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An order of any product listed on our website can be considered a regular order as long as it comes in a regular size/fit.

Pre-orders are for products that have yet to be released. By pre-ordering these items, you can take advantage of a discounted price and be among the first to own them.

To provide high-quality products at a reasonable cost, we typically stock only our best-selling items and focus mainly on made-to-order products. This approach helps us reduce costs by eliminating the need for warehouse storage and minimizes environmental impact by producing less waste.

You can request a cancellation or modification within two days of placing your order. If the order has already been shipped, you must accept the delivery and request a refund or exchange.!

You can easily monitor your order by clicking on the provided link:

Alternatively, you can send us an email with your information, and our customer service representative will provide comprehensive assistance.

Expense And Pricing

You can complete your payment using PayPal or a Credit Card. Our checkout process is secured with SSL so you can proceed with your payment confidently.

Your payment might have been declined for the following reasons:

Incorrect billing address and phone number:

Ensure that the billing address on your account matches the one linked to your chosen payment method.

Credit card limit reached:

Check your credit card limit. You may have reached your daily or overall limit if a charge was attempted. Consider lowering your daily spending limit or adding a credit card with a higher credit limit.

Credit / Debit Card Number:

Verify that the credit card or debit card number is accurate and current.

Credit / Debit Card Expiration date:

Double-check the expiration date of your credit card or debit card. If it has expired, update your payment information.

PayPal account out of funds:

If you have selected PayPal as your payment method, ensure sufficient funds are in your PayPal account.

To ensure the security of our customers, we routinely conduct security checks on orders paid for with Credit/Debit cards. This security measure is in place to protect you.

Feel free to complete the custom order form without hesitation. There are no charges for receiving a quote, discussing your requirements, or even having an illustration created for your custom jacket. You will only be charged when you make a purchase for your custom order.

If you decide to customize a jacket already featured on our website, the listed price will be considered the base price

Custom Orders

We can create any kind of custom jacket for you. In the Custom Order form, simply provide a picture or design as a reference and describe your desired jacket.

Absolutely! Our expertise lies in leather, which we have sourced from some of the finest tanneries worldwide over the years. Our primary focus is on offering the highest quality leather, including Lambskin, Sheepskin, Goatskin, Buffalo Hide, and Cowhide. We have experience creating jackets from different types of leather, varying in type, pattern, colors, shades, and thickness.

We have outlined the process for placing a custom order. You can view it by clicking this link.

While leather is our specialty, we also fulfill custom orders using other fabrics such as cotton, polyester, satin, wool, and more.!

We understand your concerns about sizing, design, and quality for your custom order. We have put significant effort into our processes to ensure that we meet your expectations for the best possible custom order. We have addressed each of these concerns:


Explanation: Our customer service agent will request your body measurements when you place a custom order. Please consult our sizing guide to measure your body accurately. With correct measurements, there is no room for sizing errors.

Design & Quality

Explanation: To give you a better idea of the final custom product, our creative team creates a digital illustration for the customer to review before proceeding with the order. Additionally, before shipping your order, we will share actual product photos with you. This allows you to review the design, material, and stitching before shipment, effectively eliminating this concern.