How Is Napa Leather Different From General Leather


How Is Napa Leather Different From General Leather

Napa Leather

Napa leather is full-grain leather, widely famous for its soft feel and appearance, for which it goes by the name “Napa.” It is made like general leather by undertaking three steps. However, The main difference lies in the second step, which is tanning. For tanning Napa leather, a chromium tanning process is undertaken, involving heavy chemicals. The chromium process is faster than the general tanning methods, as chemicals hasten the tanning process and help the animal skin break down and stimulate it into leather. The often-used chemicals by leather producers are chromium sulfate and aluminum sulfate. These chemicals also give more sustainability to leather which results into a longer lifespan and softness.

Napa leather was first introduced and created by German tannery’s son, Emanuel Manasse, in 1875, and the name “Napa” originates from the area where it was developed.

Napa leather bursts with outer beauty and vibrance as it comes in different colors and shades. At the same time, the softness of leather makes it more pliable and adaptable for upholstery and car upholstery specifically.

Napa Leather vs General Leather

General leather refers to all types of leather, while Napa leather is a specified type. However, if the distinction is to be made between the two, certain distinct features in Napa leather set it apart. For example, hide for Napa leather is obtained from kid cow, calf or lamb, tanned differently through a chemical-induced tanning method.

As Napa leather is obtained from baby cow, calf or lamb, the exterior is soft but at the same time sturdy. Napa leather seeps in more color when it is dyed because of its smoothness and burnished quality.

Uses Of Napa Leather

uses of napa leather

Napa leather is a superior grade of leather, often used for car furnishing and exterior. Because of its pigmentation-generating quality, Napa leather is open to a more varied range of colors, leaving you with more choices and possibilities.

Napa leather is also used for leather furniture such as couches, sofas, or even leather beds because of its remarkable upholstery feature and softness.

In addition to all these things, Napa leather is also used in creating handbags, wallets and accessories.

Quality Of Napa Leather

quality of napa leather

Napa leather is of exceptionally high quality, as it typically comes from full-grain, unsanded leather, which gives it off the textured surface and a rich, elegant appearance. Napa leather is uncorrected/ non-split leather; hence it contains strong fibers that act as a shield as well and give it a more durable touch. Generated from kid sheep, cow or lamb, Napa leather is inherently soft, and the chemicalized tanning methods contribute more to its softness and the life of Napa leather. 

Advantages of Napa Leather

Napa leather contains strong fibers, which adds to its life and sustainability capacity. It is flexible and pliable, which makes it great for upholstery and car furnishings. Because of its high pigmentation extracting power during the dyeing process, the appearance of Napa leather is always of more varied colors and brighter that also gives it a more pristine and elegant look. 

How To Take Care Of Napa Leather 

There are specific guidelines recommended for taking care of leather. There are particular maintenance tips for Napa leather that should be considered and undertaken when the need arises. First of all, water-based sprays really help keep the appearance immaculate by not just only cleaning the dirt but also protecting them from dye transfer, oils and other liquids.

Secondly, dusting off debris on a day-to-day basis with a lint-free cloth prevents accumulation.

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