Brooding, rugged and luxuriant on the outside while comfortable on the inside, a leather jacket is a paradox in-between formal and informal. A leather jacket should be at the top of your priority list when we are talking about wardrobes and style. Because a leather jacket comes with so much variety and options, it would not be wrong to say there is indeed a leather jacket for everyone out there.

Rightly said by Rachel Zoe, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” and indeed, your wardrobe plays an essential role in determining your style and enables it to speak for itself. Offering a wide range of varieties, leather jackets assure you to rely on one at times of emergencies. Be it an impromptu dinner date with a friend or a party night with your pals - a leather jacket comes with a package deal. From a bombastic bomber jacket with a shearling collar to a sleek cafe racer, and from timeless vintage jackets to an edgy biker one, below is a list of swoon-worthy jackets for your wardrobe. Chosen with precision and consideration, just for you.

Brown Biker Jacket

Biker Jackets

Edgy in style, exuding antagonistic vibes, the biker jacket is a must-have for your wardrobe if you have a thing for action-packed, Sylvester Stallion kind of fashion. Biker jackets are a persona with the highest degree of oomph and appeal quotient. Biker jackets typically come into close-fitting and often have a sleek exterior in style with zippers on either side of the chest pockets or sometimes snap-tab buttons. A biker jacket could be glamorized with studs and patches too.

Cafe Racer
cafe racer

Cafe Racer Jackets

Cafe racer, sometimes also known as a part biker and part military jacket with the slim-fitting design and modest style, comes with a more versatile exterior than any other jacket. Cafe racer is your cup of tea and style if you are looking for something vintage yet cool. Known for their minimalist style, cafe racers come with no to bare-minimum embellishments and motifs. A full-grain cafe racer could include a round collar and a straight zipper opening. Pockets could vary from two and sometimes four.

Aviator and bomber jacket
Bomber jacket

Aviator And Bomber Jackets

As the name suggests, aviator and bomber jackets are as badass as they can get. Elite exterior and superior quality aviator and bomber jackets will make you look like a hallmark movie hero. Choose aviator and bomber jackets if you have a thing for all things “history and World Wars.”

Interestingly, these two jackets types have certainly mellowed down differences. Still, these two jackets are often referred to interchangeably due to the association with similar origin stories and thus referred to interchangeably but are different nonetheless.

Aviator jackets’ origin dates back to the WWII era when the US army introduced them for their jet pilots and crew. After making it big in the military, this aviator jacket made its way into pop culture because of its glimmering appearance and style.

Whereas bomber jackets’ origin dates back to World War I, 1917, when pilots and military officials returned home from the war. Traditionally, a bomber leather jacket is short, with a ribbed hemline and matching ribbed cuffs. It embodies a front zipper closure with four external pockets.

Field jackets
leather field jacket

Leather Field Jackets

Also known as M-65, you need the right amount of sass and swagger to carry this leather field jacket. A leather field jacket is for the ones who are adventurous and brave enough to experiment. Hands down, a leather field jacket is among the most iconic leather jackets. These leather field jackets typically have four external pockets and often an outer belt. Worn like long coats, leather field jackets are longer and a bit broader in size.

leather trench coats
Leather trench coats

Leather Trench Coats

Leather trench coats are typically long, with knee-length. Adopted and worn by British and French soldiers during WWI, these trench coats have made a remarkable place for themselves in the fashion world due to their regality and elegant appearance.

Trench coats usually feature a lapel collar with flapped pockets outside. It usually has buttons, but it can spot a zipper closure and a belt too.

Apart from all these jacket styles, there is still a waste range of jackets uncovered in this list. But these are some of the best out there to be taken inspiration from. The next time when you get confused, refer to this list. Not every leather jacket is for everyone, but a leather jacket for everyone indeed.