Ten decisive style tips to ensure you’re always trendy


Ten decisive style tips to ensure you’re always trendy

Trendy Style Tips

Fashion is a forever-changing thing, and every day you wake up to new trends and fashion frenzies. And we can totally get that living in such a fast-forward world can take a considerable toll on your mental health due to the fear of missing out and not being able to catch up with all the changing trends and craze. However, we agree that looking stylish every day is your fundamental right, but at the same time, it does not have to be a mind-numbing, a nerves-rattling daunting task for you, and certainly, it should not come at the stake of costing your mental and physical health - especially, during the current times of COVID when putting your health and immune system should be your first and foremost priority. This is why we have decided to help you slay each style and look with this amazing list of stylish tips that would ensure you always stay trendy without putting your health in jeopardy.

Your Wardrobe for Jackets

1. Going Through your Wardrobe

When you are always busy keeping up with the trend, you hoard fashion staples and go shopping spree after shopping spree without making good use of all the things that you have been storing in your wardrobe. After all, when you are always buying stuff, you don’t get a chance to wear the things that you have already stored in your closet. So the first thing that you need to make sure of is to go through your personal goldmine, aka your closet. Take each staple and make sure you figure out how to wear them differently and what works for you and what doesn’t.

2. Discard Things that don’t Hold a Purpose

The second step is to discard the things that do not hold a purpose and fit in your style. More is not always good; sometimes more means more confusion and a constant, never-ending dilemma. So be brave and just let go of the things that have nothing to offer to you. Declutter to make space and be more mindful of what you have and what you need in order to maintain the style. Getting rid of the unnecessary stuff is not only good for your fashion game, but it also gives you a sense of liberation, and you get more, clearer ground to focus upon.

3. Be Open to Experimentation

Experimentation does not mean you go and buy new things and incorporate them into your style and fashion. But, rather do more and be creative with all the things you have got at your disposal. Experimentation brings an innovative and refreshing touch to your whole aura, and that is what makes it trendy and classy. Go for bolder prints and patterns, try out wilder makeup styles or even a new haircut that you had always aspired to get but were hesitant because of all the pressure society and the so-called fashion police pose upon you.

Mindful Shopping

4. Mindful Shopping

Buying things aimlessly never works, and it contributes more to your confusion and mess than to your style. So, whenever you go for shopping outings, be mindful of what you are buying and what you should be buying. For instance, do not buy the things that do not have a purpose or are already there in your wardrobe. Rather go for the things that are essential and help you elevate your style and personality. To be more mindful again, you need to be aware - aware about the things that you have in your wardrobe, things that can serve your purpose and not going for the things that have nothing to offer you or assist you in elevating your style.

Brown Quilted Diamond Leather Jacket

5. Opting for Apparels that have Lasting Place in Fashion

Some things never go out of fashion, and they always have a permanent place reserved for them. While certainly you can credit their popularity to the amount of appeal they carry and bring into style quotient of a person, the part of it should be given to the functionality and utility they come up with. For instance, denim or jeans, a leather skirt and a leather jacket - these apparels have a long-lasting functionality, and they never seem to out of fashion and style. Also, because of their high versatility, you can always turn to them at times when you feel like your style is getting monotonous or you are not being able to experiment to your full capability. You can start with a leather jacket as it is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing and can bring in a lot of styling options. ( in case you are planning to get yourself a leather jacket - we have got an option for you) This Knight Men's Vintage Motorcycle Brown Leather Jacket is perfect for giving you a head start on your endeavor. This distressed brown motorcycle leather jacket men is one trendy staple, and because of its exotic color, you have the liberty to do a lot more fun than with any other piece with this quilted brown leather jacket. If we had to choose for versatile apparel, our choice would undoubtedly be a biker leather jacket - as they are not only the most stylish and versatile piece, but you can use them differently for layering purposes too in the chilly season. ( you can get yourself this brown biker leather jacket mens from our store).

6. Be More Open to New Color Possibilities

We all have a set of personal favorite colors, which is brilliant in its own way, but the limitation is always a hindrance between in your way to channelize your capabilities to the fullest shine more. And, color have the power to bring change and innovation in your style like no other. Go for different combinations, try out the odd combos and see what goes with your personality and what is a deal-breaker - when you try more, experiment and be open to new possibilities, you empower yourself, and that itself is the most significant trend of the decade that you should not miss out on.

7. Be More Conscious about the Things that Click a Cord

Follow your personal, distinct taste no matter how diverse it might be according to the current ongoing trends - after all, trendsetters are normal humans like you as well, so why not just let your own choices be the driving force in determining what works and what does not and the things that you would rather prefer to wear. Things are always hotter and trendier when you take a brave and bold step. So revolutionize your fashion and let yourself get carried away with the things that click a chord within you and follow them.

8. Be a Minimalist

Minimalism is not just a fashion trend but is a lifestyle, and we believe that it has to be the most chicest of trends that ever existed. Minimalism in all things is essential because excess of anything can be lethal for your mental and physical health, but its existence is highly appreciated in today’s world of fast fashion, where trends come and go and not being up-to-date sometimes leaves you grappling with FOMO. This is why minimalism helps you focus on the things that matter, and at the same time, you get to drive more energy to the things that really matter and create a difference in your lifestyle and, of course, your fashion sense and overall, outward appearance.

9. Personal Style is a Thing

Be conscious about the things that have permanency in your style, recognize them, hone them and put them to better use. It is always more fun when we do things centering around our own personal taste and essence - after all, the essence is the soul that brings life into everything that you do. Once you recognize your personal style, you also free yourself from binding yourself to the so-called fashion norms that keep your sense of creativity restricted, and you explore different dimensions of your fashion and personality, without the pressure and nagging to keep up with the trends that are rampant not because of their significant credibility but because of the importance mass consumption and fast fashion renders them.

10. Accessorize your Look

Yes, accessories are a legit answer when it comes to doing more with your looks while you are planning to do curate something full-on trendier. With all the varied range of availability, you can do so much with each look by accessorizing them. Accessories adds more detail to your look and gives it a further completer look. You can also add a flair to a simpler look by mixing some accessories, and it is always fun to play with different factors to curate a look. You can also go for personalized accessories, they can come in all different forms, and you always have the choice to choose whether your style leans more towards starker options or you have a thing for the subtle ones.

Conclusion: You have got a plethora of creative ways to elevate your style and keep bringing in that renewed trendy energy to it. Follow this list of hacks and tips, and say a big no to following fashion trends with toxic rigor. After all, following fashion and being more conscious about how you look should not be a toxic ritual that starts sending your mental health off-kilter.

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