Finest leather jackets for men and women to channel the Brando inside


Finest Leather Jackets For Men And Women To Channel The Brando Inside

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leather jackets have always been one of the most versatile pieces of clothing. And because of their inherent versatility and style, leather jackets are considered to be a must-have staple in every men’s and women’s wardrobe. The initial purpose of a leather jacket was to provide security and assistance to people during the seeping cold and the harsh conditions on the road; later leather jackets surged to a different sort of popularity when apart from their functionality, leather jackets started being seen as a fashion staple.

Marlon Brando had contributed a great deal to the popularity of leather jackets when he wore the piece in the 1900s for his debut movie “The Wild One” - which immortalized the piece forever and attached Marlon Brando’s name to its popularity for eternity. At one point or another, we have all sought inspiration from famous Hollywood icons and celebrities from all dimensions. The way Marlon Brando wore the biker leather jacket in “The Wild One” became an ultimate fashion inspiration for many, and the style has been looked up to for inspiration.

From cafe racer jackets to bomber and bikers ones, you have a vast range of options to choose that perfect leather jacket from. After all, you need a perfect leather jacket to get the energy right. Here is an epic llist to get you inspired. Read on to know more and pick yours:

1. Cafe Racer Leather Jacket

Sleek and stylish, a cafe racer leather jacket is one of the suavest leather jackets that provide the highest styling assistance and bring that ultimate versatility that one needs for bringing in that varied touch to their outfits and day-to-day styling. The cafe racer leather jacket takes its name after the bike “cafe racer,” which was a massive deal in 1900s Britain. If you have a thing for something that exudes chivalrous bravado and suave charm, cafe racers are totally your cup of tea. The main attractive feature of a cafe racer leather jacket is its simple yet stark appeal, which sets it distinct from a lot of other types of the leather jackets. And because of this same simplicity, a cafe racer leather jacket merges nicely with every different type of fashion staple and style. From casual to formal, the transition is greatly smooth, and it proves to deliver that unique quality to different styles and looks. This Daryl Men's Red and White Striped Retro Cafe Racer Leather Jacket is a perfect pick for you if you are totally onto a cafe racer bandwagon with us. Apart from the sleek and stylish exterior, this black cafe racer jacket exudes vibrant energy with its red and white stripes, which also create a nice contrasting merge of colors with the combination of black, red and white.

And as black is the most flexible color, styling this black cafe racer with red and white is not a brainer. The colors and styles of other staples go well to create that perfect ensemble for different occasions. This piece is a personification of class and superior style, a perfect starting point for the new leather jackets lovers who want something simple but stark with that perfect retro energy.

2. Biker Leather Jacket

A leather jacket that swore to popularity in the 1900s after Marlon Brando wore it was a biker leather jacket. The original piece that he wore was made by Irving Schott and dubbed it as “Perfecto” after his favorite cigar. Since then, biker leather jackets and Marlon Brando’s names have been taken side by side, and rightly so. Biker leather jackets are one of the stylish pieces, and when it comes to customization, there is so much scope to them. From patches, studs and other additives - you can put your creativity to work in the best way possible. Apart from that, a biker leather jacket has the capacity to go with each different outfit style and occasion.

A leather jacket comes with no patriarchy, and it offers the amount of hot and happening styling assistance every individual. Here is a perfect bold and beautiful Nancy Women's Red Classic Motorcycle Jacket that adds the perfect appeal to your outfits, and helps you pull the female version of Marlon Brando in the perfect sort of way. There are no limitations when it comes to a leather jacket; that is what this red biker leather jacket women signify. (If you are a bit skeptical about the red color, you can go for something in black or for brown jacket women).

3. Bomber Leather Jacket

When it comes to the superiority of a bomber leather jacket, nothing compares, and nothing comes closer. Bomber leather jacket men were part of the US army uniform with an exclusivity. Bomber leather jackets are considered to be one of the warmest staples. The type that was worn by the army personnel during the world war was called the B3 leather jacket. Apart from bomber leather jackets men, there are bomber leather women as well. Old and ancient, bomber leather jackets are an emblem of the historical times that signify courage, bravery and stature. A bomber leather jacket comes with a snug close-fitting with spacious pockets and a cozy feel.

B3 bomber leather jackets or mens sherpa leather jackets are often lined with shearling fur with shearling collars and cuffs. This version of the bomber leather jacket is not just warmer but it has a special luxurious feel to it that sets it apart than its other counterparts.

Because of the similar origins and their descent from the same flight jackets family, often aviator and bomber leather jackets are used interchangeably for both, but in reality, both the leather jackets are different and have even a different origin story, dating back to two different eras of history. ( in case you are planning to buy yourself an aviator leather you can buy them men’s aviator jackets here).

4. Moto Leather Jacket

Moto leather jackets are short in length, with a snug close-fitting. Because of their structure and easily manageable style, moto leather jackets are worn by motorcyclists. A moto leather jacket can have studs and patches and a heightened showy exterior that makes it a perfect badass staple, the signature Marlon Brando energy. If you want something that accentuates your personality and figure, a moto leather jacket is an option worth considering for you.

To carry a moto leather jacket with that right energy, you need to be open to all the styling options it has under its sleeve to assist you with. And, because of a moto leather jacket’s sleek fit, it highly uplifts the overall outfit and its individual aspects as well.

5. Patched Leather Jacket

A patched leather jacket can come in any style and type. From the distinct designs to elaborated textures, patches can come in any form. Because of the instant style appeal that they add to a piece of clothing, patches are considered to be one of the most widely used styles that adds instant elevation and aura to any piece of clothing. This Maura Women's Black Motorcycle Leather Jacket with Star Patches is a high gear fashion staple that adds instant edge and depth to this otherwise badass and suave piece. Because of its contrasting theme and structure, this biker jacket women can be worn to different occasions, such as a night out with your girls' gang or even a professional lunch with your office colleagues. Apart from that, this jacket is highly transitional, so from morning till night and from day-to-day occasions, to something special - this piece lets you have the perfect looks throughout the day, befitting the need. Channel your inner Marlon Brando with this patched leather jacket that exudes badassery and class in equal measures. Either go for this women’s biker jacket or choose something else from the vast options of women’s winter jackets.

6. Studded Leather Jacket

The term studded leather jackets does not signify just one type of leather jacket, but it carries a deeper connotation and wraps all the different styles of leather jackets that can possibly come with studs. Just like patches, studs can vary from jacket to jacket. Studs are a form of adornments and additives that add more value and charm to a leather jacket. But, that does not necessarily mean that studs are significant in leather jackets in every case and without which its value decreases.

Although, you can go for a studded leather jacket if you are looking for something with a loud celebratory feel to it. Apart from that, studded leather jackets are considered to be an essential part of 1900s fashion, and they were widely worn by famous pop stars and Hollywood celebrities. Leather on leather trends are greatly popular trends dating from the 1900s. Most of these pairings incorporated studs and adornments. From pairing a studded leather jacket to studded pants and skirts - the style has its roots from the 1900s.

7. Field Leather Jacket

Filed leather jackets are leather jackets that have a closer semblance with the trench coats and leather coats. Filed leather jackets usually have lapel collars with six or more pockets - that renders it great spacious functionality for hiking and adventures - and an alternatively either a front zipper closure or snap-tab, with sometimes a belt, that adds gives it a legit trench coat feel.

A field leather jacket carries that heightened Hollywood-ish charm, and is considered to be one of the most outlandish sorts of leather staple, that can be termed as a bit too much, but in a good, pleasing sort of way.

Things that Make a Leather Jacket a Most Remarkable Piece of Outerwear Clothing

We all love leather jackets for the incredible versatility and style that a leather jacket carries, but there is more to this most iconic piece of clothing. Here is a list of the reasons why we truly love leather jackets, that totally justifies the leather jackets craze as well.

1. Leather Jackets Signify Character Depth

The way we dress, says a great deal about us and our personality. For instance, if we have a thing for bright colors and wild prints, that most certainly depict the cheerful depth of our personality. Likewise, leather jackets are emblems of the brooding and rugged personality, characters that are part of each one of our personalities - however, the depth depends from person to person, and leather jackets do help you elevate the subdued edge that your character holds.

2. Each Leather Jacket Tells a Different Story

Every leather jacket type is different, with a different story - that itself makes a leather jacket a most highly sought apparel. The distinction and the true essence do not just end here, but there is more to it. The leather jackets that are made and worn are also unique, and every person wears them differently. There are no right and wrong ways to go with a leather jacket's styling - from wearing it to your office to pairing it with your party pieces, leather jackets do not come with a rule book, and you have full liberty to go with it just the way you deem it fit.

3. Leather Jackets is a Paradox

A leather jacket is a perfect paradox that neither falls in that “too much” category nor in that “mellowed down” and a mediocre one. And the best part about it is its great versatility, which lets you mold it according to your choice and personal style. A leather jacket neither falls in that particular bracket that deems it fit for certain occasions only. From the office to parties, and general get-togethers or even day-to-day stuff, a leather jacket can be worn to different occasions, with the hassle.

4. Leather Jackets are Reliable

When it comes to the reliability of a leather jacket, nothing comes closer to it. Feeling lazy or running out of time? Just pair a leather jacket with your random and mundane outfits and get the perfect, well-put look in minutes. Leather jackets are one of the most reliable pieces, it can be trusted fully to give you the needed assistance in times of emergencies.

Conclusion: leather jackets let you be your kind of fashion icon, without limiting your creativity. It is one of the most opted pieces of outerwear, that sets the whole mood for the outfit that shines differently for each outfit as well. This kind of freedom and great innovativeness makes it a piece worth keeping in every wardrobe. You have got a vast option at your disposal that you have to choose from - pick your favorite from these now, and create those awesome looks from the 1900s that made the piece forever eternal and one of the most reliable.

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