How to Style a White Button-Down Shirt in Different Ways?


How to Style a White Button-Down Shirt in Different Ways?

How to Style a White Button-Down Shirt in Different Ways?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about a button-down shirt? More times than not, white button-down shirts are viewed as mundane and monotonous pieces of clothing styled as boring office wear. While, to a certain degree, this preconceived notion stays true – white button-down shirts do make excellent yet boring office wear. But that does not mean you cannot have fun with them when it comes to styling the piece. Fashion is neither linear nor constant, and over the years, decades and even centuries of its constant existence, it gives you complete room to grow, mold and modify things. Similarly, you can do so much more and reinvent the way you style your white button-down shirts. Here in this list, you will find out different ways through which you can put on some great, perky outfits with your same old white button-down shirts and pull them too with elevated style. So what are you waiting for? Read on to know more and get started!

Lambskin Suede Leather

Lambskin Suede Leather  Suede leather made from lambskin is the softest and lustrous type of suede leather. It is widely used for making hand gloves and lightweight leather jackets.

Faux Suede Leather

Faux Suede Leather  As the name suggests, Faux Suede Leather is the synthetic, less expensive version of the otherwise costly and intricate authentic suede leather. Created from microfiber polyester fabric, faux suede items are more reliable than those made from original suede but superior in quality and class but delicate and less durable.

1. Layer it with Graphic T-Shirts

Graphic t-shirts are a great way to render something distinct to your otherwise normal, mundane style. Whether you want to add a pop of color to your outfits or accommodate them with that carefree, easy-breezy energy – they prove to be a great styling tool. You open up to a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to graphic t-shirts. Fashion is yet another form of art, and it certainly becomes clear when you take a glance at the wider spectrum of fashion. There are all sorts of styles when it comes to graphic t-shirts. From random graphics to character-specific ones, it becomes all the more fun to browse through the plethora of options at your disposal and choose the ones that fit your style too. Because they make one of the most carefree and chic staple pieces, don’t you think they make a great staple piece to go with in order to elevate the whole vibe of your outfits. White goes brilliantly well with all the different colors, but try it on with the darker shades – such as red, black and maroon. For trousers, put them on with rugged denim to give them a more casual touch. Ditch your work boots to maintain the casual-chic vibe of the attire, and go for a pair of sneakers or boots in one of the darker shades. Accentuate the style with the high-knot bun and accessories it with minimal basic jewelry to retain some of the authentic suave appeal of your look. The whole look incorporates various different aspects, which makes it highly versatile. From one of those casual days at the office that requires you to curate something simpler and lowkey to that everyday stuff – put this outfit together, and make use of it for various occasions because it is highly functional, modifiable and transitional.

2. Style it Up with an Edgy Leather Jacket

Add Personalized Jewelry

Leather jackets have proven to be one of the most mindful, versatile and stylish pieces of clothing. They have never been defined by limitations, and that is precisely what makes them all the more special and widely popular. Outerwear gives another degree altogether to your otherwise simpler and mundane outfits, and that stays truer even for a leather jacket. So if you want to add an instant edge and appeal, and give your ordinary outfits that needed a degree of versatility and charm, put them on with an edgy leather jacket and reinvent your whole style in the best way possible. The best way to go with this is to try out the pairings with colors that are rugged and edgy – like black and brown. Yes, white goes exceptionally well with brown and black colors, due to their stark appearance. When you put white with these two individually strong colors, every color in your outfit shines for its own distinctiveness, and 

3. Go Grunge with Ripped Denim

After years and years of putting your white button-down shirts with a pair of boring khaki and cotton pants, the possibility of putting them on with something distinct and bold might seem like it is out of reach, but here is a secret. Any type of look is achievable if you get on the task to utilize your creativity. Your same workwear shirts hold a great amount of power and versatility and you can utilize the same in a number of ways. So if you want to render them an air of carefree and upbeat vibe, put them on with ripped denim. And get a look that would be a paradox of sorts, reflecting a unique vibe.

4. Prim and Proper with a Chic Blazer

Blazers are the go-to staple piece for every man and woman when it comes to turning things a notch up. So in order to do more with your white shirts that otherwise give off a mundane vibe, put them on with a chic blazer. The best thing about putting them with a blazer is that you can get a sleek and smart professional look that would go with a number of occasions, while at the same time, the same piece can be given casual energy and pulled off for every and casual purpose. That is what an ordinary piece can do. So the next time when you doubt the charm of a simpler piece, such as a white button-down shirt – wait and reflect on all the possible ways that you can try out some of the unique styles and outfits curated with the piece.

5. Wear it with High Waisted Pants

High-waisted have become truly a hero piece in the wardrobe in recent times. The chic staple piece can be paired in a number of ways with a number of staples pieces. From crop tops to sequin tops – the way you put them with a number of attires is truly unique and provides you with so much to go with. For a smart yet upbeat look, put the white dress shirt with a pair of high-waisted pants. If you can, try to go for something that runs above the ankle to get a carefree and chic side to your attire. This look can be best elevated with a cute bun hairstyle, funky accessories and minimal makeup, giving a nudge to your attire.

6. Don it with Double Denim

Your Go-To Outerwear/ Jacket

Like the double leather outfits, double denim outfits are things as well. If you just want to bask in the glory of the winter season and are hunting for swoon-worthy outfit combinations that would prove to be highly versatile, helping you get through the day, and keep you chic slaying during for night too, then you must opt for a double denim outfit styled with the button-down white shirt. From rugged sets to embroidered ones – choose the vibrant and joyous pieces that would accentuate your style in during the chilly season. Never feel clueless on those occasions when you are searching for those attires that would get you through those times when you need quick attires, helping you get through them in savage style.

7. Somethin’ Hot and Happening with a Leather Skirt

Enough of leather skirts styled with those hot tops of yours, now it is time to be innovative with the styling of your attires and curate and opt for distinctive ensemble options. Wear a great amalgam of an outfit by putting them on with a white button-down shirt and doc marten shoes. Accentuate the attire further with dark-themed gothic makeup and you can get through a number of occasions. From themed parties to club nights and everything in between.

Conclusion: while fashion might have become a fickle thing of late, due to the emergence of fast fashion, there is certainly a way through which we can become more fashion savvy and learn to style one piece in a number of distinctive ways. So the next time when you feel confused and doubt the potential of the white button-down shirt, refer to this guide and slay the suave style.

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