15 Staple Pieces to Get a Classy Look

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15 Staple Pieces to Get a Classy Look

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In order to go with a certain style, you need a certain staple piece. The same is the case with classic style. Being one of the most sought-after styles, the classic style has stood the test of time. Its timelessness makes it all the more special to follow the trend, and styling these classic outfits is exceptionally fun too. Curate these timeless outfits for varied occasions and slay every occasion in an utterly chic, well-put style. Another great aspect of classy fashion is its sustainable nature. Yes, classic fashion pieces are classic for a reason. They have thwarted the norms of fashion, and where trends these days are all about fast fashion, which promotes the “buy more motto,” and lacks sustainability too at the same time – on the other end of the spectrum, classic fashion is more focused on the quality of things and not the quantity, and however you might not be using your classic staple pieces on the day to day basis, they prove to provide the best sort of assistance when needed. This is why these 15 staple pieces are must-haves for your wardrobe. Here, read on to know more and get started!

Lambskin Suede Leather

Lambskin Suede Leather  Suede leather made from lambskin is the softest and lustrous type of suede leather. It is widely used for making hand gloves and lightweight leather jackets.

Faux Suede Leather

Faux Suede Leather  As the name suggests, Faux Suede Leather is the synthetic, less expensive version of the otherwise costly and intricate authentic suede leather. Created from microfiber polyester fabric, faux suede items are more reliable than those made from original suede but superior in quality and class but delicate and less durable.

1. A Classy Blazer

A classic blazer belongs to every man’s wardrobe whose fashion sense is refined and loves to make style statements. They make one of the chicest and smartest pieces of clothing. The first use they were known for was limited to serving utility gear as windbreakers worn by rowing clubs of the USA and UK, but later on, they became the most sought-after staple piece by men. They depict sophistication in the best way possible and are an emblem of the best-dressed men. So go for a blazer; if you want to slay the classic looks, a blazer is the first thing that you must opt for. They instantly give you a well-put look which is well desired and appreciated by someone who knows fashion and has good taste too. Here is a tip to do more with them: while any color would do, black blazers have another degree of appeal altogether. With other colors, you might face the staggering hindrance when it comes to pairing them with the varied combinations, but with a black blazer, you open up to all sorts of different possibilities because black goes with every color and pairing outfits become all the more fun.

2. Polka Dotted Skirt

Polka dot is one of the oldest prints. Chosen, worn and loved by the women of the 19th century, they have always carried the essence of timelessness. Anything with polka-dotted print carries the utterly beautiful and beatific charm, and that is what makes them all the more desirable. Available in variegated colors and sizes, skirts with polka dot prints make the second, most adored classic staple piece that you must add to your wardrobe in order to slay some of the fanciest yet savvy vintage-inspired outfits. Whether you are curating an outfit for brunch, a daytime birthday or an evening coffee date with a loved one – outfits curated with a polka dot skirt paired with trendy blouses in different fabrics would make a one of the posh outfit inspiration.

3. Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket

Leather jackets have the most twisted origin, and that could be noted well from their history when we trace back. Leather jackets come in all sorts of different styles, and each style has a different origin story. From motorcycle leather jackets that have been first made as fashion gear to flight jackets that were worn by war veterans during the world war times, every leather jacket style has an equally interesting backstory, which makes them all the more interesting, and get them authentic, timeless feel. So a leather jacket makes another interesting staple piece that you must opt for. Here, we have got the perfect minimalist option for you with this striped leather jacket (Daryl Men's Red and White Striped Retro Cafe Racer Leather Jacket) – put it on and give your everyday, casual style that perfect sway. While for a more refined look, put them on with distinctive staple pieces and get the best sort of classic appeal.

4. Long Coats

Long Coat

Long coats might seem pretentious, but they have that inherent extravagant appeal that sets them apart and makes them all the more desirable. While you can surely wear them when the weather is a bit off-kilter, but you can put them on with your dresses and outfits to give them a posh look. Long coats come in all the different colors and fabrics, but if you want to opt for something exceptional, go for long suede coats in pastel hues and give that vibrancy and colorfulness to your whole style. For such attires, keep the use of accessories minimum, and go for sleeker bracelets, basic earrings and necklaces.

5. Long Boots

Worn with various sorts of outfits, long boots prove to be one savvy gear. Whether you want to give that extra posh appeal to your outfits or accommodate with the utility and extra slayer style – boots would prove to be a savvy staple piece. So you must add them to your wardrobe. In order to curate the best, utterly chic style. They are edgy and stylish and can be opted for in a number of creative and distinctive colors.

6. Black Dresses with Rolled Collars

Black has been there in every decade. Being one of the prime colors in mainstream fashion, no wonder it holds the same sort of captivating charm. So if you want to add that extra amount of buzz to your outfits, go for rolled collars. They are going to be unique and going to add an extra amount of style and edgy touch. Add them to your wardrobe and you will be settled for all those occasion that requires you to put an extra amount of flair to your overall style and wardrobe.

7. Collared Tops

The T-shirts are cool and chic. But if you want to ace an extra, utterly chic style then you must opt for collared tops. They can add a significant amount of style to your overall personality. And the best part is: you can make use of them with a number of varied pieces – which makes them a sure-shot winning piece.

8. Accessories with Gingham Prints

Why just limit yourself to the printed outfits. This season add an extra amount of glam and glitter to your attires by putting gingham printed accessories into your wardrobe. They come with a great amount of versatility and equip you with tons of diverse styles that are going to keep you sorted for a number of occasions. The best part is: that you can slay these accessorized looks for various occasions – from daytime to nighttime.

9. Leather Pants

Why just limit yourself to the basic denim pants when you can amp up your style in the best way possible with an option which makes the smokin’ staple piece. If you want to instantly add edge and appeal to your outfits then you must pick out the leather pants options to slay the diverse and utterly chic styles.

10. Leather Skirt

A pair of leather pants is great, but if you want to provide it with a considerable amount of girly edge, then opt for leather skirts. They would assist you in a similar manner just like the leather pants. But more interestingly. 

11. Cotton pants

If you want to slay your professional looks without a fail and make them a sure-shot success. Then you must add a pair of cotton pants to your wardrobe. They make a versatile piece and can be pulled throughout the day. To slay the easy-breezy and edgy looks and kick-start your styles every single day, you won’t have to worry about the outfits for every single day.

12. White Button-Down Shirt

The use of a white button-down shirt has transcended now, beyond the ordinary style. And now they give assistance in a number of ways – not just in curating the best professional attire and outfits. So that makes them functional pieces that provide style and useability in equal measures.

13. Chiffon Maxi

If you want to curate the best sort of exuberant styles, then you must know that chiffon maxi is the ultimate go-to staple piece. From summers to spring – you must include them into your everyday style. The best sort of posh and exuberant attires are possible once you get around and turn things fun by amalgamating them into your wardrobe. You will be sorted for those occasions that require you to put an extra amount of effort into the styling of your outfits.

14. Black Shoes

Black is a versatile color. It can work with a number of shades. Which makes a pair of black shoes the ultimate desirable option which you must incorporate into your closet in order to make the most out of your style game and ace the best look each day in every aspect.

15. Silk Tie in Neutral Hues

Put on a silk tie in neutral hues, and you are ready to slay your formal attires. Some outfits need that extra amount of consideration when it comes to styling them. And you certainly would not want to leave out the detailing when it comes to the formal ensemble. So a luxurious tie in neutral hues would make a winning piece accommodating your garments.

Conclusion: if you want to play safe and look great at the same time, then a classic style is totally your cup of tea. While it gives you room to grow as a fashion enthusiast, you do not have to go for something that might put you in an uncomfortable spot. These are the best workable staple pieces that you must add to your cupboard and be the fashion that you aspire to be every single day!

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