Best Men and Women Winter Leather Jackets to Rock this New Year’s Eve


Best Men and Women Winter Leather Jackets to Rock this New Year’s Eve

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When it comes to New Year’s Eve shopping, we all look for something unique and brilliant that helps us curate those perfect looks and give the best sort of closure to the year gone by while also making a head start for the year that awaits us.

As New Year’s Eve often exudes brimming energy, it calls for outfits that match the vibe and the mood of the occasion. That is what makes a leather jacket a great edgy staple that would rock your new year’s eve in style and give you a versatile range of options for outfits and styling that would keep grooving for the whole evening. If you are someone with an urge to go for something extraordinary on your new year’s eve because you believe in making the most out of the occasion, then we are totally with you. After all, new year’s eve is not an everyday mundane affair, and it deserves some special attention.

Here is a list of leather jackets that would fix all your style loopholes for you and give you an elevated edge for new year’s eve.

1. Lambskin Leather Jackets

Lambskin leather is soft to the touch, and because of this quality, leather jackets made from lambskin leather are plush supple and highly malleable. A lambskin leather jacket is also greatly warm and comfortable during the chilly weather. Because of this great superiority and warmth, lambskin leather jackets are incredibly preferred and opted for the winter season. Apart from that, they are great when it comes to external qualities and outward appearance. Rock your winter’s fashion vibe with this Regan Brown Shearling Collar Bomber Leather Jacket, which is warm and super soft, and its shearling collar gives it the perfect suave appeal, that is one big plus to elevate your style. From formal occasions to informal ones, this leather jacket with furs for men can come in handy - something that we all look for in our new year’s outfits, as the occasion is a mixture of all things formal and informal, and you would want to something that exudes something special but does not fall in the category of overdone.

Pair this ultra-stylish yet with sleek black pants and a white sweatshirt. To add some extra glitz, put on your fanciest boots, and you are good to go. Other than that, you can go with your personal style with lambskin leather jackets.

This bomber jacket style is not just limited to men’s leather jackets, but we have the availability of the piece in women’s style as well. With the same amount of appeal and style quotient, this bomber leather jacket women can be availed from our stores.

2. Slim-fit Leather Jackets

Slim-fit leather jackets are stylish and sleek that provide great assurance in the cold weather without turning the whole vibe off or overdone. A stylish slim-fit leather jacket is everything you need and cannot do without in the winter season. It will prevent you from catching a cold, while the way you would style your looks highly depends upon the way you are pairing your outerwear to your outfits - here with this piece, Zaneta Women’s Black Slim-fit Leather Jacket, your attitude and energy would be catchy and enthralling. Women’s winter jackets are the hottest fashion this season, and can we can totally get why the trend is such a huge buzz. Leather jackets are a great tool to help you keep the chills at bay while also getting to style the outfits in the most amazing sort of way.

For the ultimate glam look, pair this leather jacket with a leather skirt and an asymmetrical glittery top. Put on your highest heels, and you are good to party the whole eve. For the casual and simple look, just pair it with chinos and sneakers, and this women’s leather jacket would still be equally happening.

3. Leather with Hood

A hooded leather jacket is going to be your all-time favorite, and we can bet on that. From being street-style chic to the hot guy apparel, there are tons of stylish ways to go with this piece. Other than that, you can never fail to get the ultimate protection from the chilling cold when you a hooded leather jacket. From pairing it with jeans to going all hot and chic with suave rugged black pants, this Davis Men’s Brown Leather Jacket with Hood will never disappoint you.

Apart from its great style and warmth, this men’s leather jacket piece has excellent functionality and overall great versatility too. The erect collar of the jacket with its detachable hood equips you with the option to remove it whenever you deem it fit and however you find it convenient - something that would render you with great options, not just with the winter styling but even throughout the year and transitional season specifically when you do not know whether you want to go all out with the winter styling or something moderate that could be modified and changed as per the changing weather.

4. Vintage Leather Jackets

Vintage is vogue these days. From the classic rugged, beautiful designs to timeless charm, vintage pieces come wrapped in many forms, but one guaranteed thing that is common with all the vintage pieces is that they all come with an unparalleled aura and style. This Cesar Vintage Maroon Cafe Racer Leather Jacket for Men is an excellent example of that. With a classic robust design and the tremendous spacious quality that gives you tons of layering and pairing opportunities, this maroon leather jacket for men makes the trendiest outerwear and dazzles your new year’s eve.

To create the most iconic look that reverberates with the same happy and wholesome, and old vibes energy, pair this vintage men’s maroon leather jacket with flared pants and a buttoned-down shirt in a rugged hue. Conclude the look with a cowboy hat and a pair of chukka boots.

5. Patched Leather Jackets

Dazzle your evening with a patched leather jacket. Patches are not only adornments that elevate the look of your leather jacket, but they have the power to add a great appeal to your whole look and give you great options for style; because of the varied patterns and colors they could come in, a patched leather jacket is a whole new deal - this Maura Women's Black Motorcycle Leather Jacket with Star Patches is a perfect example. This star-patched women’s leather jacket is an amalgamation of white and black, which renders it great versatility, that is perfect when it comes to styling it with a wide variety of outfits. Apart from that, the additives and extra features of this women’s patched leather jacket give it a great appeal for those extra special occasions. From pairing it with a mini dress with legging to going full street-style chic, there is no one way to go with this black leather jacket, but one thing is for certain that you do not get disappointed when it comes to pairing and styling it.

Conclusion: whatever style of leather you choose to pick, one thing is for certain - with a leather jacket you never get disappointed. So from street-style chic to retro, vintage and something off-beat, follow your heart and go with it the way you deem it fit because with a leather jacket, there are no rules and rigidity, and everyone gets to style it the way it works for you. We all want to give that perfect closure to the year that we are leaving behind, so do not hesitate and go for something that totally works for you. Apart from these leather jackets styles, there are full-fledged fur leather jackets ( you can have a look at them here Our Superior Furry Collection for Hardcore Winter ) and varied leather jackets styles that can make an excellent option for you.

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