Enhance Your Life: Style Tips for College Students


Style Tips for College Students

Style Tips for College Students

With its many experiences, the college phase is the most crucial aspect of every student’s life. It plays a massive role in shaping personalities, and your experiences can determine your life ahead. Amidst it all, clothes play a highly essential role in that. The way you put yourself out there can be a total deal-maker or deal-breaker. College is the starting point for most people. That is when real-life lessons are learned, and even the general sense of things is developed once you step into your college life. From gaining new (and often lasting) friends to making memories and having the experiences of life – college is the most momentous time of one's life. College is not only a place where academic learning happens but also a place where different mindsets meet. Just like every individual is different, so is the background that they come from. And it reflects in the demeanour of each person. Whether you are someone starting college or have been there for quite some time – here is a guide that will help you figure out your style as you navigate college life.

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1. Embrace your Body Type

Awareness about your body type and why you must embrace it should be ingrained in the mindset from early on. We live in a highly conscious world – a world where everyone is keenly aware of one’s flaws and the flaws of others. College is that phase where awareness can strike in the rawest form. With all the positive aspects, college can also be where many insecurities can take place within you. You might even be made to think things that are contrary and go against your beliefs. This is why it is important to learn to hold your own and never let the world wither your confidence. Amidst it all, having a positive self-image is highly crucial. When you hold a positive belief about yourself, it naturally gives you the confidence to believe in your ideas firmly. Embracing your body type can be a great starting point for you. With all the ongoing movements related to positive body image, it surely is the right time to hone your knowledge about its importance and why one must embrace it if you genuinely want to learn to embrace your identity as an individual in society and the role that you can play.

We all are human beings and hence flawed. So if you do not like what you see in the mirror, know that it is okay. But what is not okay is to let that mindset persist. College comes at that point in your life when growth is at the centre. And you can often feel clueless about things. How to build and embrace body image? We know you must be thinking – easier said than done, but here is a thing – once you decide to go with something, there is always a way. The first rule is to wear what you like and like yourself in what you wear. Yes, we are not asking you to play it safe. But one must wear the things that make you feel comfortable. Secondly, get in touch with your body and learn about it. Knowledge is the key to acceptance. So if you truly want to form a positive image, first get familiar with it and build an understanding. Apart from that, get inspired. Take inspiration from people who have the same body type.

There is beauty in being different. After all, diversity is the biggest subject of current times. And while there are many hindrances, there is a lot of representation too. Which makes the current times the best ones to have conversations around all these aspects of beauty. Lastly, wear clothes that uplift and elevate your unique figure and size.

2. Start with the Basics

College means freedom for a lot of people. But here is some advice that you must pay due heed to – college is just the beginning of your real life and its many challenges. So you must not jump directly to the bottom of things. But instead, take a slow and gradual route of steady learning. As they say, slow and steady wins the race. So whether it is academics or fashion, you must work on developing an erudite sense of things. Often college proves to be the place where people have a fashion awakening, so if you end up turning into a fashionista – do not be too caught up by surprise. But before that, invest in details. Start with the basics. Fads and trends are all gonna catch up in due time, but first, let yourself form a basic sense of things.

3. Keep it Simple

Keep it simple and raw. Yes, do not hide your core personality behind the layers and layers of facades, but rather let the world meet the real you, the authentic you. Once you get too habitual in hiding yourself away behind the curtain, it will become too hard for you to present your true self in front of the world later in life, which can leave you with a lot of remorse and deprive you of the experience to connect with people on a deeper level. Wearing simpler attire does not mean that one lacks fashion savviness, but rather it shows that a person feels confident in presenting their true personality in front of the world. You do not have to always opt for a showy outfit, but even a simple outfit combination curated with denim, a t-shirt and a classic black biker leather jacket counts as much as any other showy outfit.

4. Never Go for Expensive Clothes

It is always nice to start spending wisely from the start. As habits can take you a long way, the ones developed from the formative years of your life make an even greater impact. Always understand that dressing well and dressing smart has nothing to do with spending a lot of money but rather with spending money smartly in a purposeful manner. So when you are shopping make sure to buy useful stuff. And with your educational expenses, you would not want to spend extravagantly on the stuff that comes secondary. After all, the main point of going to college is to get a degree. You can buy classy stuff at reasonable prices from thrift stores. Other than that, never be a big shopaholic, but rather stay mindful. Buy things that make a difference. Do not become prey to mindless shopping.

5. Build a Personal Style and a Personalised Wardrobe

Build a Personal Style and a Personalised Wardrobe

We all have our one true inner calling, and here is an interesting fact: you might think it applies to everything in life except fashion. But no, that is not how it is. Even when it comes to fashion, the way sees life and the things that we are destined to do can find an expression. Fashion can be a great way to reflect your core essence, the big ideas that you hold and what you truly aspire to achieve in life and the many facets of your personality that can be reflected through fashion. Hence you must invest in personal style. Personal style requires a slow and steady road, so you must learn to tread it that way. Do not adopt anything right away, but rather give it that time, thought and understanding. Work on getting familiar with the landscape of fashion and understanding its complex trajectory. Once you have done that, you will understand that fashion is not fickle, as the widely believed notion, but rather has its own depth. From the different fashion timelines to trends – pick out the best elements, and build your personalised wardrobe. Surely, it is going to take years before you finally reach that point where you have developed a whole style.

6. Wear Vibrant Colors

Wear Vibrant Colors

You are young, free, and wild, so you must reflect it through your attire. Wear bright and vibrant colours. Do not limit yourself to the subdued and mild colours, but rather go for the bright and colourful shades. As colours can make a hell of a lot of a difference. Whether you want to uplift your mood or spirits – a bright-colored outfit can give you the perfect sort of kick to go with. Colours are surely a key aspect of fashion. Every colour has a specific role to play. And even colours are a key aspect of personal style as well. You should bring out a joyous side to your style by incorporating bright colours and vibrant hues into your outfits.

7. Grab a Powerful Pattern

Patterns and prints are powerful. Each one of them has a story to tell. So if you want your style to depict something more than the ordinary, then you must grab a powerful print. Do not stick to the basic, solid-colored outfits when you can go for something empowering and bold with a print.

Conclusion: with its many upside downs, twists and turns, college has to be one of the most joyous phases of every individual’s life. With all the learning, you are also stepping out into the real world, so you must also search for innovative ways to upgrade your style.

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