The Quilted Jacket Outfit is a Game Changer this Winter


The Quilted Jacket Outfit is a Game Changer this Winter

The Quilted Jacket Outfit is a Game Changer this Winter

Quilted clothes are the biggest trend of this winter season. From being one of the most reliable pieces to also making one of the trendiest staples - they are what we call the true-blue two in one deal that offers you the ultimate warmth with unparalleled fashion. Because of their structure and construction, quilted clothes have exceptional layering quality, which renders them outstanding sustainability in the chilly season. Quilted clothes come with no limitation, and there are many varied types and ranges. From quilted dresses to leather jackets to parkas and puffer jackets, and a lot more - quilts are not just limited to clothes, but they come in other things as well - such as bags, shoes and even quilted scarves.

Types of Quilted Jackets that you can Totally Add to your Winter Wardrobe

Quilted jackets are one of the biggest trends of this season because of their incredible versatility, appearance and warmth. Quilted jackets show excellent craftsmanship. It reflects from their exterior and interior that a lot of hard work has been incorporated in the making of these pieces - this sense of great creativity renders more to their value and makes them worth buying for your wardrobe - because, why not? Quilted jackets make a great winter companion. They are intelligently crafted – probably, one of the reasons why they make one of the warmest and stylish staples. And, because of their utility, neither your fashion game suffers, nor do you have to bear the consequences of the chilly season.

Here is a list of great quilted jackets to add immediately to your winter wardrobe and elevate your winter style to another level altogether. So what are you waiting for? Read and get started.

1. Quilted Leather Jackets

Lambskin Suede Leather

Lambskin Suede Leather  Suede leather made from lambskin is the softest and lustrous type of suede leather. It is widely used for making hand gloves and lightweight leather jackets.

Faux Suede Leather

Faux Suede Leather  As the name suggests, Faux Suede Leather is the synthetic, less expensive version of the otherwise costly and intricate authentic suede leather. Created from microfiber polyester fabric, faux suede items are more reliable than those made from original suede but superior in quality and class but delicate and less durable.

Classy and chic, ultimately warm and comfy - leather jackets are everything that we seek in winter outerwear. A quilted leather jacket should be on the top of your priority list when you go for quilted jacket shopping. When it comes to a leather jacket’s warmth, nothing comes closer. And because of the way they are, quilted leather jackets make one of the most sustainable pieces of clothing that will last a lifetime. When it comes to leather jackets, they come in different styles, designs, patterns and types. And, when it comes to their categories, they are endless. From bomber, biker, cafe racers and aviators field leather jackets, and much, the possibilities are endless. So if you want something for hardcore winter that is hot and happening and provides you the best sort of sustainability - a quilted leather jacket is what you need precisely. There are quilted leather jackets mens, and quilted leather jacket women - style them, however you want and get your winter fashion game instantly elevated.

Here is a list of ways you can style a quilted leather jacket for men and women for the chilly season.

  • Quilted Leather Jacket Paired with a Ripped Pants and Flannel Shirt - planning an incredibly chic and suave look for your night out with your pals? Here, pair a quilted leather jacket with ripped pants and a flannel shirt. Put on a pair of rugged boots and a watch to accentuate the look further. When it comes to the chilling sessions with your pals, you seek an outfit that neither falls “too much” category nor falls under the “mellowed down” category - which is why this look lives up to the expectations. You can stay warm and look stylish simultaneously because this combo is greatly warm and operatable, which is why there is no loss in donning in this look even during the harshest of winters. While you do not have to worry about the bone-chilling cold, your style remains highly functional too.
  • Quilted Leather Jacket Paired with a Chinos and Plaid Shirt - pair a quilted leather with chinos and a plaid shirt for simple yet stylish, highly transitional occasions. For some further elevation, put on loafers and a nice scarf. This look is one of those looks that goes with every different occasion - from formal to informal, an amalgam of varied elements that are taken from different outfits style, and creating a new sort of fusion that would work for formal and informal and everything in between.
  • Quilted Leather Jacket Paired with a leather Skirt and Sequin Top - for that perfect party look that reverberates with the right buzzing energy, pair a quilted leather jacket with a leather skirt and sequin top. To further accentuate the look, pair some trendy jewelry and pumps. To make the look stand out further, put on some makeup and styling. Leather skirts and a leather jacket make an amazing combo. They are warm and classy and can be used for varied occasions.
  • Quilted Leather Jacket Paired with Polka Dot Top and Blue Jeans - nothing says classy and cute like anything polka dots. Because of their varied range of colors and combinations, polka dots are the go-to staple of this season, and pairing them with your quilted leather jacket would undoubtedly make one of the trendiest deals. For a hot-chic look, pair the quilted leather jacket with a polka dot frilly top and blue jeans. Conclude the look with a pair of white sneakers some trendy bracelets, and you are good to go.

2. Quilted Puffer Jackets

Quilted Puffer Jackets

Quilted puffer jackets are cute and trendy and provide great assistance in curating weather-appropriate outfits that are chic, smart and warm in equal measures. Apart from quilted puffer jackets, there are long quilted puffer coats and jackets that are great for layering your outfits. For instance, if you want to go for a mini skirt or a mini dress, put on a quilted puffer coat or a long jacket to compensate for the lack of warmth. Apart from their implacable warmth, they provide a significant amount of grandiosity to your looks. From blue, red, yellow and green - get your quilted puffer coats and jackets now. Because of their puffed exterior, they are called puffers.

Here is how you can style a quilted puffer jacket for men and women

  • Quilted Puffer Jacket Paired with a Floral Maxi - the best part about a quilted puffer jacket is that it can go with any style of clothes. This sense of not being bound by any limitations gives you a great sense of creativity and styling ideas. From pairing it with your tomboyish looks to going all girly and cute with styles with florals and vibrant prints - there is so much scope and the availability of things that you can pull off with a quilted puffer jacket. For an ultra-stylish, easy-breezy yet warm look, pair a floral maxi with a quilted puffer jacket and conclude the look with your winter boots, with a bit of trendy touch and some adornments.
  • Quilted Puffer Jacket Paired with a Black Top Black Leggings - all-black outfits have something magical and mysterious to them - for an enigmatic all-black outfit that is hot and chic in equal measures and could be pulled for various casual occasions, pair the quilted puffer jacket with a black top and black leggings. To elevate the vibe of the look, put on your black canvas shoes. Conclude the look further with a black plaid wool scarf.
  • Quilted Puffer Jacket Paired with Blue Denim and White Linen Shirt - what the weather might be, or the occasion - blue denim is our forever companion, one that is gonna be there to assist you when it comes to styling your outfits. Put on a quilted puffer jacket with blue denim and a white linen shirt for a well-put yet simple look. Add on a pair of suede boots to conclude the look.
  • Quilted Puffer Jacket Paired with a Turtleneck and Black Pants - for those extra chilly days, we all need something extra warm and comfy. For such days pair a quilted puffer jacket with a turtleneck and black pants together. To add something more to your look, you can add a beanie or a muffler. To conclude this look put on a nice and warm pair of Chelsea boots. This look is highly reliable for those extra chilly, winter season travel days, as it is highly comfortable, warm and stylish.

3. Quilted Parka Jackets

Quilted Parka Jackets

Available in bright hues, quilted parka jackets are the go-to staple for many this winter season. Because of their lightweight quality, they make an excellent choice for the transitional chilly season. For the extra cold days, you can layer and layer the piece, while on those considerably less chilly days can be dealt with simply with the assistance of your quilted parka jacket. Parka jackets are spacious and can accommodate any outfit.

Here is how you can put on a quilted parka jacket:

  • Quilted Parka Jacket Paired with Plaid Skirt and White Chiffon Top - chiffon tops might seem like an inappropriate choice for the chilly season, but they certainly make one of the great choices when you have the perfect outerwear to pair with them. In order to get a proper look for the chilly season, put on a quilted parka jacket with a plaid skirt and a white chiffon top. Put on a chunky pair of wedges with some adornments and studs to conclude the look.
  • Quilted Parka Jacket Paired with Flared Pants and Asymmetrical Top - for a hot and happening, party-ready look, put on the quilted parka jacket with a pair of flared pants and an asymmetrical top. As this look can make one heck of a party look, you can do a lot more than you can imagine, from putting on some funky jewelry to going for some buzzing makeup.
  • Quilted Parka Jacket Paired with Sweatshirt and White Denim - simple and smart, sometimes not being experimental and going with the flow in the simplest way can work wonders for you. Simple is stylish, and there is no doubt in that. For a simple yet classic look, put on the quilted parka jacket with a sweatshirt and white denim. To elevate the style a little more, put on a colorful scarf - to beat some extra chills and add a splash of color.
  • Quilted Parka Jacket paired with Plaid Shirt and Black pants - nothing can go wrong with black pants. They are enigmatic hot and assist you in creating the most badass sort of looks. Put on a quilted parka jacket with a plaid shirt and black pants for one innovative yet edgy combination. In order to conclude the look, go for converse shoes if you are going for an informal, casual outing. If you are curating the look for a formal occasion, then go for loafers or suede shoes.

4. Quilted Denim Jackets

Quilted Denim Jackets

However, quilted denim jackets might not be greatly warm during those seemingly cold days, but if paired and layered nicely, they do make a considerable good choice for the chilly season. Other than that, style is equally unparalleled. And, because of this amazing quality, you can even wear them on moderate chilly days, and even during those springtimes when you need outerwear, even if not the traditional heavy ones.

Here is how you ace the quilted denim jacket look:

  • Navy Blue Quilted Jacket Paired with a White Jumpsuit - jumpsuits are one of the biggest fashion trends of this season. Put on a navy blue quilted jacket with a white jumpsuit for one highly stylish yet simple chic look. To add more to the vibe of this look, you can be totally creative with the styling of this look. From going for cutesy braids to adorning some funky makeup and shoes, go all out and experiment.
  • Rugged Brown Quilted Jacket Paired with Cordoury pants and Knitted Shirt - to create that one most awesome severe cold appropriate look pair the rugged brown quilted jacket with corduroy pants and a knitted shirt. To add more to its cozy and snug vibe, go for fluffy socks and put on a pair of cute and comfy crocs.

How to Elevate your Style Further with a Quilted Jacket and Make a Great Use of them?

The quilted origin dates back to prehistoric times. It has been considered one of the most useful stitching techniques that adds utility to outfits and makes them highly fashionable. Because of the way they are made, quilts add more functionality to clothes, and they provide physical protection. Their qualities and attributes are not just limited to their useability, but they also add great beauty and attraction to the pieces. To further elevate the style of quilted outfits, you can go for the adornments, patches and much more.

Quilts are created by stitching layers of materials together. The quilted clothes contain padded materials within that are put together by stitching. Different patterns determine the design of quilts and stitching that is undertaken to bring the overall look of the piece. The padded exterior adds more volume and weight to the appearance of the quilted jacket and contributes to its functionality as well.

Conclusion: we all love trends, especially those that are amazing and significant in the truest sense. Quilted jackets are precisely that. From being one of the trendiest, coolest and buzzing staples fashion-wise to being functional for the chilly weather in the most legit sort of way - we are totally swooning over the versatility and credibility of quilted jackets. Like aforementioned, quilted jackets are available in different colors, patterns, styles and silhouettes - that means you can always go for something unique and different, something that fits your taste but is on par with what is in the fashion. From quilted leather jackets to parkas and from quilted puffer jackets to quilted denim - choose your true-blue quilted companion for the chilly season among these and style it away. The options are endless, so what are you waiting for?

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