Leather jackets are definitely a massive investment – that is, an original leather jacket bought with your hard-earned money. And you certainly do not just feel content with the fact that it comes with longevity. Because who are we kidding if we deny that even your most-priced things that come with the promise of long-lasting nature need care? Just like everything else, leather jackets are no exception. But, hold on, let us be a little more specific here: what happens if you possess a white leather jacket? Yes, now that sounds like an even trickier situation. 

The stakes are pretty high if you have an immaculate white moto jacket inside your closet. No matter how irresistible a white jacket might look in all its immaculate glory, you cannot deny that maintaining it can be a bummer. Wait, not really. Yes, you can actually take care of your cherished white jacket if you only look keenly into fulfilling these steps listed here in this guide – just for you!

Cleaning Your Jacket

white leather jacket

The maintenance of your leather jacket starts with the first step, which is cleaning. Yes, although we do not clean a leather jacket like we do ordinary/ traditional clothes. Nonetheless, it is very important to consider this aspect of putting up with the pursuit of maintenance with leather jackets. Specifically, if you have a white leather jacket, it becomes even more essential – because everything it accumulates over time can show. Even if it is not something major, a white leather jacket still requires specific care. So, we have listed down these easy steps that you can follow on your own as you take up the quest to maintain and extend your jacket's life.

  • Prepare Your Leather Jacket for Cleaning

The first step is to prepare your jacket for the process of cleaning. From thoroughly checking it for anything left behind in the pockets to determining whether the jacket has any details that will require you to be extra cautious with the process – it is about deciding what kind of approach you must undertake with the cleaning. And, also observing the current condition of the jacket. Specifically, it is crucial to see whether the jacket includes any intricate details, and then again, you have to make sure what sort of details those are. For instance, if you have a striped jacket and you are sure that the color won’t come off, then you are good to go. But if there are more specific elements like studs and stones, then proceed cautiously. If you can, then you must cover up those areas as you go with the cleaning.

  • Acquire the Essential Cleaning Tools

Since you do not clean your leather jackets like the conventional clothes, the process involves some specific tools. Although, yes, these tools often are available in every house – but if not, then acquire these tools. For instance, you will need a gentle soap/a soapy market-purchased liquid or a soft cloth to help you clean and get rid of the excessive debris accumulated on the surface of your jacket.

  • Mix Water and a Soapy Mixture

Once you have your essentials handy, get the mixture of the soap and water together. Remember, as you go with this step, be as gentle as possible. Also, you do not have to rub the cloth roughly, but rather dab through the affected areas and gradually throughout the jacket (only skipping those areas that might not react nicely against the mixture). Once you are done with this step, repeat the process, but this time with plain water. Continue it until it is clear that the jacket has not accumulated any soapy liquid inside it.

  • Gradually Let it Dry

Just like you do not wash your leather jacket in the traditional process. Similarly, even the drying process has to be different – e.g., natural. Yes, instead of putting it in a drying machine, let it gradually dry. Although it is best to keep it away from the extreme temperature/ or the contrasting atmosphere immediately after exposing your leather jacket to moisture, if you want to hasten the process of drying, then you can quicken the process by putting it outside in the sun. However, make sure you are not keeping it there for a longer stretch of time.

Post Cleaning Tips

Once you have thoroughly cleaned your white leather jacket, you are almost done – but not quite there yet. So, after that, go the extra mile with the maintenance process with these post-cleaning techniques.

Use Baking Soda, If You Want to Remove Any Specific Odour

white leather jacket

With constant use, your leather jacket goes through that wear and tear procedure. And, with use, they also accumulate various odors over time. Since you do not wash them in the traditional way, it can be one heck of a tough issue. So, if you are facing this issue with your leather jacket, then soda is one of the most useful solutions. Yes, all you need to do is spread soda all over the surface of your leather jacket and on the inside and leave it overnight. Once done, remove it after the duration is done. The baking soda absorbs the pugnacious smell of all sorts.

  •     Use a Good Quality Conditioner to Restore its Gleam

After your leather jacket has been put through that hassle, you can see the sad, withered face of your jacket. And it is natural to feel the impulse to restore its shine and gleam, right? So, yes, after the cleaning process, ensure you also use a good quality conditioner for your jacket. However, it is not really an appreciation-worthy idea to expose your leather jacket to heavy chemicals in the form of cleaning and conditioning products. But, hold on, moderation is the key. So yes, do not forget the conditioner – it will take you a long way.

  • Apply Essential Oils to Help Your Leather Jacket Glow

If your leather jacket is made from the original leather, then it will develop a beautiful patina once it becomes old and timeless. But, even currently, it has the tendency to evolve into a beauty. If you want your leather to sustain that beautiful gleam all day, every day, then do it with the essential oils.

Ending Note

It is not just about purchasing the best stuff. But it is your responsibility to maintain it to its fullest glory. Thus, yes, if you have a cherished white leather jacket in your closet and you want to maintain its appearance, then let this guide help you achieve the quest.