Different Types of Leather Jackets for Different Occasions


Different Types of Leather Jackets for Different Occasions

How to Style your Outfits this Spring Season

Leather jackets surely make one of the most versatile pieces of clothing, and that fact withholds if we ascertain all the help it provides when it comes to curating the best sort of outfits for different occasions. A leather jacket is not your simpler outerwear piece. Being one of the most sought-after staple pieces by men and women, they are the coolest outerwear articles, and, understandably. You cannot resist reaching out to them every time when you curate your different outfits. Here, we have got a list of different outerwear pieces to give your outfits the best sort of kick for different occasions. Read on to know more and start putting together your outfits with them to get the best sort of sass, zing and style.

Lambskin Suede Leather

Lambskin Suede Leather  Suede leather made from lambskin is the softest and lustrous type of suede leather. It is widely used for making hand gloves and lightweight leather jackets.

Faux Suede Leather

Faux Suede Leather  As the name suggests, Faux Suede Leather is the synthetic, less expensive version of the otherwise costly and intricate authentic suede leather. Created from microfiber polyester fabric, faux suede items are more reliable than those made from original suede but superior in quality and class but delicate and less durable.

1. Style Bomber Leather Jacket with your Office Attires

With snug fits and sleeker designs, bomber leather jackets make one of the suave staple piece choices for every men’s wardrobe. They are depictions of timelessness in the truest sense and have sustained the test of time, too, with their outstanding sustainability. A timeless piece is one that lasts a lifetime and has the durability to withstand despite the amount of wear and tear it goes through. Bomber jackets make one of the trendiest staple pieces of all time. They were worn by military officials during the world war II era and later on, went on to become a tremendous sensational fashion piece – worn by fashion icons and trend-setters alike. When you want to give your professional outfits a conclusive look, go for the bomber leather jacket with your office attire. They would prove to be a two-in-one gear – which would provide assistance and also give your style that best sort of fashionable edge. Apart from that, outerwears are a great way to put your outfits in that more refined spectrum. Pair them with button-down shirts, chinos and trendy denim or cotton pants and slay them like you would any blazer with your office attire. Whether it is a leather shearling bomber jacket (Franklin Men's B3 Brown Leather Shearling Bomber Jacket) or a full-on traditional leather one, every type would accommodate you with something touch to your outfits and overall style.

2. Cafe Racer for Date Night Outfits

Cafe racers are simpler, sleeker and minimalist piece of clothing. They render that ultimate boy next door look vibe to your every attire when you pair your outfits with them. They have great style and what makes them truly stand out is their simpler appeal. So if you want to impress your girl with a trendy outfit that brims with the best sort of edge, appeal and style – a cafe racer leather jacket would be a befitting staple piece. Here is a styling tip: in order to get the most out of your combination, put on a cafe racer leather jacket in one of the lighter hues to get a combination that brims with suave and chic energy. Date night attire is a tricky matter and surely you would want to pick out a combination that ticks all the boxes. If you want to render your outfit a degree of impulsiveness. A cafe racer leather jacket opted in lighter colors makes a perfect minimalist option that would take your style a notch up, and even accommodate you with a number of ways to conclude the look.

3. Biker Leather Jacket for your Party Looks

Biker Leather Jacket for your Party Looks

Being one of the most stylish outfit staple pieces, biker leather jackets have been considered to be one of the most popular pieces among the most after outerwear pieces. They have a prodigious image that makes them a successful affair in the world of fashion. While other leather jackets are a paradox between badass and chivalry, biker leather jackets are blatant and come with an unapologetic degree of charm, edginess, oomph and appeal. So if you want to add an extra amount of jazzy energy to your outfits, then you must wear the attires with the edgiest, most swoon-worthy of outerwear. The most interesting thing about these edgy and smart staple pieces is that they do not miss out on the same level of versatility that sturdy pieces are known for. Just like its many counterparts, biker leather jackets signifies the true-blue leather attires. Style the biker leather jacket with your date club night ensembles and steal the thunder by taking the center stage.

4. Aviator Jacket Styled with your Casual Chic Outfits

Just like bomber leather jackets, aviator jackets also date back to world war times. Belonging to the flight jackets’ family, they are often confused with bomber leather jackets and interchangeably termed as one, but in reality, aviator leather jackets and bomber leather jackets are two significantly different types of leather jackets. However, first, they started off as bomber leather jackets, but later on, the piece became a mainstream fashion attire and has been worn as one ever since. If you want to give a flair and an extra amount of hotness, then you must put your outfits with outerwear.

5. Leather Field Jacket for your Next Trip

Biker Leather Jacket for your Party Looks

You need something warmer during the winter, and we totally get that but ditch your usual colder days style and go for the lightweight, ankle-exposing shoes for a more carefree and refreshing look. Lighter, comfier and brighter shoes are the best conceivable options for your spring outfits. Ditch your heavy-soled boots for a more plush range such as flip-flops, ballet pumps and your brightest colored stilettos to bring rejuvenating energy to your outfits. Go for shoes that are inspired by the joyous season of colors and budding flowers. Besides, you would not want to be stuck with your boots when there is no need for them to be in your wardrobe for the next few months – as we all know, however great they might be, they are certainly a reminder of those sinisterly cold days. Some of the other options that you might like are gladiator sandals, vibrant gingham sandals and embroidered sneakers – mainly with a white backdrop and bright-hued patches and patterns, syncing brilliantly with your outfits while at the same time giving your style that individualistic personal touch.

6. Leather Trench Coat when the Weather Turns Upside Down

Just because the weather is intending to spill water on your plans does not mean you would let it succeed in such unsavory plans. When the weather turns haywire, but still you have got things to do and a great attire to curate for that – a perfect leather trench coat would act as a shield and give you the best sort of assistance in not only protecting your outfits but also give them the best sort of suave chic, extravagant appeal. Opt for them when canceling plans is not something on your list in any way!

Conclusion: the next time when you struggle to pair the perfect outerwear piece with your outfits, turn to the different types of leather jackets. They are the most versatile pieces of clothing, and the term belongs to them rightly because they have assisted in multiple ways. Whether you want to wear them as fashion gear, safety gear or functional utility gear during the winter season – they comply to all the different uses, and that is what truly makes them the hero piece in your wardrobe.

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