Learn How To Sync Your Clothes With Your Mood


How to Sync your Clothes with your Mood

Sync your clothes with your mood

Brain Chemistry plays an essential role in determining your interest in the types of clothes you go for and the way you dress. And, in return, the clothes you wear alter, transform and change your brain chemistry and see the world from a different perspective. While this is something that might be a conscious or subconscious decision for each one of us varyingly and we might or might not have an active awareness about these choices that we make while choosing the way we dress, nonetheless, we all have done the mood dressing ( the psychological term for this phenomenon) at one point or another.

Our emotions and moods play a fundamental role in everything we do and all that we don’t do. They are the driving force in short and pose a lot of impact on the way we see things and do things. Our moods define our patterns too. It reflects through our behaviors as we go through the transition because moods are also interrelated to our personalities, and like every individual, every personality is different so are their patterns and moods. All that we do is directly or indirectly synchronized with how we perceive life and see things with the help of our inner hindsight.

Here is a list of moods that we experience and how it reflects our choices in terms of clothes and how to dress according to your mood.

1.  Happy Mood - and its Essentials 

When you are happy, your whole personality reflects it - you brim, burst and ricochet with it. You find the world around you joyous and cheerful, even when it has no resonance with your current state of mind, but just because you feel it within yourself, you start seeing its reflection in your surroundings too. Sometimes the happiness we feel does not have to have a reason behind it, but just the way we see the world and life currently. Sometimes, the idea of change itself brings us joy, and that reflects through our choices of clothes too. To dress for the happy, you go for the bright colors - yes, colors signify our emotions and feelings in the best way possible. So go for funky colors and exuberant materials; for instance, try out something preppy: from patterns to funky designs - like florals and wild pigmented prints. Also, be open to experimentation. When you are happy, you have the energy to experiment and most often ace it too. The first and foremost rule to dress for a happy mood should be an open mind to new things and willingness to welcome change - certainly no other better way to begin with that than with your dressing style and clothing choices. Last but not least, make use of your easy breezy and bright dresses. We genuinely believe it is not an exaggeration, but dresses have the ability to make things seem liver. For instance, go for chiffon floral maxi dresses and see for yourself that this claim upholds indeed. Apart from that, you can also opt for cute and funky jewelry to add a flair of sparkle to your happy mood look.

2.  Gloomy Dark Mood - how to Shoo away the Blues?

We all go through the phases of sadness and gloominess, and however it can have a reason behind it, but on certain occasions, it is simply how we feel on the inside or the way our hindsight sees things on the outside. People who feel gloomy dress in baggy clothes and dark colors such as black and greys, and it is not just limited to the way they dress but also how they walk, their stance and posture, the kind of music they listen to - it is communicated through their overall persona. As aforementioned, gloomy mood essentials are baggy clothes and bulky sweaters, dark collared leather skirts and sometimes even a scarf to add a more edge to the whole look. But, we would recommend you to opt for contrasting colors that can bring a positive impact - after all, things are not always as bad as we make them seem, and as we said, your clothes can have a good effect on your mental health and the way you perceive things. Go for brighter clothes and preppy prints, play with colors and see for yourself that it indeed creates a significant impact on your blues.

Ace it like a champion

3.  Confident Mood - Here is how you can Ace it Like a Champion

A confident mood does not relate to happiness or sadness; it is simply your way of seeing things and handling whatever is being thrown in your way. Good or bad, confidence is the attitude and feeling of the convention that come what may, we possess the ability to get through a situation or a task. When we feel confident, we feel the need to project that same confidence on the world outside through our mannerisms, dressing style and approach towards things. Confident mood dressing essentials are: - something that adds more edge and volume to your personality and boosts your confidence further. Such as leather clothes have the ability to bring in that edgy, confident energy automatically, so wear leather clothes - you can go for a leather jacket, which resonates with your energy and mood. You can have an idea from this Gavin Men's Tan Brown Motorcycle Leather Jacket. This brown leather jacket exudes with the confident energy that we are talking about here, and it also gives you more to do with your style.

4.  Angry and Frustrated Mood - how to Create an Edgy Look for the Mood

Anger and frustration can result from the feeling of being misunderstood, judged or insignificant. It results from the way we are seeing a situation or being seen in a situation. Anger is our reaction to things that trigger something in us. Channelizing your anger in that situation is needed to get over it, and feeling your feels entirely is essential in order to do that. But in doing so, it should not take a toll on your mental or physical health further, and it should be done in a less harmful and toxic way that helps you assemble your energy and get way to realign your perspective. This is why we believe, playing dress-up and getting immersed in the colorful world of fashion and style can be highly therapeutic to cope with the reeling feelings. And what’s more interesting is the fact that you can totally ace an angry look in style. A pair of studded leather pants or a leather skirt paired with a printed graphic tee, either in black shades or crimson. You can conclude the look with edgy studded jewelry and studded boots or high-heels. You can add a leather jacket to the look as well.

5.  Excitement and Enthusiasm - how to Rock the Vibe

Excitement is what keeps us going. Being excited about things and showing enthusiasm, these two emotions go hand-in-hand, and there is a thin line between them. Excitement and enthusiasm happen when we are looking forward to something or something that we have waited for a long time is happening finally. From fluffy and chic sweatshirts to cute printed tees, and from modest plain white tunic tops and florals, everything and anything reflects the energy if your vibe says it too.

Colors Psychology and what they Say?

Every color signifies a mood and carries meaning, and that is reflected through nature too, which is why we connect certain emotions to the change in weather - for example, the spring is also considered to be the harbinger of hope and happiness, while autumn sends us all in a gloomier zone. However, different degrees for different people, but it indeed happens to all of us, and we are left with mixed feelings. Although one color does not signify one emotion and sometimes it can have multiple varied meanings - for instance, red represents strong emotions such as anger and passion, courage and valor. While black signifies darkness, mystery and evokes the feeling of suspicion but it also signifies depression and gloominess.

Conclusion: pampering yourself and getting dressed up in a special sort of way is a form of self-care with the therapeutic impact that not only gives you rejuvenated energy but also gives you that much-needed distraction to help you re-align your perspective. Mood dressing is also a way to express your emotions, to convey something without literally conveying it.

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