, or on the basis of favorites – that all depends upon you. Take out all your belonging from your wardrobe, and then go through everything thoroughly. You will find a lot of things that are hardly ever used – sometimes due to their lack of usefulness and other times you simply lack enough insight to spot them among an endless ocean of things and make use of them, these are mostly those things that you end up buying on an impulse, or with a lot of heart, but never get the opportunity to make the use in the best way possible. Apart from your least/ or never worn clothes, you will surely have those items that are well worn, and often come under the “favorites” category, these are the ones that you make use of on the day to day basis, and while you like it or dislike it, but for a long time you fashion is often defined by those well-worn pieces. Amidst all these clothes, you will also find the outfits and special dresses, attires and formal wears that accompany and accommodate you for those special occasions, when you need something extra and dressier to put together – these are those things that would assist you in achieving that feat. Now dump them all out, and spread them on your bed, floor and every possible corner in your room that would help you have a look at everything and realign things. Now here is a thing: you must make some hard decisions. Once you have taken out everything, put them into different categories – analyze everything and put them accordingly into three piles. First, that would surely go into your wardrobe back. Second, the ones that no longer serve any purpose and must be discarded. Third, the uncertainty pile – things that you would be dumping into this pile are the ones that you are skeptical about, not knowing whether you must put them back in give away/ discard. After getting through this step, arrange your wardrobe accordingly – put the new potential favorite finds that you would want to wear more often on the front side, while the well-worn must get some break, hence you should keep them at the back. Apart from that, maintaining a color theme would be quite helpful. Clothes for special occasions should be kept in a separate drawer to avoid confusion and make space. Other than your clothes, you surely have bags, shoes, and all sorts of accessories – make space and arrange them too, accordingly. If possible, get a hand on an extra rack to accompany your shoes and bags, so that every time you start curating or planning an outfit, you will have the potential shoes and bags ready beforehand to give you a kick-start. Assembling and organizing do not only mean putting stuff together stuff, but it also means freeing space and making it available for the things that need to be accommodated.

2. Let your Creative Side Come on the Surface

You do not have to rely on others when it comes to giving a nudge to your creative side. Sometimes you must start making use of your own creative juices, and create a style that reverberates with your core personality. Creativity is something that we all possess, and while we might not be on the same page, that does change the fact that it exists in all of us, nonetheless. So if you are someone who has an eye for details, loves experimenting and adores the different hues – then you must start giving it a direction and unleash your inner talents. Creativity is not just about being good at something, but rather it involves a lot of thought, consistency and mindfulness. In order to begin, you must let your idea reside, and make a safe and welcoming space for them to grow. But your creative ideas only thrive when you make use of them. If you are not using them, channeling your inner talent, those ideas won’t grow. So you must utilise them from time to time, in order to make them flourish.

3. Design your Clothes

You should never underestimate your own potential. While all the designers are surely great, and with all the different and unique things they have got to offer, their distinctive taste and creativity comes with a price, one that might be affordable for everyone, but that should limit you from curating the best outfits that are unlike anything ordinary. You can always take inspiration, utilise your creativity and design your unique and birllinat outfits. You must go for the distinctive colors, and the designs.

4. Get your Clothes Tailored

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Mind you, having a personal tailor is such a blessing. A personal tailor is someone who has gotten around and mastered all the ways you prefer your clothes to fit. After putting together outfits for you, your personal tailor certainly reaches a point where they have formed the the saviness to curate the sort of outfits that completely suit your personality. From getting your outfits stitched to getting them modified and altered according to your needs – all of it possible if you have a great tailor at your disposal. Even your oldest outfits get a new sort of edge and renewed style if you use your creativity and get them fixed by your tailor.

5. Give Time Before Buying Something

Give Time Before Buying Something

Do not buy something on an impulse. Even if you are feeling a deep urge to reach out for something – don’t. Do not just add it to your cart on an impulse, but rather be mindful of your choices. Sometimes the urge that we are feeling to buy stuff is directly related to our mind, while on some occasions, it is often related to the underlying fear of not being able to catch up to the trends and not being on par with everyone, which leads to a lot of anguish, confusion and the anxiety. So what you are supposed to do is to analyze it for a while. If it is just a mindless impulse shopping craving then you must give it some time to pass, but if you are seriously thinking about taking it home, then you must consider various aspects – first and foremost: if you will be making its full use, and compensate for the amount of money that you will be spending to buy it? If the answer is no: then you must drop the idea, but if it is otherwise – then go ahead, and grab it. Being mindful does not mean that you must avoid buying the things that you need, but rather choosing your picks wisely.

Conclusion: sometimes we make things complicated for ourselves when in reality, things are a lot more easier and can be achieved if you put them to use in a creative way, and consciously weigh your choices. Fashion is all about expanding your vision and looking beyond what lies on the surface. And igf you have any doubts regarding its accessibility, here is a fact it is not surely something reserved only for special occasions, but rather something which is part of your everyday life. Whether it is something special or mundane, everyday we are faced with various concudrums, and require to make some of the hard and fast decision, and in order to achieve that, you must become a savvy individual – and these tips are intending to equip you with that. 

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