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We love hearing back from our customers in the form of feedback. We welcome every sort of advice or complaint coming from your side, as it leads to making our products even better. Due to the high volume of submissions, we might not be able to respond to each query, however, your feedback is instantly taken care of, as your words are highly valuable to us. We enjoy the testimonials by our customers as it enables us to learn more about their choices. We may add a few attractive testimonials on our website. Having said that, all the comments, suggestions, illustrations or feedback that you offer to The Jacket Maker come strictly under the property of The Jacket Maker.

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Product Information:

Customers can avail and enjoy our products at various stores worldwide. The prices are displayed in US Dollar, however we cater to a larger market in Pakistan as well.


We tend to display the precise colors of the products on our website. However, your screen color setting may bring about the variation in the original color displayed on the website.


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