Our Superior Furry Collection For Hardcore Winter


Our Superior Furry Collection For Hardcore Winter

Jacket Collection for winter

Fur coats and jackets are made from furry animals’ hides. It is one of the oldest materials used for clothing. Furs have high-quality, superior warmth, and the appearance they embody is also grand, which means you get to kill two birds with one stone - staying warm while also not compromising the style quotient. This winter season, bask in the glory of this plush fabric and take your winter’s fashion game to another level altogether. 

Fur Jackets

Why Go for Fur this Winter?

If you are still not convinced, here is a list of reasons why you should totally ditch the boring cardigans and sweatshirts and rather opt for furs.

  • They are warmer and can sustain you in the harshest cold without all the layering you have to undertake with general winter staples.

  • Sustainable and reliable and can endure the rough treatment better than the general cardigans and sweatshirts.

  • Winters can be harsh upon your skin as well, so a silky and plush fur jacket can be good for your skin.

  • They have a luxurious and rich appearance that gives your overall ensemble a touch of grandiosity and can be totally uplifting for your confidence.

Now you have a list of the perfect reasons to opt for something, but you are yet to decide on your options. Do not worry, we have a list of our superior furry collections to settle your winter chills for the hardcore winter - read on to know more and choose your furry companion now.

Fur Jackets

Regan Brown Shearling Collar Bomber Leather Jacket

This luxuriant brown bomber leather jacket is nothing if not classy, vogue and warm - all things combined in this one jacket like a perfect package deal. The exterior of this shearling collar jacket has a double collar, which means this is not your ordinary single collared apparel. So if you are looking for something that has a modest design but with a pinch of rogue badassery - then go for this Regan Brown Shearling Collar Bomber Leather Jacket to rejuvenate your style but without skittering off the path of safe fashion. Men’s shearling jacket is must-have apparel in your wardrobe. 

Aviator Shearling Jacket

Zito Men's B3 Brown Aviator Faux Shearling Bomber Leather Jacket

A bomber jacket always lives up to the claim of the most stylish yet warm leather jacket. From incorporating a hell of a lot of variations to going all out with suave sophistication, it has the versatility to pull it all off brilliantly. This is why we believe you would totally love this Zito Men’s B3 Brown Aviator Leather Jacket that lets you play the kickass fashionista, but with that same superior sort of decorous style you opt for.

Men's Shearling Jacket

How to Style a Men’s Shearling Jacket - from Office to Everyday Looks

Here is a list of styling options curated to meet all your occasions - pick yours now and rock the furry look.

  • 01

    Office Formals

    The sad thing about the winters is the fact that you have to keep up with your office and professional obligations despite the bone-chilling cold and, however, the fact not be changed. However, still, it can be coped in a better way with a pristine and stylish B3 bomber aviator jacket. Yes, for optimal use, pair one of these shearling collar leather jackets with a white cotton shirt (plaid or plain), go for dark-colored cotton sleek pants and conclude the look with a silk tie, a pair of loafers and a cufflink. You will be surprised how amazingly a leather jacket with furs can complement a formal office look. Say bye to mundane and matching cotton blazers and create a diversifying contrast with this staple in your office formal looks.

  • 02

    Party Looks with a Bomber Leather Jacket

    We are well aware that you like a bit of edginess and machoism in your party look's which is why we have perfect party looks for you with the right dose of boldness and edge. Here is how you can incorporate the shearling collar jacket and bring in innovativeness in all your party looks.

    • For a messy-casual but nonetheless hot look, pair one of these shearling fur leather jackets with suede trousers and a sleek-fitted high-neck shirt. Put on a pair of Chelsea boots, and you are ready to groove.

    • For stark and buoyant edginess, pair it with black ripped jeans with chain, chukka boots and a dark-colored muffler.

    • For casual and clumsy parties, put on a white t-shirt, baggy jeans and a pair of sneakers. For daytime alternative parties and luncheons, you can add a bit of splash with a floral button-down shirt.

    • For a full-on rock ‘n roll, buzz-worthy look, don it with sleek leather pants and a slim, sleek-fit rugged t-shirt.

  • 03

    Everyday Casual - How to Roll it Everyday with one of these Aviator Leather Jackets?

    Everyday fashion is no bogus with a bomber leather jacket, and donning it daily with your day-to-day outfits can add a great deal of charm and aura to them. From pairing it with your most favorite rugged jeans to styling it with that least worn t-shirt, this shearling collar leather jacket can be a game-changer for your day-to-day looks - and we know that it matters a great deal to you because everyday fashion is crucial to another level, even greatly important than the party looks because you have to keep up with it every day.

    • For a casual look, team it with a pair of wool trousers - for, wool trousers are not only an excellent option to create a well synchronized casual look, but they also give you that perfect causal comfort and warmth. You can put on pair of moccasin shoes to elevate that perfect cozy vibe.

    • Casual but with a bit of formalness - pair it with plaid cotton chinos, a white turtleneck shirt and pair of cotton sneakers.

    • Last but not the least - pair the shearling collar jacket with everyone’s favorite casual essentials: aka any variant of jeans and a black t-shirt.


worn by war veterans and military men during world war times, these aviator and B3 bomber jackets have come a long way and for the right reasons. With shearling collars and extra-immaculate designs, they add the needed upbeat factor and bring a new definition altogether to leather jackets. A shearling bomber leather jacket is a must-have apparel for your winter wardrobe to curb the bone-chilling temperature and prevent hindrance in your day-to-day endeavors.

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